Pac Man World Re-Pac – Official Jukebox & Chrome Noir Chogokin DLC Trailer

Pac Man World Re-Pac brings new DLC in the form of the Chrome Noir Chogokin skin and the Jukebox DLC. As a fun cosmetic upgrade, players who purchase this DLC can transform their character into a shiny black robotic PAC-MAN once they gain the in-game Metal power-up, unlocking the ability to walk underwater and butt-bounce on enemies that would otherwise cause damage. The Jukebox DLC adds an actual jukebox to the beach in PAC-MAN WORLD Re-PAC’s in-game hub area of Ghost Island. Players can choose to listen to more than 50 songs including the game’s complete soundtrack as well as the English, Japanese, and Chinese language versions of the song “We Are PAC-MAN.” Both Jukebox & Chrome Noir Chogokin DLCs are available now for Pac Man World Re-Pac.

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