Pokemon Scarlet and Violet – How to Choose a Starter Pokemon

In this Pokemon Violet and Scarlet gameplay guide we go over everything you need to know to choose between the Pokemon Violet and Scarlet Starters: Sprigatito – the grass-type; Fuecoco – the fire-type; and Quaxly – the water-type.

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00:00 How to Choose a Starter Pokemon
00:26 What to Consider When Choosing
01:00 Spoiler Free Sprigatito Information
01:30 Spoiler Free Fuecoco Information
01:50 Spoiler Free Quaxly Information
02:18 Sprigatito’s Final Evolution and Signature Move
03:09 Fuecoco’s Final Evolution and Signature Move
03:44 Quaxly’s Final Evolution and Signature Move

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Foreign The first and often most important Choice in any Pokemon game is which of The three starter Pokemon you'll choose To accompany you on your adventure and That's no different when it comes to Pokemon scarlet and violet There is no wrong choice really all Three of them are actually pretty strong But there are plenty of factors that go Into that decision you can definitely Choose just on looks alone but you may Want to think about how each of the Pokemon's strengths and weaknesses match With your preferred strategy and how They'll work on a team with your other Favorites for example if you really like The new fire type Pokemon armor Rouge or Sarah ledge you might not want to add Another fire type to your team and if You do you'll need to think about what Pokemon to add to your team to cover for Their weaknesses like a grass type Here's a spoiler-free primer on the Three starters don't worry we'll save Their evolutions and signature moves for The very end of this video with a Spoiler warning Sprigatito is the grass type starter It's fastest of the starter Pokemon plus It has a good attack stat to make use of Those fast feet but it's defensively the Worst starter and its typing is also Defensively just bad this Pokemon should

Be used to hit fast and hard where it Hurts so its opponents don't even have The option to strike back Foikoko is the fire type starter this is The only special attacker of the Starters and is the slowest but its HP And defense are the best overall foikoko Is the most defensive option but is Still stacked with a good special attack Stat it can both survive some hits and Dish out decent damage it can buff even More Quaxley is the water type starter its Defenses and speed are in between Foikoko and spigotitos but its attack Stat is even better than sprigatitos This is the more balanced of the three But still excels as a great attacker That can easily set up with buff moves If given the chance That should be a good enough summary if You want to remain spoiler free but for Even more information keep watching to Learn more about the starter's final Evolutions and see them in action Sprigatito evolves into florigato and Then into meowskarata a grass and dark Type Pokemon dubbed the magician Pokemon Meowskarata is just as fast as the Dragon and flying type Noivern though Miascarata's attack stat isn't the best It's definitely still good miasgarata's Signature move flower trick is a Physical grass type attack that never

Misses and always crits essentially Making its base damage a whopping 105. Unfortunately it's hard to ignore that Seven types resist grass type attacks Making it one of the most resistant Types in all of Pokemon luckily it's Dual type dark hits all of those types For neutral damage so offensively it can Hit just about every Pokemon at least Neutrally and will likely strike before They can but don't forget that Meowskarata is weak to seven different Types Fuekoko evolves into crocolor and then Skilleturge a fire and Ghost type Pokemon dubbed the singer Pokemon Skeleton's typing is the most offensive Of the starters it resists seven types And is immune to two though the five Types it is weak to are especially Common and it doesn't learn many special Moves to counter its own weaknesses Beyond Earth power and solar beam Skelodurta's signature move is torch Song a special fire type attack with 80 Base power that Buffs its good special Attack even more and with its defensive Stats it should be able to withstand a Few hits as it Powers up Quaxley evolves into quacks well then Quakoval a water and fighting type Pokemon dubbed the dancer Pokemon as for Its final typing it is again in the Middle between the other starters it

Resists seven types and is weak to five Though the types it is weak to are less Common than skeletories are and Offensively it's pretty good this is the More balanced of the three but still Excels as a great attacker and can set Up to sweep a team quakoval's signature Move is the physical water type Aqua Step with 80 base power that also Buffs Its speed and sword stance will buff its Attack by two stages since its defenses Are a bit better than the escaradas it Can more easily survive a hit to set up Hopefully you're one step closer to Choosing the best partner for you for More on Pokemon scarlet and violet don't Miss things to do first or how to get an Evolve chart Cadet for everything else You're already in the right place IGN

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