Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet x Pokemon Go – Official Gimmighoul Overview Trailer

Join Biology teacher, Jacq, and Pokémon Professor, Willow, as they discuss what they know about newly discovered Pokémon, Gimmighoul. The trailer also features a mysterious story about Gimmighoul and its coins.

Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet will be released on Nintendo Switch on November 18, 2022. The new Pokémon games will be linking with Pokémon Go in 2023.

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[Music] Thank you Hey Jacques thanks for sending me that Video I think this might just be the Pokemon I've been hearing so much about Trainers from all over of reported Sightings Gotta say Professor I'm surprised gimme Gould's showing up in your neck of the Woods Get me Gore so that's what this Pokemon's called Treasure Chest it hides in actually be Part of its body It also carries the same type of coin Trainers have been finding That's right in paldea I've seen some Gimme ghoul that hide in treasure chests And some that don't Hmm The ones hiding in chests are new to me The fascinating part is as far as I know No one's ever caught a gimme ghoul That's not in a chest the second you get Near they hightail it out of there Dropping a coin as they flee I don't Think we've seen them act like that over Here [Music] You know there's actually an interesting Story about gimme ghoul and its coins [Music] [Applause] Here's an old strange tale involving a

Mysterious coin [Music] Once upon a time a young girl was out on A walk when she picked up a coin Clink There's another said the girl wait What's that When the mysterious being noticed the Girl it fled through a nearby door The girl hurriedly chased after it and Came Upon a treasure chest But the mysterious being lurked nearby Staring intently at the girl The treasure chest opened quietly and Whatever was inside met the girl's gaze The girl put a coin into the treasure Chest Picked up another coin and put it into The chest Two once again she picked up a coin and Put it into the chest Three [Music] Eventually the chest came to be full of Coins 997 998 999. [Music] Thank you Huh what am I doing with all these coins The girl wondered now who or what had Been so intent on Gathering them [Applause] Intriguing tail it might help us learn

More about this Pokemon I hope so it seems to suggest that Guinea go hiding in treasure chests Don't move on their own they just Manipulate people into Gathering coins For them On the other hand gimme ghoul without Treasure chests don't seem to manipulate People Perhaps they're able to go searching on Their own It's very odd for Pokemon of the same Species to behave so differently don't You think since they're behaving so Differently maybe we ought to consider Them separate forms what do you think Should we name them Good idea let's see chest form seems Fair for the one that hides in chess That's very straightforward as for the One that walks around how about roaming Form I like it so you've never heard of Anyone catching a roaming form gimme Ghoul in paldeo right yep but out where You are they don't run away You said they just tag along near people Who picked up coins All right if trainers out here use that Behavior to their advantage they might Be able to catch it what an exciting Research opportunity is there anything Else you can tell me about gimme ghoul I'd be happy to tell you everything I

Know and I'll do what I can to help you Catch roaming form gimme ghoul Thank you and I'm sure trainers will Also appreciate your help now about Those coins Uh whoops there's the bell time for Class sorry Professor gotta run before You go Oh well that's Jacques for you I'm Always dancing at the beat of his own Drum How to send him a thank you gift for his Help with gimme ghoul maybe a nice Postcard [Music]

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