Ron Funches Takes on a Talking Cheese Wheel in Forza Horizon 5

The time has finally come! Cheez-It’s very own Cheez is facing off against comedian Ron Funches in a Forza Horizon 5 race. First one to the finishline brings home the win. After training with Forza Horizon 5 Pro JackUltraMotive, will Cheez be the first to cross the finishline?

If Cheez beats Ron Funches, lucky viewers will have a chance to win Forza Horizon 5, NBA 2K23, Game Pass subscriptions, Xbox Gift Cards, a Custom Xbox Series X, Custom Xbox Controller, and all sorts of Cheez-It apparel. To enter, visit:

Presented by Cheez-It.

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Open to legal residents of the 50 US & DC, 18+ yrs of age. Ends 12/22/22. Void where prohibited. Official Rules:

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Welcome to cheese Sports Champion of Chiefs presented by Jesus In this corner please welcome Ron funches And what is happening and not much baby What's happening with you no I mean what Is happening the last thing I knew I was Getting in my car and all of a sudden in This corner cheese it's very own cheese Thanks for having me Akeem hi Rod great To see you again again Ron how's your Forza Horizon 5 game Immaculate of Course but why why are you asking about My Forza Horizon 5 game well I'm glad You asked Ron today you and cheese will Face off in a Forza Horizon 5 race to Prove once and for all who is the better Gamer okay I'm very confused Am I Dreaming right now if cheese wins are You at home watching will have a chance To walk away with a slew of fabulous Prizes and everyone who signs up in the Description down below has a chance to Win an Xbox series X I mean uh an Xbox series cheese Okay what do I get if I win you Know not cheese how are you feeling About today's challenge I'm a little Curdled but my coach Jack ultramotive is Here to cheer me on so I'm feeling good Um but today Ron and cheese will race to The Finish Line in Forza Horizon five And you'll be competing on the arch of Moulier a road race off the coast of

Baja why did you say it like that now This course features some tricky twists And turns so we recommend picking a Vehicle that has both speed and good Handling now you're ready Ron do I have A choice no cheese coach am I ready [Music] Well then competitors Oh come on geez you're going down I'm gonna defeat you you might be Nutritious you might be delicious you Might be the base of a delicious Cheez-It snack but I gotta pay you one Thing cheese is is ahead of you now you All have three laps all right three laps Right now you're currently on the first One and Ron I don't know what is your Strategy right now what are you doing my Strategy is a tune you out Hakeem okay I'm focused on cheese cheese you're not If you haven't broken a sweat yet of Course not what would I I'm winning I'm winning a chance to win that Xbox Series geez Akeem yeah you do I do too Seems like you really don't biased on This well the thing is like Ron I know You want to win I do want to win but the Thing is if you win the fans at home Lose and I know you care about the fan I Do but I love myself more and I Apologize you know just get out there And it was better than winning prizes Than me motivating you to go get it Yourself you know if you win you go home

But I want to win and I'm ahead of Chance yes I don't have to Cheddar today I can't help it this is crazy I gotta Say Ron is actually beating cheese right Now say it again Ron is actually beating Trees I cannot believe this is happening Now Ron just pulled a head of cheese how Is this even possible do the power of my Gaming abilities and Jesus You thought you were in a Cheesy Groove But you got cheese and snapped come on Jack coach I need some help you all are Neck and neck right now it's a neck and Neck race right now cheese what's your Strategy from here well I think what I Got to do is go faster than wrong I'm Gonna use my expertise as a wheel to Spin my tires faster and faster and Faster and faster Wow that that's how cheese does it he Pushed me into the wall all bets are off There is no bets actually Oh I thought Cheese played Fair well you thought Wrong Ron what what are you gonna do Right now how can you catch up I'm just Going basically I just believe in myself I focus and do the power of Cheez-It I Will win I will defeat the cheese well Let's see if you can breathe He's on by Cheese that was my cheese pun did you Like that cheese not really okay that's Fair and it looks like Cheese cheese pulls off the wind wow That race was fast and furious I don't

Know how he did it but cheese wins Congratulations geez jeez that's my name Can't believe I lost to a wheel of Cheese well Coach Jay is he holding the controller no but Most importantly you that's right you at Home could win not you Ron sorry No no I'm over that now can I just go Home please you know we'll talk about That later now that's all the time we Have for now don't forget to visit to get the chance to Win the Xbox series geez grand prize and Remember Cheese wins yes You always win geez

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