Redemption Reapers – Official Reveal Trailer

Here’s your look at Redemption Reapers, an upcoming dark fantasy tactical RPG from Binary Haze Interactive and Adglobe. Check out the Redemption Reapers reveal trailer to meet the characters, see gameplay, and get a glimpse at its brutal world.

All but the faintest glimmer of hope remains as the evil Morse army leaves no survivors in its wake. Train, equip, and level up elite mercenaries across challenging battles, execute special team attacks and employ weapon synergies to gain a tactical advantage as you lead the last stand of the Haitaka Brigade.

Redemption Reapers will be available on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Steam in February 2023.

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They are horror May manifest The indifferent mod cut them down one by One As if they were harvesting crops This country is finished the mort have Seen to that I've heard what people say about you A band of Scoundrels turned mercenaries Led by Rowan of the wicked fangs also Known as the faithless Reapers We're murderers call it our hands were Stained long before troden and long Before we joined the Ash and Hawks We made our choices a long time ago There's No Redemption for people Gus Each time I bring down strong foe or Protect someone from danger I feel a Sense of accomplishment I feel so guilty after what I've done I don't have the right to be happy The Moors are coming it drowning in the Beasts any minute now but they don't Appear to have a leader Are extraordinary come then Hawks to War I must finish this that was just a Warm-up Don't take them all alone let's make This one count I'll cut them down For us let them try me [Music] We can still buy the others more time [Music] Doing this for us

Yes Lay waste to this refuse hey holding the Line during a drawn out Retreat is kind Of a hot specialty no You could easily get away so why don't You [Music] Your time has come Don't get Reckless oh come on give me All you've got for it that's why this Won't be easy To drive me back so why what a notorious Band of cutthros risk their lives for Others and it will be a simple matter to Flee is everyone ready not a problem Being at a disadvantages Let's do this [Music] [Music]

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