Rogue Legacy 2 – Official Nintendo Switch Launch Trailer | Nintendo Indie World Showcase 2022

Rogue Legacy 2 makes its way to Nintendo Switch, featuring dozens of new sub-classes and items with the Fabled Heroes update.

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Anyone can be a hero in this sequel to The classic roguelite game where the Adventure changes with every playthrough Whether you're a loot playing Bard with A vertigo or a vegan Chef who fights Meat your goals are the same Gather countless riches build up your Castle and ensure your legacy All your upgrades carry over to your Heirs and each new successor wields Their own personal traits and abilities The Nintendo switch version also Includes the fabled heroes update adding A ton of new content including dozens of New subclasses and items so experiment With different play Styles as you battle Fierce foes make friends and avoid clown Bites that can give you clown anthropy Might want to get that looked at You won't have to wait long to build Your own legacy Rogue Legacy 2 Launches on Nintendo Switch later today

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