Sonic Frontiers Review Discussion – NVC 637

Sonic Frontiers is a good 3D sonic game, and we have the review and the reviewer to prove it. We’re also going to dive into everyone’s favorite subject: Nintendo financial numbers! Specifically, how many Nintendo Switch consoles have been sold? It’s a lot. We also take your questions and just have a nice time, but first… gonna check in with the panel and see what’s new.

00:00:00 – Intro & Nintendo’s Indie World Showcase
00:09:15 – Marvel Snap Rules!
00:13:32 – Sega Genesis Mini 2 Impressions
00:20:12 – Sonic Frontiers Review Deep Dive
00:33:11 – Nintendo’s Sold How Many Switches??
00:51:19 – Question Block
01:17:13 – Outro

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