PUBG x Neymar Jr. – Official Patch Report #20.2 Trailer

Improvements to the folded Shield some Spawn rate adjustments for vehicles And a collaboration with one of the best Footballers in the world all this and More as we dive into the update 20.2 Pass report first up the folded Shield Is getting a few changes based on Community feedback the inventory weight Has been reduced weapon durability Increase for both guns and grenades and It now installs in half the time you'll Also find it a bit harder to run over Than before with a vehicle now needing To be going at least 10 kilometers per Hour instead of the one kilometer per Hour it was before in addition The Shield can now be placed back into your Inventory and deployment can be canceled Before it finishes let us know what you Think about these requested changes Next up vehicles in Arendelle and Miramar are getting a slight adjustment With some spawning more and less Frequently you'll Now find more uacs and Dossias on eringal and more morados and Pickups on Miramar to contrast we've Lowered the amount of boats buggies and Aqua rails on Erin go and speaking of Maps this update's rotation will now Include eringal Miramar tago and Destin For all regions regions with map select Enabled will also have the option of Playing on Sana while regions without Will instead drop into karakin as usual

The ranked rotation will remain arangel Miramar and Tega This update also features a Collaboration with one of the best Footballers in the game Neymar Jr For a limited time you can pick up Several Neymar themed items in the store Gear Up and score big there's also a Reduction in the number of Multi-Care Packages of Tega some MMR adjustments For normal games new workshop skins and More so be sure to check out the patch Notes for full details update 20.2 is Here so fold up your Shield pack up the Dossia and go catch a ball game We'll see you on the battlegrounds

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