Savage Salvation – Exclusive Trailer (2022) Robert De Niro, Jack Huston, John Malkovich

Foreign That's enough I come to bring you home Son We're involved in 93 000 deaths last Year They keep piling up one after another Hey Mike how's it going it goes Brown I Suppose like the world or like a toilet Difference in perspective I reckon So how you doing it's still sober that's What you're asking me right now [Music] Welcome to the family [Music] I love you ruby red Ruby hey hey come on wake up oh Ruby oh No Ruby She wanted to be washed in the river Okay Ruby had choices but some of them Choices were made for Who is it Shots fired with the suspect his arm I want you to feel what she felt when She died Shelby John suspected in the killing of A local heroin dealer If you're fine tell him I just want to Talk Can I help you If you left your lap you must have told Him something what was it I ain't seen Foreign God approves what you've been doing If that wasn't god pushing me to do his

Business I don't know what it was [Music] I still got some sin left there Foreign

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