Predicting PlayStation’s 2022 Game of the Year! – Beyond 766

The holidays are fast approaching, and with them comes a lot of chatter about what the best video game of the year was. Is the best Game of the Year already out, or is it still on the way? Ride along with IGN’s Jada Griffin, Tom Marks, Matt Kim, and Mark Medina as they speculate wildly about which PlayStation game is going to come out on top when 2022 finally comes to a close.

Also, Cyberpunk 2077 is back in the headlines, not only with a brand new expansion announcement, but also the news that it’s essentially a…next-gen game only going forward? Strange times!

00:00 – Intro
01:23 – What We’ve Been Playing
15:54 – Cyberpunk 2077 Update and DLC
33:57 – PS5 Update
36:30 – Camo PS5 Accessories
38:44 – Fromsoftware Investors
49:10 – PlayStation GOATY Watch
01:15:34 – Outro

All About Microsoft Points

The Xbox Live Marketplace has many great downloads that are offered to users for free. However, some downloads for premium content require the Xbox Live user to redeem 2100 Microsoft Points in order to purchase the download.

Prudent Precautions

There are some tips you need to abide by in order to protect yourself from getting taken. This article will go into detail on the possible ways you can lose out of a winning lottery prize, some of which you may have taken for granted.

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The Benefits of Working in Game Design

Game designers are the creative minds behind the games you play on your TVs and computers. From start to finish, they create ideas from scratch and make them come to life on screen. Designers come up with character concepts, as well as settings, plots, and themes for each game they create.These professionals have the opportunity to utilize their imaginations and creativity on a regular basis, having fun and creating the games that may become blockbusters.

Game Design Artist

The design of a video game is what may first catch the eye of a potential buyer. A person walking by may stop and take a closer look at the graphics presented on the box. It may just be appealing enough for this person to reach down, grab it, and buy it. This is the work of a game design artist. This is the person who gives a game the stunning and meticulous details, as well as the realism of the characters and background you see, to make it an interactive experience which some may play for hours on end.

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