Nintendo Switch Sports – Official Golf Update and Overview Trailer

The latest update for Nintendo Switch Sports brings Golf to the game. Watch the latest trailer for an overview of character customization, local and online play, as well as the seven games available in Nintendo Switch Sports, including a look at how to play Volleyball, Badminton, Bowling, Soccer, Chambara, Tennis, and the newly added Golf, featuring 21 holes from the Wii Sports series.

The Golf update for Nintendo Switch Sports is available now.

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[Music] Thank you Nintendo switch Sports It's a sequel to the Wii Sports series That you can play with family and Friends [Music] Get moving with seven Sports at spoko Square a multi-sport facility built just For the Nintendo switch sports game Serve bump Set Spike And block in volleyball all while using Intuitive motion controls with the Joy-con controller Teamwork Makes the Dream work with good Timing you can release a supercharged Spike [Music] Want to avoid an opponent's block after You bump choose where the ball will go To set up and unleash a surprise Slide Attack Foreign Enjoy a one-on-one rally naturally and Batman [Music] The shuttlecock left and right And perform Drop shots to throw your Opponent off balance seal the deal with A powerful smash side In Bowling you can roll straight to the Pins or aim for a more nuanced curve

Have a ball with obstacle-filled special Lanes for a Twist on this revamped Wii Sports classic [Music] In soccer rule the field by performing Dynamic kicks and Diving headers with a Giant ball to score Challenge friends to four on four Matches or one-on-one duels The joycon control Leg strap accessory included in the Game's physical version you can Dash by Gently shaking the controller and score Goals using kicking motions You can also play shootout which Requires the leg strap the difficulty Ramps up the more you score so get out There and achieve your goals [Music] Slash guard counter test your swordplay Skills in chambara Besides the standard sword there are two Other sword types build up and unleash Explosive attacks with charge sword Or harness the incredible power of dual Wielding with twin swords Foreign Get ready to cause a racket in doubles Matches in tennis With topspins Backspins And logs style your swing to execute Different shots Grab your club and swing to success in

Golf [Music] 21 holes from the Wii Sports series are Included Check the strength and direction of your Swing [Music] Read the wind And aim for a nice shot nice shot [Music] On the green you'll be able to examine The terrain up close so you can better Angle your swing [Music] Whether you prefer teaming up Or competing Head to Head You can play locally with friends and Family on one Nintendo switch system [Music] You can also take the athletic action Online In all sports you can square off against Friends or challenge Others near and far Via random matchmaking In survival bowling 16 players chosen at Random will all bowl at once [Music] In survival golf up to eight players Will swing at the same time those with The most Strokes will be eliminated And in soccer compete in four and four Matches with up to eight players Play online however you'd like [Music]

Rack of Victories online and GoPro in Each sport to join the prestigious pro League Start at e-rank and work your way up to Infinity rank Foreign Challenge yourself and aim for the top [Music] By creating your sportsmate customize Your face Hair Outfit and more to bring your signature Style to spoko Square you can also use Me characters By playing online you'll earn points Which can be redeemed for various In-game items Whether you're playing with family Friends or other sports enthusiasts get Moving together locally or online Make sure those joy-con controllers are Ready Foreign [Music] Nintendo switch sports available now on Nintendo switch [Music]

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