Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – Cal Kestis Actor on the Evolution of his Character

The Star Wars Jedi: Survivor actor who plays Cal Kestis, aka Cameron Monaghan, discusses the future of the Jedi in this franchise, any hope his character has for the future, and what we can expect from his adventures with BD-1.

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Foreign Well you know I think that Um the Jedi are a breed that you know Um we're already in very very short Supply at the uh you know start of Jedi Fallen order and now with five years Past Um that situation has just become Increasingly desperate in perhaps even Hopeless and so we have Kells uh World view is starting to shift as well You know desperate times are calling for Desperate measures and it becomes very Difficult for him to even understand What it is that he is fighting to Protect or where he should go and so we Have these huge questions are being Faced against Cal and a lot of uh you Know this the setup of the early side of The game is seeing Um what decisions he's making and how He's making them And who he decides to make them with so Obviously I can't say what any of those Things are but I can say that it's a It's a great way to launch back into the Story with character and we also get to See him shift and change over the course Of our story in ways that I think are Really really interesting and very Exciting so hopefully people enjoy what We do with it trust Only In the force I guess hope is a very

Relative term right you have the Empire Rapidly expanding and very aggressively Doing so and Um you know expanding to uh even the Smallest and furthest reaches of this Galaxy and uh yeah I think that from his Perspective going from planet to planet And seeing just an increasingly Desperate situation must uh be very very Lonely Um you know I can I can imagine that That would definitely uh weigh on Someone and you know I think that it's Interesting to see how that affects Um not only Cal but also a lot of the People in his life as well and how they Choose to deal with that uh that feeling In the situation causes Dynamics to Continue to shift and change in what are The relationships Um and how would they be affected is one Of the big questions that we're Exploring in this game I hear you've been busy making yourself The Empire's Most Wanted I have a a physical representation of Cal here that is more uh he's more Matured he's yeah you know more rugged And kind of he's been uh weathered by Time and by situation uh you know he's He's still a pretty young man but I Actually think that he would look a bit Older than what he actually is because He's been through a lot

Um you know and that was something that I wanted to be reflected in performance As well that you see Um he's still a young soul but also uh There there's a Waits Beyond his years you know and There's a there's a wisdom and a Self-awareness to him that I think is Interesting but also you know You have to be a little bit uh you have To be a little bit of a scoundrel that Sometimes to Get a little get by in the world you Know you have to be a little bit roguish And you have to know uh when to to uh to Fight back and and how to do it and uh You know I think that Cal has his guard Up in certain ways and he always has as A character but I think in an Increasingly desperate situation he's Going to have uh you know his guard up In ways that we might not have Necessarily seen in the first game Foreign Well it is a large Galaxy isn't it but Uh yeah I mean I think in all honesty The most important thing for us is to Make sure that Cow story feels whole and that we create Satisfying narrative arcs amongst the Characters that we introduce and create To me that has always been the number One priority is to make sure that what

We're doing here regardless of Everything outside of it is satisfying In a self-contained measure and then the Fact that it then is able to deepen our Understanding of the Star Wars world and The Canon and everything as well is just Like this beautiful icing on the top of The cake but if you don't have you know The the actual bulk of your the Foundation of your story then everything Else doesn't really matter so to me that Was always the number one most important Thing was to make sure that we had Something interesting with what we were Trying to say with this story and where We wanted to go from that Probably to Seattle Yaddle and cow yeah exploring the Universe Together forever Um No I don't know Uh I think that's a We get to see a couple of people that You know Between the first game this I mean I Can't really say for sure except that There's some really cool stuff and I was Very excited to see what we got to do You know I think that That's like a life question for Everybody Is there a happy ending Um it depends on what you define as a

Happy ending right if you affect change That is Meaningful and if you're able to Um accomplish the things that you set Out to do I think that that is Um you know in some way satisfying or Meaningful and that's what we all hope To do and I think that's gal with our Story I think that we have a Satisfying exploration of what it is That he's trying to set out to do Whether or not he succeeds is a big Question in the story but I I can Honestly say that one of the interesting Things that we're doing with the Exploration of the Jedi is uh what it Means to be on the light side of the Force what does that even mean you know Especially when you have situations that Are Increasingly more desperate and Increasingly difficult and you don't Necessarily have a right answer What is what is considered the good move What is considered the Light Side choice And Cal is struggling to kind of Understand Um what it what his next step forward Should be and it raises some really Interesting interesting questions for Him and uh yeah I can't wait for people To see what it is that we're doing with That I would say that we build upon it in a Very significant way in this one

You ready for a swim BD Well I'm very lucky we have a wonderful Actor named Gideon Emery who is on set And we have a 3D printed version of BD Um and he it's life-sized yeah he has a Nose flute or nose whistle that he uh Wears on his face it's like a little Plastic piece that he goes And so he will make a expression Expressive noises and stuff to get to Mimic BD and he puppets him and kind of Moves him along and brings him along and Um Gideon has been there since the start we Had one shoot where we didn't have BD And I basically was just like we're missing A character in the scenes Um and so I was so thankful when we Brought Gideon in because he it really Does bring like a wonderful Dynamic and Energy and like uh yes BD is a Droid but He is still like a fully fledged Character and something that um you know I think brings so much Humanity out of Cal and inject so much life into the Story as well so yeah to be able to uh To work with Gideon who is just a really Wonderful guy and also he has added so Much with the character it's been great Foreign

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