Sonic Prime: Season 1 Review

Sonic Prime Season 1 debuts on Netflix on Dec. 15, 2022. Review by Kenneth Seward Jr.

Sonic Prime is a fun and overall entertaining, family-friendly show. Sitting tonally between the 1992 Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog and 93’ Sonic the Hedgehog – which features a similar “freedom fighters seeking to overthrow a cruel leader” vibe – it offers an exciting look at the past while presenting some new ideas. It has some issues concerning pacing and the abrupt ending of the first season won’t do it any favors. That said, Sonic Prime should be well received by new and longtime franchise fans.

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Hey guys Sonic Eggman just in time to watch me claim The Paradox prism Netflix has cultivated a wonderful Collection of animated video game-based Shows over the last few years and Sonic Prime is the latest to join that Trend Full of classic references excellent Voice work and vibrant animation it's One of the better family-friendly shows Released this year [Music] Sonic Prime follows the life of Sonic And his friends as they go about Protecting their home from Dr Eggman Taking place sometime in the future in Relation to the game series the Inhabitants of Green Hill are Experienced Heroes things change for the Worst however when an overconfident Sonic blunders into an obvious trap the Result is the destruction of the Paradox Prism a powerful artifact that can Manipulate time and space which sends Him careening to new worlds via the Shatter verse Where am I what follows is an Entertaining jaunt down memory lane Filled with clever Easter eggs while the New worlds and enemies that Sonic Encounters are uniquely designed they're Loyal enough to the franchise that they Look like they'd fit neatly into any of His games and each of the brightly

Colored character models are nearly Perfect in terms of their proportions Everyone from Sonic and Knuckles to Big The cat and Amy Rose look great even the New characters fit in visually thanks to A strong adherence to a unified look as This is the sixth animated show based on These Speedy Hedgehog it shouldn't come As a surprise that it's another series Dedicated to the ongoing conflict Between Sonic and Dr Eggman looks like An Eggman family reunion we are the Council Sonic Prime slightly elevates that Premise though while yes it's very much About Sonic struggling to stop the Latest machinations of an evil scientist The series also seeks to improve upon His character moving through various Worlds and bumping into different Versions of his friends Sonic is Constantly being made aware of how his Actions or lack thereof can negatively Affect those he cares about Still Sonic Prime is family friendly so The corny one-liners and slapstick humor Often Prevail that said those fun Aspects don't supersede the importance Of an episode's message essentially Prime shows the growth of an impetuous Teen to the more mature hero and Friends Sonic is destined to be when we stick Together we never lose the cast Meanwhile does a wonderful job voicing

Its varied characters Devin Mack Seamlessly Nails the iconic role making His depiction of Sonic a new franchise Staple Brian Drummond's Eggman is Equally pleasing with lines delivered With the right amount of Bluster and Camp Crush them off still this fresh take on Sonic does have some pacing issues there Are episodes that detract from the hole Thanks to their viewing order basically It can be difficult to care about new Characters when they're presented right After a cliffhanger and while their Presence makes sense overall as each Episode subplot eventually converges With earlier happenings there are times When a given episode feels like filler There's also the abrupt end to the Season reportedly there were going to be 24 episodes split across three seasons With Eight Episodes a piece the problem Is that this batch of episodes ends at a Manner that feels incomplete almost as If this season was meant to have more Entries than what's currently available The sudden end doesn't Mar the entire Experience but does put a damper on What's otherwise a great show [Music] Sonic Prime makes for a fun and Entertaining show about everyone's Favorite blue Speedster sitting tonally Between the 1992 Adventures of Sonic the

Hedgehog and the 93 Sonic Hedgehog which Features a similar Freedom Fighters Seeking to overthrow a cruel leader Vibe It offers an exciting look at the past While presenting some new ideas it has Some issues concerning pacing and the Abrupt ending of the first season Doesn't do it any favors that said it Has enough freshness and Nostalgia that It should be a treat for new and long Time franchise fans alike or even more Sonic check out what we thought of Sonic Frontiers for everything else stick with IGN

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