Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Did Patch 1.1.0 Fix Performance?

The latest Pokemon Scarlet and Violet patch promised to address “select bug fixes” but for the most part people are worried about the games’ performance. Nintendo promises that their goal is “always to give players a positive experience with our games” but have there been any fixes? Here’s what we found.

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Pokemon scarlet and Violet's newest Patches out while the update added Ranked battles for online 7 Star raids That debuted with Charizard and various Bug fixes according to Nintendo's patch Notes it doesn't seem like much else Changed some of us on staff have seen Slightly improved performance regarding The online Terror raids others have Decreased performance in certain areas While I seem to have roughly the same Performance overall this is somewhat Expected as the only note in the patch Notes regarding the problematic Performance was we are aware that Players May encounter issues that affect The game's performance our goal is Always to give players a positive Experience with our games and we Apologize for the inconvenience We take the feedback from players Seriously and are working on Improvements to the games based on their Statement it sounds like a performance Patch is in the works but there's yet to Be an expected date for release we Toured various regions of paldea to see If we noticed any differences before and After the Patch we tested standard and Terror raid battles and exploration and Weather conditions like rain and snow While some of the minor issues may have Improved we still noticed a Slowdown When Auto battling Pokemon outbreaks

Turning your camera too quickly or Sometimes just riding around on your Pokemon in the rain combine any of these Which is a common occurrence and you'll Most likely see a similar performance to The previous patch players are also Reporting that various exploits have Been patched including the item Duplication egg glitch and the RNG bug For online battles that allowed players To guarantee their attacks to hit or Miss depending on the turn in battle This bug made one hit KO moves unable to Be dodged or prevented unless you use Moves like protect or wide guard how has Your performance been affected by the Newest patch are you seeing a more Consistent frame rate or fewer bugs like NPCs appearing and disappearing let us Know in the comments below [Music] [Applause] [Music] Thank you [Music] Foreign

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