Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Review Roundtable: How Does It Compare to Pokemon Legends Arceus? – NVC 6

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet reviews are here, and we’re joined by Polygon’s Nicole Carpenter and returning trainers Reb Valentine and Casey Defreitas to dive into all of the details about the latest generation! Here’s what we think of its tech issues, its latest gimmicks, and whether it stands out from other generations. Plus, Harvestella, the new Fire Emblem Engage trailer, Xenoblade Chronicles 3’s Game of the Year chances, and more!

00:00:00 – Intro
00:01:24 – Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Review Roundtable!
00:37:34 – Wiibate: Do you name your Pokemon?
00:43:00 – What Else Has Our Attention? Xenoblade Chronicles 3 GOTY nomination, Harvestella, and more
01:08:06 – Question Block & Outro

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