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Genshin Impact and Sonic Frontiers are storming ahead in the fan poll to decide the winner of the Player’s Voice category at The Game Awards 2022, dominating both Elden Ring and God of War: Ragnarok. The Callisto Protocol’s stuttering issues are due to a “damn clerical error,” according to Striking Distance Studios CEO Glen Schofield. Cyberpunk 2077 developer CD Projekt Red has revealed that the game’s multiplayer mode was scrapped due to the game’s turbulent launch.

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What's up fabulous Nars here and on Today's daily fix gentian impact and Sonic Frontiers are dominating Elder Ring and God of War Ragnarok in the game Awards player voice category the Callisto protocol Studio had chalked Some of its performance issues up to a Clerical error and cyberpunk 2077's Multiplayer mode was quietly scrapped Following its turbulent launch according To one developer let's get into it Thank you The game awards plethora of categories Is largely decided by a hand-picked jury Made up of members of the media and game Industry but its player's voice award is 100 fan voted and fans of gentian impact And Sonic Frontiers have shown up in Droves to vote their picks in a major Lead over the competition The final round has seen Gamers Narrowing the nominees down to just five Games and by the third and final round The list includes Elden ring God of War Ragnarok gentian impact Sonic Frontiers And stray at the time of this recording Gentian impact is holding a strong lead At 40 of the vote with Sonic Frontiers At a company 39 of the vote meanwhile Ragnarok bumped from sitting at five Percent to now nine percent of the Voting audience with Elden ring dropping From eight percent down to six percent Stray has managed to grow from one

Percent to six percent so there is Support for our furry little friend With a day left for gamers to vote it Really looks like gentian impact might Take the win so if you got a problem With that you better go vote moving on The Callisto protocol has had a rocky Launch and there have been reports of Performance issues crashing and kernel Errors across all platforms now the CEO Of developers Striking Distance Studio Has come forward to State the issues Were due to an error caused by someone Rushing on the job in a string of Replies on Twitter CEO Glenn Schofield Explained that at launch one of the devs Hurting to fix issues loaded the wrong Patch file while this is certainly an Explanation many have complained that Scofield's comment throwing his Employees under the bus was in bad taste Many responded to the CEO's statement Stating that crunch time and rushing the Devs is completely under his preview and Ultimately a reflection of poor business Practice Schofield eventually changed His tune stating that I'll figure out How this happened but right now my focus Is fixing all our energy is on that in Indian I'm responsible and accountable As of December 4th patches are live for All consoles that will fix most Performance related issues crashes and Frame rate drops the studio has promised

To listen to player feedback and will Continue to share details on upcoming Improvements And finally we've been hearing about Plans for cyberpunk 2077's multiplayer Since long before the game's release and According to one senior Quest designer CD projekt Red has grabbed that mode Following the main game's extremely Rough 2020 launch Speaking with Eurogamer Phillip Weber Revealed that the entire Studio shifted Its focus to addressing known issues Post-launch rather than future content He said quote we really needed to look At what were the priorities for Cyberpunk after it launched their Priority was that the main experience Will run for the people in a really good State and essentially the switch of Priorities meant that other r d projects Had to go away with cyberpunk we wanted To do many things at the same time and We just needed to really focus and say Okay what's the important part yeah we Will make that part really good Cyberpunk's multiplayer DLC was Postponed until 2022 and then later Delayed even further until it eventually Just disappeared from cdpr's plans Now cdpr decided to let's say bring back Developing multiplayer mode would it be A success like GTA online was to GTA 5 Which fans wanted I know I personally

Would want it but let me know in the Comments how badly you want a Multiplayer mode of cyberpunk 2077. And that's your daily fix for today December 6th tune in to IGN this Thursday at 4 pm Pacific 7 PM Eastern to Catch our exclusive game awards pre and Post show Deep dive into all the new Trailers revealed announcements World Premieres and more I'm Nars and remember To always stay fabulous

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