Overwatch 2 – Official Season 2 Trailer

Get another look at Ramattra in this latest trailer for Overwatch 2 and see the new hero in action, along with what’s coming in Season 2. Overwatch 2’s Season 2 brings Ramattra, a new Escort map set high in the Himalayan peaks, and a new Battle Pass featuring rewards, including epic, legendary, and mythic skins fit for the Greek gods. Additionally, drop into in-season events with limited-time modes and free rewards.

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I don't mean [Music] Do your worst or I will Show me what you've got Your arrogance will cost you Only the merciful deserve Mercy Let the dragon consume you I make quick work of them [Music] Looking for some bloodshed Trying to get is it smarter than me [Music] I'm with you Let's go [Music]

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