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On today’s IGN The Daily Fix:Sonic the Hedgehog co-creator Yuji Naka has been arrested for suspected insider trading for an investment made while working at Square Enix. Embracer Group has announced that Borderlands developer Gearbox now owns the Risk of Rain franchise.
Presented by Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet.
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What's a fabulous Nars here and on Today's daily fix Sonic's co-creator may Have taken a cue from Dr Robotnik and Has been arrested for insider trading Saints Rose Studio is now being managed By Borderlands developer gearbox and how You can start your journey in Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet available Today on the Nintendo switch family of Systems it's all presented by Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon violet Foreign Foreign Move that would have Sonic wagging his Finger in disapproval Sega designer Yuji Naka has been busted for suspected Insider trading The Sonic the Hedgehog co-creator was Arrested by the special investigation Department of the Tokyo District public Prosecutor's office on suspicion that During his time working for Square Enix Knock about shares of a developer called Aiming ahead of the announcement the Developer would be partnering with his Employer to make the Dragon Quest tact Mobile game allegedly the developer Bought 10 000 shares valued at twenty Thousand dollars USD Naka left Square Enix in June of last year but that Clearly didn't absolve him of any Misdoings a number of others were also Arrested including two former Square Enix employees taisuki suzaki and

Fumiyaki Suzuki who had allegedly Purchased a combined total of 162 000 shares of aiming valid at around 337 250 USD Suzaki is alleged to have informed Naka And Suzuki about the potential rise in The value of aiming's shares considering Dragon Quest mobile games basically Print money in Japan buying stock in a Company making one is smart business but Doing it before the news is public isn't Exactly fair game insider trading if You're unfamiliar is the act of buying And selling stocks based on confidential Or non-public information with the Intention of making money it is unclear If Naco or the other employees have sold Their shares but whether or not the Perpetrator turns a profit doesn't make It any less of a crime nonetheless the Story is far from over and we will Provide updates as they are released Moving on a new report from parent Company embracer group has announced the Developer of Saints Row volition will be Transferred to new hands despite it Being financially successful according To the report the recent Saints Rose Reboot which was managed by the embracer Subsidiary play on did meet Embrace his Financial forecast but its public Reception fell short of expectations Despite some technical issues the last Game had its fun moments but it

Definitely paled in comparison to the Series earlier high points and it Clearly wasn't the fresh start for the Franchise embracer had hoped for future Saints Rogue games and any other Unannounced volition projects will now Be overseen by gearbox which the report States has quote an experience Management team in the U.S to create Future success at volition what do you Make of this do you think there's Another Saints Row reboot on the horizon Let me know in the comments And finally trainers Rejoice we've been Counting down the days and the wait is Finally over Pokemon scarlet and Pokemon Violet are available now on the Nintendo Switch family of systems the newest Chapters in the Pokemon series take you On a new open World adventure through The rich and expensive paudia region You'll enroll at a prestigious Pokemon Academy and interact with faculty and Classmates on your independent study Called the treasure hunt to successfully Complete the hunt you'll need to Traverse across land seas and skies by Writing the form-changing legendary Pokemon Corydon or meridon plus you'll Have the freedom to weave through three Stories taking on the gyms on the Victory Road battling massive Titan Pokemon in the path of Legends and Challenging team star in Starfall Street

Use it to wrestle phenomenon to your Advantage and see your Pokemon glimmer And shine as they use their distinct Terror types to boost their attacks take On terror raids trade battle and explore With up to three other people in Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet available Right now on the Nintendo switch family Of systems And that's your daily tricks for today November 18th download the IGN app on All your devices subscribe to the daily Fix on Snapchat and for everything else Just keep watching IGN I'm Nars and Remember to always stay fabulous

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