Ravenbound – Official Game Overview Trailer

Meet members of the development team behind Ravenbound and join them for an in-depth look at the world of Ávalt, including the action roguelite game’s card system, hack n’ slash melee combat, some of the enemies you’ll encounter, and a peek at the narrative inspired by Scandinavian folklore.

Peggy 16. Raven bound is an action-packed open World roguelite set in a deadly but Beautiful Fantasy Realm inspired by Swedish folklore it's being developed by A small and dedicated team here in Stockholm When making an open world roguelite it's Like taking a traditional roguelite but You tear down the walls of the Traditional rooms of the Dungeon Crawl And instead exposing the options and Choices to players A staple of Raven bound and a roguelike Genre is permanent so we've based a lot Of our design around that We have implemented a card system it's Used to create synergies in your run and To make builds that cater to your Replacement But as you progress your deck of cards And its power will grow so you will Always start off the next one slightly Better off than the one before My name is Brooke and I'm the lead Combat designer on Raven bound The combat in ravenbound is a fast-paced Hack and slash melee roguelike Something we put a lot of work into is Making a very reactive enemy AI they are Going to come at you and attack you Relentlessly for example the warden Fights those turn into a dance where the AI is forcing you to move around and you

Have to use your entire arsenal of Dodge And guard to be able to defeat them In contrast the tooth tier attacks in Hordes when fighting them it's all about Managing their chaos with knockbacks Using Dodge to spread them out or use The perfect timing of the Guard to knock Them down all at once Then we have a massive troll who is slow And has big wide sweeping attacks the Key to defeating it is to read its Attack animations to make sure you can Choose the correct response to whatever Pain they're trying to push out In Raven bound you're going to die And everything will go wrong Since we designed around permita we Really wanted you to feel a sense of Triumph when you win Hello I am Josephine a narrative Designer on Raven bound We've taken our inspiration from the Very core of Scandinavian folklore the Creatures that scares us from going too Deep into the woods When you look at folklore it's Essentially just stories that people Tell each other or what they don't know Or understand It's not about mighty heroes or Warrior Gods it's about how the world is dark And dangerous and these stories work to Both entertain and warn people We wanted to bring that feeling into our

Fantasy world and make it about people And their experiences and the dangers of Straying from the path The world of avalt is a world of two Ages existing side by side the old and The new In times of old the gods were always Present the heroes were Mighty and the Craftsmen made amazing things But all of that has been lost the new World is more grounded it's a world of Struggle and survival the monsters have Been twisted and have reclaimed the Wilds and are an ever-present dangerous As people Through the blessings of the Raven you Get access to a history that has been Lost to the people of abbots you The Vessel gives a full picture of what the World was and what happened to its Inhabitants we are really excited to Talk about rape and bound with you you Can find us on Discord or any other Social media come talk to us Foreign

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