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Foreign [Music] Console watch our show following Everything that's going on with the PlayStation 5 and Xbox series X I'm Damon Hadfield and joining me as always Is Max goville from Legends PlayStation Podcast podcast beyond and Ryan McCaffrey host of IGN's Xbox Podcast Unlocked actually for real see you Damon It's so weird I was like looking at that Camera because I'm used to doing it Though you know remote ways I've I've Infiltrated the San Francisco office Here so we're all three in the same Studio together today which is nice uh We're gonna talk about uh horror games Halloween is right around the corner and Specifically we're going to talk about Horror games you can play on your next Gen console uh as the consoles are Almost two years old now and they've Been building a library of horror games And there's nice stable and there's even A bunch of interesting games that are on The horizon in the horror category that Are coming up so let's try to take stock Of what's available out there right now On both platforms you've got several Resident Evils Resident Evil 2 3 remix Then seven in Village which has some new DLC coming out very soon there's Alan Wake remastered which was out earlier This year and then back for blood the

Left 4 Dead like which was really well Received at launched although it's a Year out and I'm not sure how many People are still playing it came past That Community is like it is on Game Pass and then of course you've got some Exclusives Max on uh PS5 you've got the Last of us part one that was recently Released so what would you say your Picks on the PlayStation 5 or best Horror games available right now oh man I gotta go with one of the resident Residents Evil which one though I think I think Village Um especially because they just added a Third person mode so if the first person Is too spooky you can pop into third Person I haven't actually messed with That yet so it could be even spookier I Don't know but that is just a really fun Game uh I had such a blast with this It's it I don't know it it borders on on Goofy like it's almost like you know Monster cereal like there's I don't find I don't find you know castles and Vampires too horrifying but you know There's also some good good scary stuff In there it's just a good time it's also A lot of just gross body horror stuff a Lot of a lot of terrible things Happening to your hands if you're upset By injuries to hands don't play this Game that game is very very good um Actually I think all these modern

Resident Evil games have been really Exception uh and then Ryan over on Xbox Side scoring is an exclusive uh which Maybe it turned out to be a little bit More puzzly Adventure than we were Anticipating but it's still gross yeah It definitely falls into the genre what Would be your pick uh on the Xbox side Of things well my first one I will say Max wisely stole Resident Evil Village It's a great pick it's re Village is a Fantastic choice but I will stay in the Resident Evil family for 600 Damon okay And I'm gonna go with Resident Evil 2 Remake this is a game that still looks Awesome on the series X or PS5 uh it in Fact I mean it's I think it's fair to Argue it's still the gold standard by Which we measure any full-on remake in This Modern Age of many remakes and Remasters that we are now living in uh It's it's better than re3 I think you You agree oh yeah for sure yes I liked Re3 but it's it's it had a very high bar Too yeah stand up too yeah they Modernized it without making it uh feel Old or completely different you know so It doesn't it doesn't just look like a Pretty old game like it's it feels like Something that came out this decade but But yet retaining all the soul and and Uh core goodness that that is re2 so uh Yeah I think if you've got a PS5 or a Series X Resident Evil 2 remake solid

Pick those are both great picks it's Interesting that you mentioned re2 being The sort of gold standard by which remix Are are measured because we've got dead Space remake coming up in January Another you know survival horror remake So it'll be interesting to see you know How that holds up to Resident Evil 4. if We're looking at all these upcoming Horror games there actually are quite a Few there's cluster protocol in December Which I'm very excited for uh dead space In January Resident Evil 4 remake in March and then sometime maybe next year Silent Hill F I don't know I don't know If they so there's Silent Hill F yeah And there's Silent Hill remake fall and There's essential also remake two and Yeah yeah there's there's a lot of Silent Hills there are four yeah we were Talking about them on a lot they're Keeping busy over yeah yeah and then Silent Hill F I don't think they've been Even announced a platform yet for Although the Silent Hill 2 remake is Going to be a PS5 exclusive there's also Killer clowns from outer space there's Actually a pair of these asymmetrical Multiplayer games killer clowns and then Texas Chainsaw Massacre are also due out Which is really fun by the way and you Play the play that I previewed it the Previews on IGN I want to check it out It's yeah it's uh 3v4 and it totally

Works it's super fun wait clowns are Chainsaws Yeah four Teenage survivors who've been Trapped there here we go here's some Footage uh and three and the three Family members oh man it's yeah this was A lot of fun even though the build I Played was clearly early I mean this Game's not out till sometime next year But it's it plays great already and it Already looks pretty brutal the four you Know the four kids are just trying to Get out and the family members uh you Know they each everybody has a unique Ability and yeah it's just check out the Preview it's I'm shamelessly promoting My own piece but sure there's a lot to Dig into at this game and it's it's very Fun I think I've been on blackout on This one since it first got sort of Teased and it looks just it looks so Much like the original movie yeah like It's got that kind of 70s Haze to it and Yeah I had no idea it was it was the Whole family that completely changes the Dynamic and killer clowns is the same Way which I think is interesting because This this sort of asymmetrical formula Has up until now mostly been like one Monster multiple survivors is on the run But kind of balancing a little bit is I Feel like that could make it even Scarier yeah Um and then finally there's Alan Wake 2

Which hopefully it comes out which we're Told by Sam lake is a full-on survival Horror game whereas the island wake one One of my favorite Xbox 360 games ever Is more of uh an action adventure game That has some creepy little moments yeah Supernatural elements yeah yeah Um Ryan there's actually some I think Some Xbox exclusives on the horror side That are coming up to State of Decay Three Yeah we could that's that's more of an RPG to me than a I don't know I've never Really found them scary but maybe this One will pivot that way I I have maybe That I would include any sort of like Zombie stuff in into like we had a whole Debate about this on on Beyond this week Because there's there's so many horror Elements in non-horror games and like What makes a horror game versus a scary Game that isn't horror but yeah well Then maybe you wouldn't can maybe you Wouldn't consider vampires uh in redfall In the hoarder category as well Well maybe I mean it's it's all vampires I'm gonna throw it in there well and Then the one I would want to add to is Uh is Hellboy too I mean that's Psychological Horror by Design that's That's going to be really good yeah on Real engine five on that so do we have a Release we do not yeah it was not in the Last showcase which means it's coming

Out after June of 2023 but when it was Like the first game announced for the First ever series X game announced yeah Well hopefully the way is worth it um Well speaking of waiting also there's Also stalker two which has some horror Elements as well maybe not hardly fair Uh the the sentimental pick for the game Everybody's going to want to root for And be awesome and the good news is the Track record of that studio suggests That game's gonna be nothing but awesome Yeah for sure so Brian what would you Say what's your pick for your most Anticipated upcoming horror game I mean Out of all those it's it's hard to argue Against stalker too uh for for gameplay Reasons for Life reasons Um want to see that team just have a Huge hit and a huge success after Everything they've been through uh as as They their own team members have have Gone off to defend their country yeah uh But yeah this game we we got it as we're Seeing here a huge gameplay demo this is Like a five minute gameplay piece back At uh showcase last I don't know Sometime last year time is blur but it Looked incredible then and it's only Going to be more polished and more uh Just put together and yeah I can't wait To play this because I mean I I love First person Shooters and I love single Player first-person shooters and I love

Story driven first-person shooters this Is all of those and I I can't wait to Play it also this actually is really Looks next excuse me looks next-gen it Really does amazing absolutely yeah this Looks really impressive I'll definitely Check it out I feel like I'm less Excited for it just because there have Been so many sort of post-apocalyptic Maybe Cold War infused you know survival Games like that Um I'm looking forward to re4 which just Seems like a very yeah very safe bet Looking ahead I mean we've been talking About Resident Evil a lot here but That's such a that's such a fun entry Because it is sort of that that pivot Into into action it gets a little bit Over the top but it's still got some Great monsters and you know creatures And you know scary moments but yeah yeah That's I'm very much looking forward to That one too it'll be interesting to see How it turns out because compared to Resident Evil 2 it you know Resident Evil 4 already feels so much more modern Right Less in need of a remake although It's you know almost 20 years old I Didn't realize until you just ran down This list payment how many horror games The genre has been kind of blown up for The last few years but man there are a Lot of horror games coming out I mean There's there's a solid decade there

Where it wasn't that wasn't the case Like you had a handful of Indie things But you know it was uh the the day or The week of the Silent Hill announcement Stream where we got all that news was The week of the 10-year anniversary of The last full Silent Hill game which was The Vita Dungeon Crawler which barely Counts as a sign of the Hill game but There was that whole stretch of you know Resident Evil games where it was we were Like Capcom what are you doing over There what's going on like there's you Know we don't really talk about re6 much But like no they they clearly righted That course so it's you know good time To be in a horror well I for one welcome Our new horror game overlords uh we have The results of the poll from last Episode we asked you if you have you Managed to find the PlayStation 5 yet And 62 percent of you said yes 62 Percent of our respondents have found One almost 21 said they're not Interested they're not looking and then Another 17 said no so 17 out there acts Are still still looking for one but we Were talking about they're supposed You're supposed to be four times more Likely to find one this fall there was a Photo going around on Reddit of somebody Being like this is the first time I've Seen these stay in stock for more than a Day and it was you know one of those

Lock cases at Target or Walmart or Whatever and it was just a stack of them And it was it was it was weird because Most of the photos you've seen of a Stack of ps5s were like a scalper's Garage so that's true it's still one in Six people watching this that want a PS5 Still can't find one like the two years In two years in that's still that's too Many too many people that are still we Need to get those people some ps5s we Wish much luck to that 17 percent uh a New Poll for you to vote on for next Episode what is your most anticipated Next-gen horror game cluster protocol Dead Space remake Resident Evil 4 silent One of the Silent Hills make sure to Vote at and we'll share the Results with you next week and that's Gonna do it for this edition of next-gen Console watch thank you to both Ryan and Max thank you to everyone working behind The scenes here in our San Francisco Studio to make this episode possible my Name is Damon Hatfield we'll be back Next week same time 6 a.m Friday 9 A.M Pacific No 9 A.M Eastern 6 a.m Friday Friday 6 a.m Pacific 9 00 a.m Eastern With more PlayStation 5 and Xbox series X news I've only been doing this show For like two years you're jet lagged From your flight from my flight from L.A I'll see you guys next week [Music]

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