Sonic Frontiers – How to Farm Kocos for Speed Stat Increases

IGN’s Sonic Frontiers Koco farming guide shows you how to farm Kocos using the fishing portals scattered across the Starfall islands to quickly increase your speed stat.
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Foreign Knows that Sonic has gotta go fast and That's never been more true than Indie Bluebler's latest adventure Sonic Frontiers while it's worth upgrading all Of the new RPG stats individually Increasing Sonic's speed stat is Essential for being able to quickly get From one place to another that said the Los Cocos that the player needs to Collect in order to increase Sonic's Speed are gathered slowly luckily There's a pretty easy way to farm Cocos And cash in on multiple levels at once In exchange for purple coins in order to Do this you'll need to find the fishing Portals that are available on each of The islands they're marked with a Vertical fish on your map and look just Like the action stage teleporters that Load you into the more traditional Linear Sonic levels after using the Fishing teleporter you'll come face to Face with big the cat who will teach you How to do Sonic Frontiers fishing Minigame fish bait isn't free however And big will charge you a few purple Coins for each cast take note the number Of coins it costs varies depending on Which island you're on it may sound a Little pricey at the start of the game But you'll come to find that while not As abundant as the regular rings in the Overworld purple coins are pretty easy

To come by as long as you keep your eyes Peeled for them or wait for Starfall When they can be won using the slot Machine once you have a decent number of Coins start fishing with big with each Fish caught you'll be awarded a handful Of fish tokens with the larger fish Netting you the most for about 60 purple Coins you should be able to rake in Around 150 fish tokens as long as you Aren't wasting a lot of bait with a Sizable number of tokens in hand select The trade tokens option when talking With big and purchase the bundles of 20 Lost cocoa for three fish tokens each It's worth noting that big has a limited Number of bundles he'll sell you at each Fishing spot but you should be able to Pick up at least 150 Cocos after just a Few minutes of fishing once you buy up All of big stock exit the fishing Zone And head to Elder Coco you can then turn In your large sum of lost Coco in Exchange for Speed stat increases with a Visit to each fishing spot you should be Able to level up at least 10 times from Biggs lost Cocos alone you'll be able to Repeat this process on each New Island You visit as you gain access to more and More fishing spots that's how to farm For speed increases in Sonic Frontiers For more check out these nine things Sonic Frontiers doesn't tell you or Visit our full guide on IGN


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