Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet – Official Game Overview Trailer

Watch the latest trailer for Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet for a deep dive into the latest Pokémon adventures. Get another look at the Paldea region, meet the partner Pokémon you’ll travel with on your journey, as well as the legendary Pokémon, and learn about rivals, the Terastallization phenomenon, Pokémon gyms, and of course, take a look at the new Pokémon you’ll encounter on your adventures, like Lechonk, Fidough, Cetitan, and more!

Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet will be available on Nintendo Switch on November 18, 2022.

Where will you go what will you achieve It's up to you this is your adventure Your journey your very own treasure hunt Vast natural expanses and vibrant Cityscapes away here in the paldea Region [Music] Your journey begins with enrollment at An academy in the heart of valdea You'll meet your teachers Classmates And senior students Actor clavel will announce the Independent study assignment the Treasure hunt And so your quest to find something you Might always treasure begins Start you'll select your first partner Pokemon Or quack sleeve [Music] The legendary Pokemon cried on or Meridon will also help you during your Travels [Music] With the support of your Pokemon you'll Be able to explore more and more places You can Adventure through valdea in any Way you want Where you go is entirely up to you [Music] With local Wireless or online play you Can explore paudia with up to three Other players

[Music] There's something waiting for you around Every corner Challenge Gym Leaders at [Music] There are eight gyms in all tackle them In whatever order you choose [Music] Team star is a group of troublemakers Disrupting the Academy's activities Infiltrate their Hideout and defeat Anyone who stands in your way Say hello to Arvin an upperclassman Searching for rare herbs Join him in tracking down these Mysterious herbs said to be hidden Across the paldeo region [Music] In paudia you'll encounter all kinds of Pokemon The chalk uses its trusty sense of smell To find food Fido feels moist and smooth to the touch Sit Titan boasts a massive body and Solid horns Paldayin Whooper lives on land and is Enveloped in a poisonous film Approach a wild Pokemon and a battle Will commence [Music] You can also have your Pokemon engage in Battles on their own [Music] Terasolizing is the key to dominating

Battles This phenomenon found only in the paldea Region causes Pokemon to Sparkle like Gems [Music] It also make their move stronger All Pokemon can terasterize some will Even change types entirely when they do These particular Pokemon can be caught In Terra raid battles which can be Challenged with up to three other Players Work together to defeat and catch wild Terra Pokemon [Music] Capture memorable moments from your Adventure with the camera app You can access this anytime while you're Out and about Need a makeover stop by a beauty salon To change up your hairstyle and look Snap a photo with your Pokemon while You're at it you can use the photos you Take to customize your profile and Create your own ID card [Music] Picnic and relax with your Pokemon Give them a good wash Or make a yummy sandwich together [Music] Both will deepen your bond with your Pokemon [Music] The paldea region is calling what

Treasure will you find Pokemon scarlet and Pokemon Violet Available November 18th only on Nintendo Switch digital pre-orders are available Now on Nintendo eShop foreign [Music]

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