Resident Evil 4 Remake: 13 Awesome Things We Noticed While Playing

Foreign Yes okay so uh just last week we got Very lucky our horror game fans uh there Was a presentation from Konami about Just a ton of new Silent Hill stuff uh And then more importantly for me there Was a presentation on Resident Evil 4 And uh the kind of final DLC coming to Resident Evil Village uh all of it Looked very awesome but the cool thing Is that I actually got to go to a Preview event last week or a week or two At this point and play uh 45 minutes of Resident Evil 4. uh it is I basically Played the entire opening Village Section up until when the church bell Rings I got to play through the demo Kind of at my own pace in my own way and Had a really good time with it Um so I wanted to just break down 13 Really cool things I noticed while Playing it as a huge crazy hardcore Resident Evil 4 fan who has played Through the original game probably 25 Times at this point it's psychotic Anyway I had your number way higher than That I had you like in the hundreds you Were triple digits it might be it might Be it's just my annual kind of comfort Food Loop through so and maybe even more Than that Um so all right number one it's scarier Now like that was a big kind of thing That I think people were like is it

Gonna maintain that kind of balance the Tone the original game wasn't exactly Like you know the scariest thing in the World but it did have some creatures Jump out at you it had you know uh Moments where the chainsaw guy would Catch you from behind cut your head off It'd go flying off in the air it had Those horrible verdugos and like oh yeah No there's some spooky Parts in that one I feel like it's very much sort of the Jump from like alien to aliens like That's when it becomes there's some Scary parts but it's a lot more Action-packed too yeah stuff will jump Out at you but then you can suplex it Exactly which exactly and in this game Sort of like you know the the original Resident before had this kind of like Early morning you know feel like you're You're waking up and like the sun's Coming up in the forest and you're like I'm not really sure it's either that or It's like the sun's about to set this It's like it's fully dark early on and It it feels night and the forest is Denser it's just creepier and you like I Played on PS5 with like the 3D Audio Headphones and everything like that and Like moving in certain directions and Hearing grumbling and groans from like The corners of the forest and stuff like That or different parts of the houses I Was like somebody's coming up you would

Just say like you're like oh no oh no uh So do you think it's scarier because the Tech has gotten better I think the tech Has gotten better it's it's like made Everything just feel a little bit more Dense and Moody and just just creepy It's just got this General unnerving Undertone to it well there's also the Level of like it's unfamiliar to a Certain degree like they've added new Stuff to it they've changed little Things which we're going to talk about a Bit but like you know this game like the Back your hand so of course the original Isn't scary anymore yeah I tweeted about This like like to me what's what this Game is doing really interesting for Somebody who's played the original a ton And I think even for for new players is That it's it's kind of striking this Really great balance of like familiar And surprising to me so every time I'm Like I thought I was like I know what I'm doing here I know what to expect I Know what's going to happen I would turn A corner and something would change Um number two the first house that you Uh walk into uh in the village has a Basement now it's got different quarters It's got this sort of like branching Paths it's got different enemies lurking Around different corners and that Immediately caught me off guard because The original House you walk to you walk

In triggers a cut scene a guy turns Around from the fireplace he lunges at You Leon's like what's going on I'm here To save the president's daughter no this Makes sense you run upstairs the Upstairs that a house is like Terrible like if architecturally like if You own this house you'd be like so what Do you have upstairs a desk and there's No bathrooms on the house like don't Think about it too much right there's Plenty of filthy toilets and Resident Evil but in this one there isn't now This house is like big it's got like uh Underground areas and just like creeping Around you'll find a bunch of stuff that Was absolutely not in the original There's like an item pickup that you can Kind of look at that you're like oh Something bad happened here for sure Um so he's so he got a he got like a Raise in the village this Village Whoever this Village guy he's got a new Job it's a village he's like the head Village honcho now yeah he's been Selling chickens down at the you know The main village area You get those golden eggs every now and Then like yeah so one of those uh number Three you can stealth now this is really Cool uh so there's a character uh There's a woman to the side of the Village in the first major area she's Always hanging out by the chicken coops

All the way to the left if you played This game a lot of times you know that Like it's fun to go to her first and Stab her a bunch of times and she turns Around she's like And then everyone in the village goes And they just start to kill you this Time I was like here we go I'm gonna do That again tiptoed up to her She didn't turn around and it gave me an Option kind of like sneak up behind her And just stab her in the back of the Head and killed her and then no one in The village like knew yet and I was like Oh so this means like this is a game That's already you know it's not super Into like ammo conservation and stuff Like that but like if you have the Opportunity to not engage and use all Your bullets then take it which means That like theoretically we could sneak By enemies later well I I've always like I always play my Resident Evils in any Survival game with like as minimal Bullets fired as possible so like Pari Four has always been good like that Because you like shoot a kneecap they Fall suplex them knife them all that fun Stuff yeah so I think there'll be a lot Of that here does it seem like you can Do like a stealth run like what what Triggers the you know the villagers all Coming out I mean I think theoretically You could stealth to a certain extent

But like that main village area does not Let you pass until like a certain number Of enemies have been killed right and They they mob you very very quickly sure Sure which uh like they do communicate With each other it does feel like They're flanking you and stuff like that Um but speaking of knives number four The game speed in general is quicker now You can run and shoot at the same time Which basically makes everything faster But not necessarily easier but your Knife now instead of being this thing That you kind of like pull out and you Know cumbersomely swing around and acts A barrel or hit a barrel or whatever It's like a prison check like it's like Imagine imagine you're watching a movie About a guy that's getting killed in Prison and then somebody comes up to him And goes like that's what it feels like Now like you come out there with this Like this blade and it is quick it is Guttural and aggressive and awesome I Really really love it um which is good Because you're gonna need some weapons Because the chainsaw man yeah uh he cuts Through villagers now like he will Straight up like five people in front of Him who I guess they're his neighbors Right what's the name Dr Salvatore yeah Yeah Dr Salvador or something Salvador And um uh he'll just run up on you and Like I was on a roof and I was like well

All right there's a couple people in Between us so obviously you know he's Gonna have to he'll run past them or Something and he just goes and just like All of them are like ah and move out of The way and I'm like oh no you do that Now like there was a lot of like like Just being like I didn't know they could Do that now yeah because I feel like Preview in the previous versions you Could like shoot one of the like them in The chest and they would like bounce Back into him and it would stagger him Back a little bit to give you a little Bit more time if you were like close to Needing a Reload yeah um but this also Gives me hope for like pacifist runs to Where you're getting the enemies to kill All the other enemies mine is boss Fights Um I'm really interested to see if That's possible yeah I mean I think I I Think like we're gonna we're gonna you And I especially Jada are going to be The kind of people that like do Everything that you can possibly do in This game unlock every costume play on Every difficulty I really hope the last Plagueis removal gun is in there oh yeah I don't know if people know about that But when you beat Resident Evil 4 in Professional mode you unlock uh this gun That lets you walk into a room and it Shoots a laser that automatically

Targets the head of every enemy in the Game removes the plague us from their Head which is that like thing that makes Them infected and they all just drop Dead it's like super op but it's Hilarious and I love it uh number seven This game is so much grosser now Especially all the Villagers houses you Go into their homes and they like kind Of like remember going into the kitchen In Resident Evil 7 where you're just Like they're like in the instant pot oh Cockroaches and diarrhea larva right Larva and diarrhea Um this game now uh like there's just Like animal carcasses on on like cutting Boards and there's like weird Blair Witch-esque bone sculptures hanging from The ceilings they got that rattling Noise and stuff like that there's blood And guts every it's just grosser now I Love it like the original Village in Resident before you would walk into like A shack and it was just like a woman Knifed to a wall there was like a Butcher's knife in her head and like Leon read it and he's like that's not Good like I don't like that and there's Just so much of that now like they just Added all these gross little details to Everybody's houses I mean this is one of Those things along with being scarier Just by the sheer nature of this adding Things they're not gonna clean it up no

You know like they're not gonna go in And be like well this is an awfully Gross house let's make it nice Yeah of course they're gonna make it Grosser but like obviously you know this Is running in the same engine as reside And Village and like they've I'm sure They've had some practice making like Disgusting chicken bone skeletons or Person-bone skeletons that they can Stack up and hang from the ceiling and Just get horrible with it so that's That's good news I know it's rare that People in Resident Evil have like a Normal meal and then you know or maybe It like it started normal and they they Died for a while and then it just the Bugs took over it's just gross bugs eat What bugs want to eat they need Tupperware in that Universe they just Put that stuff in the fridge and make Sure the fridge Works Resident Evil 4 Has big bugs we haven't seen them yet we Haven't seen them yet uh up next uh you Can actually if you're really lucky Melee attack the chainsaw man with your Knife this is absolutely that was Something that was not in the original Game and I got extremely lucky with like The L1 button in like a heartbeat it Just like flashed by real quick chainsaw Guy lunged at me I pulled out my knife It went locked into his chainsaw and Just like like ground down his gears

Like literally like it was just like and Like I've seen some people be like you Know this could be potentially game Breaking I will say that like it there Was a time where I tried to do it and it Didn't work and then it was another time I tried to do it and I and it worked so You're gonna have to get your timing Right for that one was there any Repercussions for him when you like got When you countered that like did it do Damage to him did it like it disable the Chainsaws are very expensive he had to Go and get a new one Back to his basement to or whatever the Other uh villagers basement and get Another chainsaw yeah no it's it's it it Pissed him off for sure and the thing is Now he has these like he's got still got That big bag over his head but he has These like horrible blood red like he's Got googly eyes yeah there's like these Deep blood red rabid like animal eyes at This point you know what I actually Worked he just looks like a stuffed Animal it's kind of kind of funny I Actually I hope that's like an Unlockable is googly eyes I want to be I Want to play through it yeah We're just googly eyes I mean if that Doesn't somebody's gonna mod that Somebody's got to what we've seen in Like you know remake of two and three Like there's somebody's gonna do some

Very very stupid stuff yeah man uh up Next another thing he did to try to kill Me that again totally caught me off Guard was uh I was running to the right Side of the main village area where they Have like the chicken coops you find Those herbs and stuff like that and he Took his chainsaw and just I I ran Through an area where I'm like oh that's Interesting they put like a little roof Here that was never here before and he Just goes right around and cuts down the Support beams and then uh the roof went To fall in my head and I'm like okay so You want to crush me to death outside of Killing me with your chainsaw you're Horrible you're total psycho you're Awesome I love you okay so is there Anything that they took away Well not necessarily just yet and so Like my fear so far is that Capcom has Said that this game is going to be Roughly the same length as the original Um and I know a lot of people like look At the island section at the very end And they're like oh you know that's when It went like kind of full action game It's a little too far A little too much There's a lot of cool stuff in there to Me it's like the least The the like not probably the weakest Part of an amazing game is still really Good right and still really fun to play But I I have a fear that they've patted

Out some areas like some of the Aforementioned houses early on and They're gonna pull back later on so We'll see like if there's that push and Pull there and it doesn't feel like Large chunks are missing like they did With Resident Evil 3 uh remake then you Know if it feels okay I'm not too Worried about it but for now wait and See I mean let me take out the dog they Took out the dog we'll get to that yeah The dog's actually not on my list but we Mentioned that real quick uh there was a Dog in the very beginning of the Dem of The game of the original one where you Had a choice to either like walk by him Or shoot him or free him and if you Freed him when you uh did El Gigante Boss fight later on he would show up and Distract this large you know naked baby Man from killing you with a tree and uh It was great because he I was like I Gotta find a wolf now and now he's just Dead and now he's just like yeah so Hopefully there's another dog I love That because that is such like a message To people who think they know the source Material yeah like that reminds me of in The Shining in the movie they drive a Different colored car from the book but When they're driving up the mountain There is the color of the like the same Volkswagen bug but in the color that's In the book it's like a brown one or

Something and it's basically it's broken Down and it's like Kubrick being like Uh-uh that's it's not the same it's Different that is the that is the car For the book that one has crashed this Is my car it's going up the mountain in This case it's like that dog is dead That dog is not saving you I know I Maybe there'll be another one I hope There is another one you know there's Probably several dogs there's obviously Several dogs in the Resident Evil Universe they've been jumping through Windows for 40 years but Um all right next up you asked about Something that was actually missing Um that scene that happened that was one Of the most iconic things I remember When seeing the original playing the Original demo seeing the original video Of Resident Evil 4. Leon Kennedy runs Into a building in the village closes The door behind them and he pushes a Bookshelf in front of the the door to Block the uh villagers from coming in And killing him now you just running and It just triggers a cutscene and then you Run upstairs so there wasn't any stuff Where you're moving furniture to block Windows and doors yet Um as as you know later in the game There's that huge sequence with uh Luis Where uh there or Lewis I forget his Name how do they say it specifically and

You're you're in a house and there's People coming through the windows and The walls and they're trying to kill you And you're you know you're basically Holding down the fort for like yeah a Couple hours you know it feels like a Night but Um that wasn't here yet so I don't know If that'll be a thing like back then Moving furniture in a third person Action horror game was one of the most Novel things in the world but since then Like I don't know pushing stuff around a 3D environment isn't they had that in The village yeah so it would make sense Like they have the systems for it it's Just maybe that's a way of sort of Countering the fact that you can now Counter chainsaws yeah it's there's also There's also said like this build isn't The final build right there are things That could be in this Village that you Weren't able to see in this demo session Because I can't tell you how many demo Sessions I've gone for countless games Where I play through a section get to it When the game launches and it's Different yeah change things things have Evolved upgraded so we might see that It's just uh it's noticeable that it's Not there now yeah I mean famously like Resident Evil 4 specifically uh if you Pre-ordered the game 30 you know 20 something years ago

Um It came with Resident Evil 4 preview Disc right yes which was like a demo Build of the game that ran from the Beginning until the very end when the Church bells rang and um there are Videos out there that basically talk About the differences that that demo had Uh just sort of like in physics and Controls the um the item box Specifically which turned into like one Of the resident Evil's most iconic Things which is back you know that kind Of puzzle element of moving stuff around Uh back then was just like everything Was one slot and so it missed that sort Of like tetris-esque puzzle to it um so Yeah things will change uh number 12 Hunnigan she calls you a lot on her Phone remember her she's in office now Isn't that cool she's not just like a Disembodied voice on a Kodak uh just They show her rolling around on her one Of my favorite things about that game is The fact that like the main villain will Just call you yeah Leon it's me again It's like how did you get this number Yeah why would you pick up why did you Answer that phone I know he's got this Like why haven't we traced this call This like Motorola phone from 2003 or Whatever you know Um and lastly uh and this is this is one Of my favorite things about this and one

Of my biggest concerns uh the game is Still kind of campy and silly uh Leon Says that line build me for the repairs Later after he destroys some stuff uh And at the end of the demo when the Church bells ring he does say where's Everybody going bingo which was like I Don't think people understand that this Is a game that is like ultimately rooted In like 80s and 90s action tropes as Much as it is the Resident Evil series And horror and stuff like that and there Was a bit fear of of myself and a lot of Other hardcore re4 fans that like they Would lose that element here like this This game has a you know like the Original version had like a 60 foot tall Napoleon robot who chases you through a Building uh in a castle like there's Some goofy stuff in here right like I Love it all there's a jet ski like but This time around it's darker it's Grimmer it's scarier but also I think It's still going to be pretty damn silly You left off one important thing you can Set the cow on fire that's right yeah It's [ __ ] and runs around and hits People with its little horns yeah so That's that's exciting I used to just Knife him and or blow him up with a Grenade yeah you just knife them insane But now you can shoot the lantern above And it'll it'll drop down light his ass On fire and he'll run away and everybody

In town has roast beef I'm the thing I'm Most excited to see is the the Del Lago Fight I am so excited for that fight That is probably my favorite fight do You think so hard do you think they'll Put in the Easter egg oh you shoot the Water first that's gotta be in it Original Easter egg that if you shot the Water first uh Del Lago would come out And eat you before you even got on the Boat that's awesome bring that back I Hope they do a lot of stuff to subvert Expectations yeah but I'm so excited About this everything you're saying Sounds uh very good

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