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Rockstar Games apparently slammed the breaks on the idea of turning Grand Theft Auto into a movie starring Eminem. Games industry veteran Kirk Ewing, a friend of Rockstar co-founders Sam and Dan Houser, told Bugzy Malone’s Grandest Game podcast, per Eurogamer, that an LA producer once approached him with a $5 million offer to buy the rights to a Grand Theft Auto movie starring Eminem, with Top Gun helmer Tony Scott in the director’s chair.

Captain America star Chris Evans was recently crowned the Sexiest Man Alive… but his fellow Avengers weren’t impressed. During an interview with Variety, actor Chris Hemsworth revealed that his Avengers group chat “roasted” Evans over his appearance on the cover of People Magazine.

Walter Hamada, the former DC Films president, has landed an exclusive producing deal with Paramount. This comes just weeks after departing his role overseeing DC films for four years. 

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What's up everybody I'm Nars filling in For Akeem and on today's fix of Entertainment news new details surfaced About a Grand Theft Auto movie that Almost happened back in 2001 Chris Evans Marvel co-stars are roasting him for Being voted sexiest man alive and former DC films head Walter Hamada has been Hired by Paramount to make their movies More horrible literally I can't even Joke about this but let's get into it Thank you Thank you Sometime in the early 2000s plans to Develop a feature film based on the hit Grand Theft Auto series were briefly Considered before ultimately getting Shut down by Rockstar co-founders Sam And Dan Hauser This news comes by way of games industry Veteran Kirk Ewing a friend of the Hausers who told the story on the BBC Podcast Bugsy Malone's grandest game Allegedly a Hollywood producer who Ewing Didn't name approach to GTA creators Offering 5 million dollars for the movie Rights the pitch a feature film Presumably live action directed by the Late great Tony Scott and starring none Other than the real Slim Shady himself Eminem Ewing explains why he and Sam Hauser had Discussed the idea of a feature filmed Shortly after the launch of GTA 3 in

2001 but by the time this deal Materialized the houses had realized They were sitting on a media franchise Bigger than any movie going on at the Time The idea of a Grand Theft Auto movie Starring Eminem feels like a perfect Time capsule of 2001 pop culture GTA 3 And Eminem were both topping the sale Charts in their respective mediums and The rapper was about to make his big Screen debut in Eight Mile Tony Scott's Previous hits included Top Gun and Days Of Thunder and he was riding high on the Success of Enemy of the State It's hard to say if a GTA movie would Have worked but considering Hollywood's Track record for video game adaptations And the fact that GTA 5 would go on to Be one of the most profitable pieces of Entertainment media in human history It's safe to say that hausers made the Right call still Eminem as Claude I can See it what about you and hey even if a GTA movie is a terrible idea who's your Pick to Star and direct sound off in the Comments in addition to holding the Coveted title of America's ass Captain America star Chris Evans was recently Crowned people Magazine's sexiest man Alive and the rest of Earth's Mightiest Heroes wasted no time in mocking him Relentlessly In an interview with variety Thor star

Chris Hemsworth revealed that he and his MCU co-stars assembled in their Avengers Group chat which consists of the stars Of the original 2012 film where they Joined forces to roast Evans for his Awkward pose on the cover of People Magazine in In his words words it very quickly was Like what are you doing with your hands Back there Robert Downey Jr said he's Being arrested I said it was a beautiful Mug shot then Jerry Renner said a series Of things which we won't repeat Hemsworth himself had previously been Crowned's sexiest man alive back in 2014 And he was happy to pass the torch to Evans admitting that he's indeed a sexy Man meanwhile in the realm of superhero Adjacent goings-on former DC films Executive Walter Hamada has already been Scooped up by Paramount to oversee a Corner of its movie production According to the Hollywood Reporter Hamada who only parted ways with DC a Few weeks ago will be tasked with Releasing several mid-budget horror Films a year in theaters and on Streaming this might seem out of left Field but prior to taking over DC Hamada Oversaw multiple horror projects for new Line including the conjuring Paramount Recently had a massive success with Smile which grossed over 200 million Dollars globally on a 17 million dollar

Budget Personally I'm hoping that these Projects are weird unique Standalone Horror movies and not like another Cinematic Universe we've had enough of Those please spare us That's your entertainment fix for November 16 2022. if you haven't yet go Check our coverage of black panther Wakanda forever including Dominique Thorne's thoughts on what's next for Ironheart in the MCU as always make sure You're following IGN wherever you'd like To get your news I'm Nars and remember To always stay fabulous

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