Pokemon Scarlet and Violet – Version Differences and Exclusives

In this Pokemon Violet and Scarlet gameplay guide we go over the complete list of all the differences between Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, from exclusive Pokemon to motifs, to either help you decide which version to get, or just to see what you’re missing. 


00:00 Version Differences and Exclusives Introduction
00:32 Legendary Pokemon and Mount – Koraidon and Miraidon
01:02 Scarlet Exclusive Pokemon
01:36 Violet Exclusive Pokemon
02:13 Different Professors – Sada and Turo
02:38 Motifs – Scarlet for Scarlet and Violet for Violet
02:59 Outfits
03:13 Lore and Story
03:37 Endgame Exclusive Paradox Pokemon

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Foreign It's been a while since a brand new Pokemon was released on multi-colored Cartridges but that doesn't mean the Only difference between each version is The Legendary Pokemon on the box here's A complete list of all the differences Between Pokemon scarlet and Violet from Exclusive Pokemon to motifs to either Help you decide which version to get or Just to see what you're missing Foreign At the beginning of Pokemon scarlet and Pokemon Violet you meet a legendary Pokemon who accompanies you on your Journey and serves as your Mount that Runs swims Glides and climbs in Scarlet You'll meet karidon and in Violet you'll Meet me right on you won't be able to Battle with them right away but Corydon Is a fighting and dragon type and mirion Is an electric in dragon type Like always each version has exclusive Pokemon available in only one version or The other these are the exclusive Pokemon you'll encounter during the main Story we'll save the special end game Exclusive Pokemon for the end of this Video in case you're trying to avoid Spoilers and if you're here just for the Short version of version exclusives go Ahead and skip to the next section thank You Foreign

Scarlet you'll meet Professor SATA and In Pokemon Violet Professor turo Sada Means past in Spanish and turo means Future suggesting their research focuses If you pay attention you'll learn early On that these are either arvin's mother Or father as well the professor in Pokemon scarlet and violet play a Somewhat different role than they Usually do in Pokemon games they don't Introduce you to the world of Pokemon This time that's the school's director's Job Speaking of the director director Clavel's outfit changes depending on the Version in Scarlet his suit is a Scarlet Orange and in Violet it's a violet Purple The Motif matches the academy you Attend in Scarlet you'll attend Naranja Academy and in Violet UVA Academy the Color coordination follows you Everywhere in scarlet and violet Potentially the most important of the Color differences are the outfits Available to you though you can change Your accessories you can only wear these School uniforms in Pokemon scarlet and Pokemon violet There are books and magazine issues in The academy library at the entrance like The Scarlet book and Scarlet and violet Book in Violet these version exclusive Books actually show the version Exclusive ground type Titan Pokemon the

Only version difference in the main Quest besides the professors and their Stories the occultra magazines tell Different Tales entirely you can read All of them on our version differences Page or find them yourself Finally we're moving on to some spoiler Territory about the end game Pokemon Turn back now if you don't want to know As suggested by the professor's names And the appearance of Corydon and Me Ride On past and future is a consistent Theme this plays into the concepts of a New group of Pokemon called Paradox Pokemon Scarlet Paradox Pokemon appear To be from the past but Violet Paradox Pokemon look like mechanized versions From the future And those are all of the main Differences between Pokemon scarlet and Violet which version did you get let us Know in the comments and for more check Out how to get every legendary Pokemon Or where to find all of those pesky Ominous Stakes for all of your other Pokemastering needs you're already in The right place IGN Thank you

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