Plane – Official Trailer (2023) Mike Colter, Gerard Butler, Daniella Pineda

Captain Torrance flight Commander how Can I help you fugitive extradition Boise dangerous what did he do homicide 15 years ago I don't want to scare the Rest of the passengers I'm afraid you're Stuck with this Captain get him on board Let's have a good flight Cutting right through the top of the Storm Has to keep everybody in their seats no Exceptions all right Look at that Then we're done somewhere in the Jolo Island cluster It's run by separatists and militias the Filipino Army won't even go there Anymore The clock is ticking every minute Matters We can count those minutes in lives lost Or saved This is an emergency Rudy Torrance I like this guy Maxwell Carver England team country My passengers my responsibility Need your help you're gonna need this Perform a militarism Let's do that Why did they lock you up no one cares What really happened but they say Redemption can be found in the most Unusual places You'll probably never see your family

Again what about their families I have a daughter and it had every Intention of making a home They are going to come at us with Everything they've got We're getting off this island

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