Stella Chung’s Top 5 Undying Games on PlayStation Plus

PlayStation Plus gives you access to Hundreds of titles in their library for You to enjoy as well as tons of Exclusive content and discounts you Can't get anywhere else from Action-packed Adventures in Assassin's Creed Odyssey to Classic crime chaos and Grand Theft Auto Vice City you can dive Into a fresh title each month there are Three memberships to choose from each One giving you access to extra content Depending on your style if you're into Trying out all sorts of different games Check out the essential membership which Gives you access to monthly games Exclusive discounts cloud storage game Help and the PlayStation Plus collection If you're looking to expand your gaming Horizons the extra membership gives you Everything in the essential membership Plus a huge game catalog with hundreds Of games and the Ubisoft plus Classics Library and finally the premium Membership is the Ultimate Experience Giving you everything in the essential And extra memberships plus access to Game Trials the classics catalog of Great games from previous PlayStation Generations and so much more but with so Many options at the palm of your hand it Can be hard to know where to get star Started thankfully IGN playlist is a Handy tool on that you can use To keep track of the games you've

Completed games you're playing now or Games you want to play in the future It's a great way to keep your library Organized access guides for games you're Currently playing and find new games you Might not have ever heard of so here's Stella Chung's IGN playlist of undying Games available on the game catalog for Extra and premium members presented by PlayStation Plus Hello neighbor is a stealth horror game Developed by Dynamic pixels where your Goal is to sneak into your creepy Neighbor's house and find out all the Devious Secrets found inside what makes This game especially interesting is its Use of AI to learn your preferred routes And movements each time the game Loop Resets the uticular neighbor will adjust His behavior based on your previous runs Making it all the more likely that You'll get caught and trapped inside his Mysterious basement [Music] Hotline Miami 2 wrong number is the Final entry in the top down shooter Series by Denton games a brutal top-down Shooter with an iconic synthwave Soundtrack wrong number improves on The Originals controls and Mechanics for an Even tighter move set once you've beat The game you can unlock hard mode which Increases the amount of enemies and Makes them more reactive to your moves

And don't worry if you die trying to get Through a few stages you'll spawn right Back into the action and reset the stage So you can try your hand at perfecting That Rampage if you're up for the Challenge Hotline Miami 2 wrong number Is a classic you won't want to miss Assassin's Creed Ezio collection lets You experience the entire Arc of Ezio's Story through Assassin's Creed II Assassin's Creed Brotherhood and Assassin's Creed Revelations complete With each game's single player DLC and Two short films if you've never played The series or just want to dive back Into the Animus the Ezio collection is a Great place to start shift from the past To the present as you learn about your Legacy Heritage and the Brotherhood of Assassins renowned master and Mentor It's your auditory Plus Once they're done you can dive into more Recent titles in the series like Assassin's Creed Odyssey Death lupus Arcane Studio's first person Shooter where you're tasked with Investigating and surviving the Phenomena of reliving the same day over And over again on black Reef Island you Follow Colt as he tries to break the Loop and cycle but is being stopped by The security guard Juliana who can come In the form of an AI or online enemy Player invading your world there's so

Much in-depth lore and story to discover In the game even with the side quests And this is the first game I spent hours And hours really just scouring the map For any more contextual Clues on how the Island came to be IGN gave it a 10 out Of 10 review score and if you get in Even just a few hours of gameplay you'll Be sure to see why we did Returnal is an unforgiving roguelike Sci-fi game by house Mark that is not For the faint of heart you're stranded On an alien planet with strange Creatures power-ups and on the Fly Choices that will make or break your run The gameplay Loop is challenging but Addicting and you'll understand every Failure you make and you can start each Run knowing what needs to change to Progress to the next area fraternal is Brutal but if you're up for the Challenge it can be just as rewarding Which of these games caught your Attention let us know in the comments Below and don't forget to click the Links in the description to go to Stella's IGN playlist and see the full List of games available on PlayStation Plus so you can easily add them to an IGN playlist of your own IGN playlist is The best way to keep track of the games That you're focusing on it's a great way To keep your backlog organized and find Tons of new games you might not have

Ever heard of PlayStation Plus is Available now it gives you access to all These games and tons more find out more About all the benefits like Cloud Streaming and games in the classics Catalog by visiting PS Plus remember for all things gaming You're already in the right place IGN

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