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00:00 – Intro
00:38 – Sony is Has Lost Millions of Subscribers Since its Revamp
03:07 – Modern Warfare II’s Physical Edition is Basically an Empty Box
06:32 – Modern Warfare II Won’t Let PC and Xbox Users Turn off Crossplay
08:55 – PSVR 2’s Price Has Been Revealed
11:58 – Call of Duty is Never Leaving PlayStation
15:19 – Henry Cavill Replaced for Season 4 of The Witcher Series
17:54 – The Sonic Prime Netflix Series Trailer Deep Dive
21:14 – Henry Cavill is Excited to Work with James Gunn’s DC Studios Plans
23:02 – Modern Warfare II is Missing Features at Launch

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What's up everybody Stella Chung here And this is the weekly fix the show Where we round up all the gaming and Entertainment headlines you've made Missed this week Sony is reportedly Losing PlayStation Plus subscribers left And right plus Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2's physical Edition is Basically an empty box in the Entertainment World Henry Cavill has Been replaced for season four of the Witcher series and we Deep dive into the Trailer for Netflix's Sonic Prime hope You're staying warm and cozy as we jump Right into it Sony recently revamped their PlayStation Plus subscription service offering three Different tiers at three different price Points unfortunately the reception Hasn't exactly been a warm one as Sony Hasn't really marketed the changes very Well and Gamers struggle to understand What benefits they get by paying extra For the highest tiers Via Sony's latest financial report PlayStation Plus subscriber count Actually fell from the end of June to The end of September approximately 2 Million Gamers decided not to re-up Their subscription to PS plus however Sony did highlight this interesting bit The ratio of Gamers subscribed to PS Plus is higher on the PS5 than it is for The PS4 this could mean the PS5 adoption

Rates are increasing as also evidenced By increasingly strong Hardware Sales Sony also announced that they were able To produce around 6.5 million PS5 Consoles in the same June of September Period and they've sold around 25 Million ps5s to date Sony didn't Speculate as to what caused their Subscription drop but it could be due to Ongoing global economic woes as Inflation rates hit record highs all Over and everyone basically tightening Their belts maybe gamers are content to Spend their money on a new console and One-time purchases like single-player Games rather than a continued monthly Expense like a gaming subscription Service What do you think have you upgraded your PS Plus subscription recently or maybe You dropped it all together let us know In the comments Sony isn't the only one Losing things right now as Microsoft has Revealed they took a pretty significant Hit on every series X and S console they Sell BSC NBC and Eurogamer Xbox head Phil Spencer admitted the company takes a 100 To 200 loss on each current gen console They sell with the Xbox series X selling At 4.99 and the series s at 299 that's About a third that Microsoft loses on Each sale yikes Spencer explained that It isn't the consoles that make Xbox

Profitable it's add-ons like headset and Controllers Xbox also has their wildly Popular Xbox Live and Game Pass Subscription Services which provide Online play and hundreds of games to Play unlike recent PS plus sub numbers Get past subscriber counts have only Been growing in recent months If you've been eyeing an Xbox console Recently you might want to go ahead and Hit purchase sooner rather than later Spencer spoke with the Wall Street Journal recently and revealed console Prices could be going up after this Holiday season Once Upon a Time buying a physical copy Of a game meant that you could pop it Into your divisive choice and just start Playing it with the rise of day one Patches that has become less and less True and in the case of this year's Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 if you buy the Physical version you're basically buying An empty box okay so technically there Is a disc in there and it's not blank But it only has 72 megabytes of data on It upon loading it up you're going to be Prompted to download a massive Day One Update that is over 100 gigabytes so it Feels a little weird to call it an Update when it's the whole freaking game The file size of recent Call of Duty Games has been a bone of contention Among players not just for being a

Strain on internet bandwidth but also For hogging hard drive space PS5 players Are feeling this disproportionately Since the Revolutionary lightning fast Hard drive of Sony's next-gen console is Also a paltry 825 gigs and really only 667 gigs because of system files once Modern Warfare 2 and its various patches And texture packs are fully installed on A PS5 it takes up over 150 gigs of space Now keep in mind that isn't even the Full package the Battle Royale mode Warzone 2.0 doesn't drop until November 16th and it's safe to assume that there Will be an update or two to go along With it obviously having to download Stuff is kind of a necessary evil for Gaming in 2022 but Activision shipping Out millions of plastic cases with Effectively blank discs inside seems a Little bit wasteful Okay so sure a physical box is easier to Sell in stores and it's more fun to give For app and unwrap for the holidays and Of course punching in a bunch of letters And numbers to redeem a code might be More work than a lot of people want and Popping a disc into a slot is a good Solution for that and obviously there is That select group of players who are Already sounding off in the comments About how they like to have physical Boxes displayed on their shelves but This is kind of dumb I mean it's a waste

Of a Blu-ray even 72 Megs you could fit That on a CDR or a zip disk even if You know what a zip disk is go do some Stretches because you are old enough to Have back pain speaking of bodily harm You're going to be dishing out plenty of That in the upcoming action horror game The Callisto protocol unless of course You live in Japan where it's been Canceled for its gruesome violence Hosted on the official social media Channels a statement from Striking Distance Studio reads quote we have Decided to discontinue the Japanese Version of the Callisto protocol we've Determined that the game cannot pass the Cerro rating in its current state and That changing the content will not Provide the experience that players Expect we would appreciate your Understanding in Japan they've obviously Refunded pre-orders they got over there But it's still a bummer Sarah was Basically the Japanese equivalent of America's ESRB or Europe's Peggy and in Order to get a Japanese release tons of Western games have to adhere to its Standards regarding violence and nudity Japanese analyst Dr sir can Toto was Able to offer some insight on Twitter Noting that Japanese versions of GTA 5 Cyberpunk 2077 The Witcher The Last of Us and even Uncharted had to cut content To appease the ratings board even games

Developed in Japan like Resident Evil Get a less gory release on their home Turf and often two versions of the game Are released a heavily censored version And a gory version that gets Zero's Z Rating meaning that it can only be sold To people over the age of 18 and those Versions are still censored compared to Their Western counterpart Other games might get a pass by simply Toning down the blood and guts but as a Spiritual successor to Dead Space the Callisto protocol once again uses Dismemberment as one of its core Mechanics so try to hack off that key Part of the gameplay might have just Gruesomely murdered the whole experience As a whole anyway the Callister protocol Comes out everywhere but Japan on December 2nd just in time for the Holidays a cross play between different Platforms is a wonderful idea in theory But it doesn't always offer the best Multiplayer experience so you think it'd Be optional right yeah well in the case Of Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 that's Not the case for a lot of players though On PC there's currently no way of Disabling the function at all so PC Players are stuck sluming it with Console kitties on Xbox the only way to Disable cross play is from within Xbox Settings which disables it across all Games entirely but overall in PS4 and

PS5 players can toggle the feature off No problem now this isn't an entirely New issue for Call of Duty on Warzone Xbox has a disabled cross play option in The settings but it gets turned back on As soon as players queue up for a game So it's more of the illusion of choice And not a very good one at that Currently there's no word from Activision Blizzard when if there are Plans to change any of this in future Updates Sony has a history of being Opposed to cross play previously Blocking it from massive games like Rocket league and Minecraft and Considering Call of Duty is now owned by Xbox you know it'll be interesting to See how this situation changes What's your take on Cross play does it Bring the gaming Community closer Together or does it mean that you're More likely to get head shot by some Dude with a mouse and keyboard sound off Down below and let's discuss speaking of Future updates Warner Brothers Montreal Has reassured players that Gotham nice Will be getting some updates very soon To address its various technical issues Now PC players got a patch earlier this Week that included General bug fixes and A known issue of the game crashing During the Harley Quinn Hospital fight Now WB Montreal is looking into Compatibility issues with Nvidia Ansel

Hopefully that'll that'll drop any Minute now now the team assures players That they're aware there are performance Issues on PC and console and they're Working on a patch that'll address them Specifically signing frame rate Stability on consoles A Gotham Knight's frame rate on consoles Has been a bit of a sore subject and a Lot of players were disappointed to hear Prior to launch that it'd be locked at 30 frames per second while it's possible A performance mode could get patched Down the road you probably shouldn't Hold your breath we've known about the PlayStation VR2 for quite some time now And until this morning two burning Questions had remained unanswered when Does it arrive and how much will it cost Well now we know it's on February 22nd Of next year with a suggested retail Price of 550 US dollars PlayStation also revealed what's Included in the Box the psvr2 headset a Pair of sense controllers stereo Headphones and all the necessary cables Now there's bound to be some sticker Shock considering the psvr 2 is more Expensive than a PS5 or the same price In parts of the world affected by Sony's Recent price hike but on the bright side At least it includes all the necessary Components the original psvr launched at 400 which was more than a PS4 at the

Time but the PS move controllers and PlayStation camera were sold separately Which were necessary to take full Advantage of the headset there will also Be a psvr 2 bundle that includes Everything in the standard edition plus A download code for Horizon call of the Mountain which will run you six hundred Dollars both versions will be available On February 22nd and pre-orders will go Up on November 15th How are we feeling about psvr 2 now that We have a price day one purchase wait For a price chop or hard pass let us Know in the comments the other big Question a lot of people have about Psvr2 is an obvious one what games are Coming well good news Sony also Announced 11 new games being released Alongside the new headset but none of Them are Half-Life Alex here are a few Highlights The dark pictures Anthology Switchback VR is an all-new action horror shooter From supermassive games which looks to Be a spiritual successor to the psvr one Game until dawn rush of blood tentacular Is a colorful game about a good-natured Giant squid and if you'd like large Beasts that are less friendly in your Face the Jurassic world aftermath Collection will feature plenty of Murderous genetically engineered Dinosaurs optimized for PS5 the city

Builder simulation cities VR which is Already on metaquest is also getting an Enhanced Edition for PS5 popular home Invasion game hello neighbor is getting Vrfied with search and rescue and will Be on psvr 2 as well as the original Psvr on PS4 there's also a crossfire Sierra Squad a military FPS from Smilegate the Korean Studio behind the Long-running Crossfire Series and after The fall a co-op shooter set in Post-apocalyptic Los Angeles These are only a few of the games that Are launching alongside psvr2 and Sony Is promising more than 20 will be Available day one we'll keep you posted As we find out more speaking of video Games where you shoot stuff Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 was released to last Week and its opening weekend sales Already smashed the records of every Other game in the series The previous record holder was 2011's Modern Warfare 3 which had 400 million In sales on day one and 775 million in Five days this year's installment hit 800 million in just three days the only Game to sell faster is Grand Theft Auto 5 which hit a billion dollars in just Three days so for anyone worried that The Beloved FPS was declining in Popularity after last year's Vanguard Failed to meet Activision Blizzard's Expectations even though it was the

Best-selling game of the year I think Call of Duty is going to be just fine it Also gives Modern Warfare 2 a Fighting Chance of beating this year's current Bestseller Elgin ring Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 just hit consoles and PC last week and not so surprisingly It's selling really well on PlayStation Sony tweeted a congratulations to Developer Infinity Ward and publisher Activision saying this new version of Modern Warfare 2 was quote the biggest PlayStation store launch for a Call of Duty game including pre-orders and day One sales this is also great news for Microsoft as it looks to complete its Acquisition of Call of Duty publisher Activision Blizzard on the YouTube Channel same brain with Justine and Jenna ezrick Xbox head Phil Spencer Addressed concerns about Microsoft Owning one of the biggest Publishers in The industry and what that means for Call of Duty Spencer said quote yeah We're not taking Call of Duty from PlayStation that's not our intent our Intent is not to do that and as long as There's a PlayStation out there to ship To our intent is that we continue to Ship Call of Duty on Playstation similar To what we've done with Minecraft since We've owned that if you didn't know Minecraft's been owned by Microsoft for Years and they've only expanded access

To the game releasing it on practically Every platform available including Nintendo switch PlayStation 4 fire OS Raspberry Pi Apple TV your 35 year old Casio calculator watch you probably Founded a drug drawer somewhere you get The idea Microsoft hasn't walled off Minecraft behind Xbox and Call of Duty Makes too much money to keep that Exclusive either the only Advantage Xbox Gamers will likely have is future Call Of Duty games will probably be included In Game Pass and maybe get exclusive DLC Whereas PS5 owners will have to Fork Over 70 bucks [Music] So relax for now PlayStation fans you'll Be able to play Call of Duty on your Favorite platform for the foreseeable Future and staying with Microsoft for a Second story Phil Spencer did admit There's been a bit of a drought for Exclusive first party games for Xbox Series X and S On the same episode of same brain Spencer was asked what he's most looking Forward to regarding the future of Xbox He replied it was all the great things Their first party studios are working on But some feedback he got was quote one Thing we've definitely heard loud and Clear is it's been too long since we've Shipped kind of what people would say is A big first party game we can have our

Excuses on covid and other things but in The end I know people invest in our Platform and they want to have great Games Microsoft's purchase of Bethesda May be bearing fruit soon as the Publisher will be launching the first Person vampire shooter redfall and the Highly anticipated Skyrim in space RPG Starfield next year both of those will Be console exclusive to the Xbox series X and S Speaking of Mega Publishers Electronic Arts just Inked a three-game deal with Marvel Via Bloomberg the deal will begin with a Previously announced Iron Man game from Ian motive the other two games will Feature their own Original Stories but Other details are thin like what Characters will be featured or if There's any connection to the Iron Man Game we'll have more on those games as News breaks so stay tuned I hope you enjoyed my Halloween costume But it's time to take a quick break when We come back the last of a Series has Announced its release date and we Discussed who has replaced Henry Cavill For season 4 of The Witcher see you in a Bit Welcome back Henry Cavill has stated That he's excited to begin working with The newly appointed co-ceo of DC Studios James Gunn as he dons the super suit

Once again but speaking of Henry Cavill He has been fully replaced as geralt by Actor Liam Hemsworth for The Witcher Series Let's find out some more from our Correspondent spider-guela Chung Season of Netflix's hit original series The Witcher doesn't Premiere until next Summer but we got word this week into That a fourth season is already in the Works but Liam Hemsworth will be Replacing Henry Cavill as the titular Monster Hunter geralt By way of an official announcement from Netflix along with statements from both Actors cavill's love of the original Witcher books and games showed in his Impassioned performance and he clearly Didn't take this decision lightly he Stated I passed the torch with reverence For the time spent in body and geralt And the enthusiasm to see Liam's take on This Most Fascinating and nuanced of men Worth sounded equal parts humbled by and Enthusiastic for the opportunity Explaining that he was a fan of both The Witcher and Cavill as an actor adding I May have some big boots to fill but I'm Truly excited to be stepping into The Witcher world if you're not keeping Track Liam Hemsworth is the one from The Hunger Games and he's the younger Brother of Chris Hemsworth who plays Thor and Luke Hemsworth who was on

Westworld The reason for cavill's departure is Unclear though it might have something To do with last week's news that he Would be trading his sword and medallion For a red cape and a spit curl to Reprise the role of Superman in a future DC movie Speaking of which Black Adam was once Again the number one movie in theaters This week and its box office gross has Officially passed a hundred and eleven Million dollars domestically and 250 Million dollars globally variety reports This was a 59 decline in ticket sales But par for the course with superhero Movies it didn't hurt that Black Adam Didn't have much in the way of Competition and the only one movie that Premiered this weekend broke into the Top five the horror film prey for the Devil which took third place after the Clooney Roberts rom-com ticket to Paradise In any case I don't think anyone was Worried about Dwayne Johnson's career But it seems very likely we'll see more Of him as Black Adam possibly the most Impressive performance of a DC villain This weekend was by none other than Diddy who put together an excellent Halloween costume of the Dark Knights Joker and clearly spent some time Rehearsing the laugh

The multi-hyphenate Entertainer and Businessman posted photos and videos on Instagram of himself basically Unrecognizable cackling maniacally Leaning out of the back of a cop car Playing with a real flamethrower and Terrorizing fellow rapper Tyler the Creator We got the second trailer for the Upcoming Netflix original animated Series Sonic Prime which premieres December 15th and it appears to be Pretty similar to Sonic Frontiers the Blue Hedgehog's next video game Now the trailer reveals Eggman Shattering something referred to as the Prime Crystal which sends Sonic and Friends to various different places Within the Sonic Multiverse where Sonic Encounters different versions of his Furry friends now Eggman does a very Similar thing in Sonic Frontiers only This time he uploads a program into an Artifact which sucks him into a place Known as cyberspace and sends Sonic and Friends into a wormhole where they're Also separated and find themselves in The futuristic world of cyberspace now Needless to say that's no good for Anyone but it still needs to be said That's no good Now Sonic's problems in both instances Stem from Eggman as is tradition with Most Sonic outings and it's rather

Interesting to see the parallels between Both the upcoming game and Netflix Series Now the Sonic Prime trailers have Revealed a few Classic Sonic characters Will be showing up like Knuckles Amy and Tails as well as Sonic Adventure Favorites like Shadow Big the cat and Rouge the Bat now we'll also see some Classic Sonic 1 and 2 badnic robots pop Up throughout the series as for whether Or not we'll see Sonic variants is yet To be seen haha we haven't seen it yet Now I'm kind of hoping we see some Classic and iconic Sonic designs show up Similar to Sonic Generations where two Generations of Sonic's teamed up to take The fight to the baddies in the video Game Here's hoping for them to really go full Force and sprinkle in some Sonic forces With a with a dash a C dash of Sonic Unleashed heck you know throw in the Movie versions as well yes I'm talking About the good one and the one with the Weird teeth uh Meow And I'm really hyped for this upcoming Series on Netflix and the video game Let's talk about in the comment section Down below if you're a Sonic fan and Remember kids never do anything you Don't think is right even if other guys Say it's cool that's called peer

Pressure thanks Sonic you're way past Cool my blue quilled friend now in other News I've been on the three finds a Director when Kelly Marcel with Tom Hardy set to reprise the role of The Reluctant anti-hero Eddie Brock Now Marcel wrote the screenplay for the Two previous films with her set to join Tom Hardy in the producer's seat now Plot details are scarce as of right now But both Hardy and Marcel are currently Working on the story for the next Venom Film Can't we just you know start calling Kelly Marcel's Venom movies you know the Marcel venomatic Universe anyone know Okay well let's just move on and finally Chainsaw man is really working his way Into the culture of zeitgeist when you Have KFC making tweets like this Featuring a fried chicken in the form of Poacheda now poacheda is the chainsaw Devil that merges with denji Transforming him into the main character Chainsaw man rev It Up I wonder if there's some manga readers Over there on KFC's social team if so They'll get a kick out of Bucky the Chicken devil that'll be a trip when it Shows up in the anime now usually Arby's Is the fast food chain that posts anime Stuff but hey you know what the more the Merrier promoting this week's release of Enola homes 2 on Netflix Henry Cavill

Spoke to us here at ITN and admitted to Not having met James gun just yet but He's excited to collaborate with the Suicide squad Titan on future projects Here's what he had to say about gun Towards meeting him and he clearly a Very very talented man and I cannot wait To sit down and have long long Conversations with him Um I'm I'm very excited about about him Being there and very excited about any Future opportunities we can work Together Speaking to us further on his role as Superman and the DC EU caval remarks on How much joy it brings him but not just To him to the countless fans of the Character and he knows it's not just due To the strength of his character but Also his heart Is it is a gift to be to be giving is is A gift because it makes people feel a Certain way and it also makes them want To be giving in return to other people And it's that there's just something so Magnificent about that and of course Then That's a very broad stroke piece but Once you get into the nitty-gritty Details of that and once you start Applying that storytelling and to all The wonderful exciting villains that he May come across Then you have a world Adventure and and

A world where an audience leaves the Cinema and feeling fantastic As for when we'll see kevl on the big Screen in another man of steel-led movie Is yet to be seen but maybe some good News will come out of his meeting with James Gunn as of right now nothing but Rumors have been circulating the Internet with reports on Warner Brothers Discovery possibly cooking up a Man of Steel 2 film with Castle stepping down As geralt of rubia in Netflix's Witcher Series his schedule seems to be open at The moment Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer launched October 28th and It's had a mixed bag of reactions from The community well I enjoyed my first Few hours in the game I did experience Some bugs on PC like random white screen Flickering throughout some matches Crashes and server problems but I also Noticed some missing content from the Base game while there will be some Feature updates to come with each new Season launch a lot of Call of Duty Players voice their frustrations and Disappointments while there will be some Feature updates to come with each new Season launch a lot of Call of Duty Players voice their frustrations and Disappointments with the lack of ranked Play hardcore playlists custom articles And blueprints and combat record stats Most players though were upset about the

Lack of Hardcore the good news is that The hardcore playlist will arrive November 16th with season 1 but the Playlist is now called tier one Operators will have less Health in that Mode and limited HUD elements and Friendly fire will be on so it's the Same thing just a different name but November isn't too far off and you can Accidentally shoot your friends in tier One mode soon With worlds 2022 well underway League of Legends fans this weekend called on Riot Via social media to add a new zeca award The awards suggestion is named after Drx's mid laner zeka who outperformed at The Grand finals of Worlds and helped His team defeat Genji in that series Zeka's score was 10 4 16 and his KDA at The main event was 6.0 at Esports Kobe On Twitter said we need a new award for Breakout Superstar on the international Stage for zekka this man is a beast the Second award would most likely be given To a player with no expectations of Particularly outstanding performance but Coming out on top as the star player Either way it is a huge accomplishment For DRX and Seka to move on the World to November 5th and face off against Faker And T1 good luck to both teams and I Can't wait to see them play live Even with Riot being busy with worlds They have been forgotten about valorent

Players there's a new competitive game Mode that will be launching in an alpha Testing period soon this game mode Encourages a higher goal above radiant Which is the current highest rank in the Game to feel more competitive players Premiere is meant to bridge the gap Between competitive play and pro play Since the top teams in the seasons can Qualify for a tournament to win the Division championship this mode will Have teams of five and pre-arranged Matches and Seasons which are roughly a Few weeks long you can then build a team Rosters that will be placed in a Division to play in weekly matches and Tournaments Premiere is only about 60 Complete according to Riot but is coming To Alpha Testing for Brazil hopefully The rest of the world gets to try it on Alpha soon as well Thanks spider gwala Chung I'm Stella Chung and that was your weekly fix we'll Be back here next Saturday with more of The biggest gaming and entertainment News of the week see you then

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