Path of Titans – Official Gondwa Gameplay Trailer (ft. Robert Irwin)

Watch the thrilling gameplay trailer, narrated by Robert Irwin, for the new update to the Path of Titans closed beta. The Gondwa update for the survival sandbox MMO, where you play as a dinosaur, features a new location to explore called Gondwa, an island world, a mix of Mediterranean island landscapes on a diverse archipelago. Swim, fly, and dive between the islands and explore the bays and inlets of this prehistoric paradise. The update also features four new playable species, including the new pterosaur Thalassodromeus and plesiosaur Kaiwhekea, along with Pycnonemosaurus and Pachycephalosaurus.

Path of Titans’ beta supports cross-platform play on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Mac, Linux, and mobile platforms.

Thank you [Music] Close your eyes Go on now I want you to imagine 65 million years ago A sun rising on a brilliant vibrant World A home to many Just about to start their day From the mountainous Cliffs To the distant shorelines Gondwa Roars to life This planet Long before the shifting tides of the Future Houses an ecosystem across generations Of Land Air And water A Harmony Within and throughout Existence [Music] However Caution beckons Brutal reality of surviving this harsh And untameable world Blinded to be cautious Lest you fall to the actions of others All of this Has been lovingly recreated For you [Music]

Choose who to be [Music] What to do [Music] Where to fly [Music] Venture out And discover the mystery Of this old world

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