Sonic Prime Voice Star & Executive Producer on Making Sure the Netflix Series Is Tied to Games Canon

Sonic the Hedgehog voice actor Deven Mack and executive producer Logan McPherson talk with IGN about their animated series Sonic Prime, how it respects and is tied to established Sonic lore from the games, and more. Sonic Prime is now streaming on Netflix.

The adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog go into overdrive when a run-in with Dr. Eggman results in a literal universe-shattering event. Desperate to piece his prime reality back together and save his old friends, Sonic races through the Shatterverse, discovering strange worlds and enlisting new friends in an epic adventure of a lifetime.

Hello I'm Sonic You've got a crew like mine There's nothing that can stop you [Music] This series is part of the Canon so That's something that is is important to Say right off the bat the features Create a whole new uh Canada of their Own whereas our story is part of the Legacy it ties directly into the Mythology that has existed for all those Years so it was really important for us To set up the story within that space And be faithful and authentic with the The main characters the core cast and Then take it to New and and unexpected And different Realms and worlds and That's exactly what we did and that Opened up the flexibility to explore Things in some some new and in Innovative ways that have never been Done before without violating the History that's been in place all this Time the Sega was involved from day one And it have been a close collaborator Throughout the entire process both Creatively and on the production side so They're they're obviously are things That you know they want to ensure are Accurately represented and um that the Mythology is in attacked but they're Very excited to explore new layers to The characters and take them into places That fans have never seen before but

It's a fine line pleasing you know Existing Legacy fans and creating Experience for a whole new audience both Young and old and and that was really The goal was to elevate The Narrative And to take these characters into Serious Jeopardy and wildly imaginative Scenarios that stretch them in Sonic in Particular to his limit and we get to See him go through a roller coaster of Emotions and situations where he is put To the test in ways that he never has Been before For me I'd get these new scripts and I'd Be like whoa hey we're going there okay This is awesome and so it was very much A roller coaster for me of genuine Emotion and surprise and to kind of put That real emotion into Sonic as he goes Through that Journey was something that Was uh again a very very incredible Unique experience that thoroughly enjoy Doing my audition I saw that it was for Sonic the Hedgehog and I'm like okay I Know exactly what this guy's about so I Just kind of tap into everything that That came before uh when it comes to the Character's Legacy just kind of drawing A little bit of everything while also Throwing in my own unique little spin Dash uh where I can so it all just kind Of feels like Sonic at the end of the Day instead of just one particular Person that I'm zeroing in on and saying

I'm doing that it's everything Sonic has Some of the most passionate fans in the Entire world more passionate than any Sports team I could think of except for Maybe the New York Yankees it's Definitely something that was unique for Me but again I got such an amazing Outpouring of love and support from so Many people right from the get-go all of My fears were alleviated uh very very Quickly uh just when I saw the response From so many people and I'm super are Super grateful for that Produced all in-house and wild brain Studios and you know obviously working Very closely with the Sega teams we Actually took their game models for the Characters and adapted them for our Pipeline but stayed through to the Design and the geometry we're trying to Create a really rich cinematography deep Atmosphere and Rich world so we came up With a texturing treatment on the Characters that we felt was vibrant and Original and unique to our series and Fit in with the worlds that we are Creating at the same time and there's Mood and tone and atmosphere and we Wanted to really push the cinematography In ways that you know you've never Really seen anything before with Sonic And create those you know create that Atmosphere in those environments so it Was taken taken a little bit of what

Sega had in place of an addict some of What wild brain was bringing to the Table in terms of filmmaking I didn't have the games as a little Little kid uh so I I'd say you either Had one system or the other and I I had The other one but there came a time when Uh Sonic started going on to other Systems so my first major introduction Uh to to the character uh playing the Games at least was with Sonic Adventure 2 battle on the GameCube uh and I Immediately understood oh this is why People have resonated with this Character in these games for so long This is there's nothing quite like this And uh again it's just such a it's such A larger than life personality and then All of these unique worlds and and Characters and uh it's definitely Something that left a major major Impression on me when I was when I was a Team growing up we had Nintendo that my Brother hogged all the time and when I Saw Sega Genesis for the first time at Sonic and how action 4 that game was I Was like gotta have that so I started Cutting Lawns as a kid to save up to buy My own Sega Genesis now my own system And actually played Sonic so that was my Entrance into the whole world and then Getting to be a part of this series is The whole things come full circle Circle For me so it's a pretty been a pretty

Amazing experience Sonic [Music] In just in time to watch me claim the Paradox

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