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Taking a look at The Last of Us HBO trailer. We got the latest trailer for the upcoming HBO Max series, #TheLastofUs, and with it comes a few details gleaned from the trailer that’ll likely keep fans excited for its release. One major takeaway is getting our first glimpse of the infected enemy from The Last of Us video games, the Clicker. Still no release date just yet for The Last of Us #HBOMax series, but it’s expected to premiere sometime in 2023. In other entertainment news, Netflix dropped the very first images of the Onimusha anime coming to streaming. And finally, also based on a popular video game franchise, Nier: Automata Ver1.1a is slated for a Jan. 2023 release date

Review: Wits and Wagers Original Edition

A review of the award-winning game, Wits and Wagers which allows readers to also play along with a sample question. Wits and Wagers is a party game that adults enjoy.

Pokemon MMO Gaming: 3 Of The Best Free Pokemon Games

If you are a Pokemon MMO game enthusiast, here are three games that you can enjoy for free: Pokemon3D This is a re-invention of the classic Pokemon gold and silver games created by Nintendo. For you to be successful you need to be the best Pokemon trainer of all times. When playing you have to go around the grasslands and capture, battle, and defeat wild Pokemon. You also have the benefit of going around town collecting items and Pokemon.

Pokemon Vortex Game

Pokemon vortex is an online game that was previously known as Pokemon crater or battle arena. Due to the increased fame of the game, many people have started playing it heavily which has provoked the developers to include some video game elements.The game comes in three categories: shiny, dark, and mystic pokemon. Shiny pokemon is found in specifically assigned characters such as the ancient pokemon which you can easily get with 25% or higher defense.

Return of Space Simulation Games

Just when you thought the space simulation games have met their end, they have arisen once again from the ashes like a phoenix to challenge the status quo and renew the abandoned genre. This long lost genre will most certainly change the outlook of the gaming industry in the next couple of years.

A Look At The Best FREE Ways To Pass The Time Online

There are a lot of great things to do online. More importantly, however, there are also lots of great FREE things to do online!

Be The Boss In Minecraft Gaming

One of the most common aspects of Minecraft gaming is the fact that you can play it together with your pals and others. In fact, the game has developed massively since its initial stages. Players can now work in tandem to build interesting things and combat opposing enemies. The fact that more and more people are buying this piece of gaming means that you have wide selection of individuals to play with. It is arguably the best bet as far as gaming is concerned.

A Dedicated Server Is Your Best Bet For Quality Minecraft Hosting

Minecraft is a high-quality internet game application that allows players unrestricted access to a variety of items that they can use to expand and adapt to their internet world. Take for instance; these items can be employed to build buildings and whatever imaginary things you can think of.

How to Survive In Elder Scrolls Online

Elder scrolls online is one of the best games that you can play. For you to survive in the game you need to know a number of survival tactics. Some of the survival tactics that you need to know are: Learn how to fight You can’t survive elder scrolls online (ESO) if you don’t know how to fight. The best way of doing this is choosing a character with good fighting skills. This means that you should use a character with good blocking, dodging and interrupting skills.

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