Pokemon Scarlet and Violet – How to Find All Legendaries

In this Pokemon Violet and Scarlet gameplay guide we show you how to find every Legendary Pokemon. We share how to go about earning your second Koraidon or Miraidon and finding the four Hidden Treasures of Ruin.

00:00 How to Find All Legendaries
00:38 Earning your second Koraidon or Miraidon
01:00 How to Get Four Other Legendary Pokemon
01:49 The Hidden Treasures of Ruin
01:50 Wo-Chien
02:02 Chien-Pao
02:13 Ting-Lu
02:26 Chi-Yu

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Foreign [Music] You probably already know about two of The legendaries in Pokemon scarlet and Pokemon Violet but did you know there Are four more there's even an Opportunity to get a second Mirage honor To ride on making for a perfect Opportunity to trade with a friend Here's how to get two box legendaries in Each game and the remaining four unique Legendary Pokemon in scarlet and violet And if it wasn't obvious consider this Your final spoiler warning [Music] Foreign [Music] You simply need to beat the game Scarlett or Violet respectively get to The credits then you can add them to Your team to capture a second one return To the final battle location at the Bottom of area zero there will be one Waiting for you at level 72. be prepared To save in front of it to try again if Something goes wrong and remember Inducing a status effect will make this Easier the final four legendaries in Scarlet and violet occasionally referred To as the treasures of Ruin or ruinous Cartets are trapped in shrines around Paldea if you take your history classes And pass the final the history teacher Miss rifort will tell you more about the

Legends Behind These Pokemon and Conveniently put their shrines locations On the map making them fast travel Points However they'll be locked closed until You find the eight black ominous stakes In each region some of which require Corydon or Me Ride On's different Abilities to reach plus each of the Legendaries Behind These closed doors Are level 60 so we suggest this as an End game activity you can use our video On all 32 ominous stake locations to Find them all or keep watching to see What these legendary Pokemon are and Where they reside [Music] The tablets of Ruin is trapped at the Grass wither Shrine in the South Province remove all eight purple stakes In the region to release it it's a Snail-like dark and grass type Pokemon Chen pow the sword of Ruin is trapped at The ice run Shrine in the West Province Remove all eight yellow stakes in the Region to release it shenpow is a snow Leopard or weasel-like dark and ice type Pokemon Ting Liu The Vessel of Ruin is Trapped at the ground white Shrine in The north Province above Casa Royal Lake Remove all eight green stakes in the Region to release it tinglu is a Bowl-like dark and ground type Pokemon Chi U the beads of Ruin is trapped at

The fire scored Shrine in the north Province to the east remove all eight Blue Stakes in the region to release it Chiyu is a koi-like dark and fire type Pokemon Those are all of the Legendary Pokemon Available in Pokemon scarlet and violet So far for more check out how to evolve Gimme ghoul and for everything else You're already in the right place IGN [Music]

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