Rumbleverse: Everything You Can Expect In Season 2

The inaugural season of Rumbleverse may be coming to an end, but for the denizens of Grapital City, the party is just getting started. Season 2 is almost here, set to release on November 15th, so lets go over everything that is in stores for players!

The inaugural season of Rumble verse may Be coming to an end but for the denizens Of grapple City the party is just Getting started season two is on the Horizon with a planned release set for November 15th and I've gotten an early Look at what's in store for players so If you're interested in getting a sneak Peek at the brand new areas items and Special moves that are sure to shake up The meta well you're in the right place Because this is an early look at Rumble Verse season two First off let's make something really Clear right off the bat because it's Likely one of the first things you'll Note from this b-roll but trios and Squads are coming to rumble verse though Not right out of the game in fact I was Told that there were several things Shown in the season 2 trailer that are Planned for rollout over the course of Season two but won't be there Immediately with the season 2 patch so Let's focus on what will be there right From the start the biggest thing of Course is the new extension of the map Low key key it's a tropical resort Themed Island as for how it managed to Make its way to Grapple city as lead Designer Adam Hart puts it the people on The low-key tourism board wanted a piece Of the big grapple and so they tied Their Island to very strong tugboats

Dragged it all the way to Grapple City And tied to the east coast the result is A map extension that's roughly Two-thirds the size of grapple City Itself and is packed with all types of New points of interest to throw down in The most obvious of these is the lava Dome this is a giant arena with multiple Levels to do battle from the roof to the Rafters to The Stance where you can find Squats chicken concession stands along With the brand new Macho's nachos Vendors more on those later and of Course to the actual floor of the Arena Itself which features a ring suspended Over a pool of hardened lava the lava Dome is the most prolific landmark of Lokiki but it's certainly not the only Place people will be dropping there's The salt Street Marina described to me As the most dangerous place in the game Complete with a tower full of three Muscle Shake vendors eight protein pod Dispensers High tier loot all around all Surrounded by a moat of it's the death Water there's also a giant sea horn that Can be blown in order to Grant a 60 Second damage buff a hotel that offers a Ton of verticality along with a pool Area with a bunch of bouncy lounge Chairs and plenty of beaches that offer Ample opportunities to throw enemies Into more incident Water season 2 will Also add a new technique to everyone's

Basic movement options the ability to Swing off poles this can be done on both Horizontal and vertical poles and if Anyone gets caught in your range while You're spinning on a pole it will deal Damage with Power Attack priority and Can even Splat an opponent against the Wall as for weapons and consumables Allow me to introduce the starfish the Starfish family of weapons doubles as Both a traditional weapon and a great Movement tool as it basically allows you To turn into a blockable with the strike Attack going horizontal and the vicious Attack sending you forward and upwards At an angle so it can be used as a way To cross gaps that you normally wouldn't Be able to easily cross and you can also Take it out when you're getting ready For a fight you should be especially Careful against the purple one as it not Only poisons but it can also stagger Leading to situations like this Foreign And if you ever wanted to early Humiliate your opponent you can now Consider packing some chocolates which Have very low durability low damage Great tracking when thrown and a knock Down when using the vicious attack but The True Value in them is if you land a Regular old blockable attack with them Regular attacks will stagger allowing You to either continue slapping them

With a sandal to really drive home the Humiliation or you can follow up with Something a little more substantial Previously chicken legs and whole Chickens were the only way to restore Health when it came to consumable items But in season 2 the aforementioned Machos nachos are being added they still Restore the same amount of Life as a Whole chicken would but the difference Is that they can be eaten super quickly But only restore 100 Health per bite Which I'm personally a big fan of Because of how often I would find myself Wasting a whole bite of chicken just to You know top off the little bit of Health that I was missing as for new Moves I was shown two brand new special Move families the first known as The Edge family of moves seemingly named After racer Ramon's actual finisher the Racer's Edge is a grab special that Allows you to hoist an enemy over your Head and walk with them before slamming Them down into the ground the higher the Tier the further you're able to walk With them it seems like a fantastic move Especially for when you've got a partner As your buddy is able to catch the Bounce and follow up with their own Attack Then there is the rush family of moves Which are traversal moves first as they Allow you to just hold down the special

Button and dash in a direction the dash Is faster than a normal Sprint and can Bulldoze through anyone that tries to Get in your way with power priority both These special moves require quite a bit Of stamina in order to get the maximum Utility out of them which helps provide A little more incentive for people to Think about putting some more points Into their legs and that's just the Taste of what's in store for rumble Verse season 2. there is also of course A new battle Pass New cosmetics and a Bunch of new features planned for later Down the road just a glance at the Trailer shows upcoming limited time Modes this cool Sonic scream move a Broom item and some group of modes We won't have to wait much longer either As Loki key and season 2 will anchor Itself next to Rapido City on November 15th See you in the lava dome for more Rumble Verse make sure to check out my review And for everything else keep it here on IGN

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