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Welcome back to Next-Gen Console Watch, our show following all the news and rumors on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series. I’m Daemon Hatfield, and this week I’m joined by Ryan McCaffrey, host of IGN’s Xbox podcast, Podcast Unlocked, and Max Scoville, host of IGN’s PlayStation podcast, Podcast Beyond. 

This week we look forward to The Game Awards. With all the big winners come some big announcements and trailers. Could we see a new Gears of War announcement? Maybe Half-Life: Alyx will make its way to PSVR 2. All that speculation and poll results in this episode of Next-Gen Console Watch.

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00:52 – The Game Awards Xbox Predictions
05:03 – The Game Awards PlayStation Predictions
09:06 – Could The Legend of Zelda Make an Appearance?
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Foreign [Music] Console watch our show following Everything going on with the PlayStation 5 and Xbox series X I'm Damon Hadfield And as always I'm joined by Ryan McCaffrey host of IGN's Xbox podcast Podcast Unlocked happy holidays Damon Happy holidays to you and everyone out There watching this very show and Max Scoville host of iTunes PlayStation Podcast podcast beyond Cowabunga Damon Cowabunga indeed and this week we're Talking about next week that's when the Game awards 2022 are happening December 8th uh you'll be able to catch the Stream on IGN starting at 4 P.M Pacific 7 P.M Eastern along with our exclusive Pre and post show coverage which I Believe is going to be hosted by Max Right here if I'm not mistaken so in Addition to all the awards of the game Awards they're always The game announcements the new trailers Uh lots of exciting stuff to be Happening in the past there's been uh in The past couple years there have been Notable next-gen related announcements I Believe Ryan that's where the Xbox Series X was revealed at the game awards A few years ago that's right hellblade 2019. hellblade 2 was shown off for the First time uh the perfect dark reboot Was shown and then has been dark ever

Since then much to my dismay uh so let's Talk about what we hope and might expect To see next week at the game awards as It pertains to the Xbox series X and Playstation 5. Ryan how about you what's Uh the first game that you would hope to See next week on for on the Xbox side of Things well Damon let's start with the Low-hanging fruit that's also really Super important the The overarching Narrative for 2022 with Xbox has been Unfortunately the lack of big exclusive Games we know there are plenty of them Scheduled for 2023 and it's time to put Some dates on those so I think a release Date trailer for redfall would uh would Be something I would be surprised to not See I really think that's a thing that That should happen at the game awards And I say redfall because even though we We just expect redfall and Starfield in The first half of 2023 red Falls Generally regarded as the one that's Coming first so I think that one is the The higher probability that said uh I Think a release date trailer for Star Field would also go a heck of a long way Now that game has has had a release date That it missed that it was delayed past So whatever date that Microsoft lands on Ultimately for Starfield they're going To need to stick to that date uh rather Than miss it twice but those two I think Would would really go a long way towards

Getting Xbox's 2023 off on the right Foot but you go past that uh and I think That you look back on some of these Games that Microsoft has announced that We just haven't seen anything at Anything about yet Avowed is arguably and it might be one Of the about and Fable or probably the Two biggest ones in their in their Lineup that aren't the imminent things Like redfall and Starfield uh and so how About the first Gameplay trailer for a Vow I mean that would that would go over Huge that trailer when it was announced Was was a huge deal for them And we know Kojima is turning up it's a Jeff Keeley show it's the game awards And we know that hideo Kojima has an Xbox project so maybe the proper Announcement first details of that could Be something that happens as well I mean I just mentioned Fable it's snacking Seems like it's further out they just Recently hired a writer uh who had Worked on I believe it was Horizon The Horizon series for Sony so that that Would indicate to me that there's There's still a good ways to go but hey Maybe we get our first look at gameplay From Fable just optimistically speaking And outside of that I mean if Microsoft Wants to really really make an Impression at the game awards and Announce something new well Gears of War

6 is a game that we all know is coming But it's officially unannounced we know It's Unreal Engine five the coalition's Been working closely with Epic on Unreal Engine 5 and I would love to see gear Six get announced so Um I think I probably just went from Most probable to least probable in that Little Spiel but I'd take any of that Any of that would be great What about hellblade 2 a game that Frankly I'm surprised is not out yet a Chance that we'll see it yet again at The game awards certainly a good chance But but you're right Damon I mean we got A six minute gameplay chunk of that at Last year's game awards so it just being In this for so long 20 years now my Expectation is that the next time we see Hellblade 2 would probably be in more of A longer form like okay here's here's Like a 15 minute extended demo of this Or or even a proper preview beat so I'm Not sure we'd catch it again at the game Awards but I would not be sad if it did Show up and we got to see some more Gameplay Now Max on the Sony side of things we're In an interesting situation now with Gotta War Ragnarok out we don't know What the next big first party game from Sony is going to be what are you Expecting to see hoping to see the game Awards next week for PlayStation well I

Mean the next big first party thing is They are exclusive they're launching a Little expensive hat in February which Is shockingly close and we know you know We know about a few titles to that I Think they've I think they've promised More than 20 and I believe we know about 11. uh I mean it'd be pretty cool if They came out swinging and they were Like hey Half-Life Alex is coming to our Exciting new hat go pre-order one oh Wait you can't that went up in November Whatever you know it's it's a chance to Really hype this up this is really you Know this is this is the last big sort Of gaming event of the Year to you know Make an announcement that'll get her her Loud and clear sort of doing a you know One of those arbitrary Thursday state of Play type things but you know Half-Life Alex would be pretty cool something like That uh you know I don't it could also Be some complete surprise out of left Field Known IP the VR version like you know Our like the Arc of VR Um speaking of which I think we're going To see something from DC I think uh Injustice 3 is a safe bet Um I don't know Suicide Squad gameplay Of that we got a little bit of gameplay Was that was that true game that was the Game awards last year I think okay yeah So that's on the way we know about that

Uh you know obviously we just got Gotham Knights I I Feel Like The Suicide Squad Is kind of a similar similar product in A lot of ways it's again it's a sort of Cooperative experience and you know IP That's typically been sort of uh you Know single player focused but uh you Know either that or uh you know Injustice I Wonder Woman I don't I don't See that happening anytime soon we got That that was the review that was a Revealed last year wasn't it was a very Brief CG teaser yeah a lot a lot of CG Teasers um on that note speaking of sort Of known IP and whatnot uh we got the Star Wars Eclipse trailer last game Awards which I don't think we're gonna See for a very long time but I do think We're going to see something from Lucasfilm games whether that is uh news On Jedi Survivor or maybe the machine Games Indiana Jones game which Howard Just made a little sound bite about Earlier today which is Promising I would love to know more About that game we just got one of those Many CG trailers where the camera just Pans across a desk and there's Easter Eggs scattered around and we do a rewind Trailer about that uh but yeah there's Also the Kotor remake which is going to Be a bs5 exclusive when that eventually Happens which is which is pretty cool Um you know while we're talking about

Multi-billion dollar Disney owned Properties avatars around the corner That has a Ubisoft game in the works Which is coming out sometime in the Distant future it would not surprise me In the least if we got some sort of just Eventy type thing like James Cameron Pops up in a Cell Phone video this is hi Jeff thanks for having me great to be Here happy to announce that Navi Skins Are coming to fortnite something like That or the new mobile game is available Now one of those kind of just just For lack of a better term just one of Those sort of marketing blasts that they Would throw in there because that that Movie's out in a couple of weeks and uh You know game awards again is sort of Right there it's it's you get a lot of People's attention focus right in front Of you so if you're trying to promote Something big I know maybe the rock is a New favorite energy drink maybe the Chick Hydra man has a new blade in his Head who knows Ubisoft also has a Star Wars game Supposedly in development that we don't Really know anything about I'd love to See more of that I generally like the Ubisoft open world formula I'd love to See that work with Star Wars uh I also Think the timing is right for Elden ring Downloadable content Elder ring is what Nine months old now I think previous

From software games got DLC in a in a a More in a shorter time period Elder ring is nominated for game of the Year it would be really nice timing for From soft and Namco Bandai of eldering One game of the year the same night the DLC was announced and pre-orders were Made available I think that would be a Very Very nice situation for them Um but what aside from that the breath Of the wild Damon that's the reason that Happened with breath of the Wild Well Speaking of any chance we see any uh Tears of the Kingdom not next gen Related but you know we were talking About that in the office uh earlier and And it's it's you know Jeff Keeley he Knows everybody in the industry but the Question we were debating was there's Nothing against Jeff but was Reggie his Real in at Nintendo and now that Reggie's not there anymore Is it going to be a lot tougher for him To get Zelda stuff as a big exclusive And I don't know the answer to that so Uh yeah I mean we've got a May release Date so but Nintendo may just be Perfectly happy to I mean they just had A five minute Nintendo Direct to show Off a two-minute trailer yeah which by The way that first of all I don't think That movie looks phenomenal I am in Incredibly jazzed for it but I thought

That trailer would have been a better Fit for the game awards than for a Nintendo after a five minute Nintendo Direct yeah yeah Nintendo knows that They can just be like hey we're having a Direct and people will be like they'll They'll Prime four gameplay they have to Be like no we're announcing four new Love interests for the the next Fire Emblem or what yeah you know but they They're good at getting that captive Audience they pretty much pioneered that Whole uh we're having our own press Conference where you throw ducks at Balloons and nothing is what it seems Like they're very good at kind of Staking out that corner of of the Internet and you know again it's a lot Of people pay attention to the game when But you have to compete for the message Like I it's easy to sort of lose track Of what gets announced in the shuffle And you know we check our own notes to Be like did that come out last year was That a thing who knows yeah so to answer Your question Damon I I feel like with Reggie not at Nintendo anymore it's Maybe more of a 50 50 coin flip as to Whether or not we see see Zelda at this This game awards It's not as a sure thing as a Kojima Appearance then exactly uh what what Would be your personal picks for your Dream announcements at the game awards

Mine would be a sort of a re-reveal of Of Perfect Dark I know that it's they've Had some trouble in development they've Brought on crystal Dynamics to help but I like you know Chris and I Dynamics did A great job with the Tomb Raider Franchise so that's my personal Ryan how About you uh well we just had the 20th Anniversary of Splinter Cell and the the Development team of the Splinter Cell Remake gave us a cool 20 minute round Table video where they did show some Concept art from the Remake and Emphasized that they're still super Early they're still prototyping it I Would be thrilled even with a CG teaser Whose sole goal would be for me to hear Michael ironside's voice to confirm that He is back as Sam Fisher so that's it's I know that's probably not going to Happen uh they probably would have just Done that at the 20th anniversary two Weeks ago if they were going to do that But that you asked me for my dream thing And that's it yeah Yeah that would be awesome I love I Missed Splinter Cell as well Max how About you Oh man Um Elden ring DLC obviously that's That's sort of a big thing um Spider-Man 2 looking forward to it very excited About that it's it's sort of a known Quantity I am a greedy little Piglet and

I want to see more about insomniac's Wolverine game I know that's a ways off They probably want to get people hyped On Spider-Man before that but come on I Want to be Wolverine let me be Wolverines show me the Wolverine yeah It's been it's been a while that was Announced just a short little teaser Trailer September 2021 so it's been a While since we've heard anything about That game I would love to hear about That too And now we have the results of last Week's poll which are a little bit Suspect we asked which system had the Best first couple years and uh Ryan had A lot of evidence to support that the The Xbox 360 just had an incredible First couple of years uh and a really Strong launch to that console so out of You know everything from current gen Consoles all the way back to Um how back should we go all the way to Xbox 360 PlayStation 3. the winning Result was the PlayStation 5 the best First couple years uh you know nothing To the PS5 first a couple years not Anything to sneeze at but they are being A little bit you know they're still Gotta Wear Ragnarok is a PlayStation 4 Game that you can play on your PS5 it Beat out the Nintendo switch which had Breath of the wild and Mario Odyssey in His first year and then and then comes

In Xbox 360 in third place so a little Bit surprising to me I don't know right Ryan do you think this is just Um recency bias and console tribalism Yeah that's a lot of reasons see buyers I mean our audience the the 360. I have To remind myself that I'm old like the 360. the first two years of it were 17 15 to 17 years ago oh yeah so yeah That that may just be we know we have The classic awesome 18 to 34 super Enthusiastic audience out there so maybe The 360 and just a lot of them weren't Around for the first couple of years as Far as being Gamers just the just one of The biggest Nails in our coffins was They had at Gamescom the Wii was in the Retro section Oh yeah Yeah uh no I think it's I think it's Totally fair and you know it's Um if you are doing the console Tribalism for for this generation I Think it's fair to sort of you know vote For PS5 sure but you know again it's Looking back at previous generations I Feel like it's not not Sony's strongest But I don't know it's depends depends on Your on your personal taste I suppose I Mean there's still a lot of really good Games to play on your PS5 just not a lot Of exclusive games to play on your PS5 A poll for you to vote on for next Episode we uh we're coming out of the

Thanksgiving holiday here in the US Black Friday Cyber Monday did you score A next-gen console over Black Friday or Cyber Monday let us know vote at Let us know the results and we'll share Those with you next week that's going to Do it for this edition of next gen Console watch thank you to both Ryan and Max thank you to everyone working our LA And SF Studios to make this all possible My name is Damon we will be back next Week 6 a.m Pacific 9 A.M Eastern with More PlayStation 5 and Xbox series X News we'll see you then [Music] Foreign

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