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Days after news that Smash World Tour would be canceling its final 2022 championship and 2023 tour, Nintendo has offered a lengthy statement over the decision to not offer SWT a license to host Smash Bros. events. The Callisto Protocol’s Steam reviews are suffering as several users are reporting a stuttering frame rate on PC. Developer Games Box has announced Primitive, a new Unreal Engine 5-powered first-person survival game set in a hostile open-world Stone Age.

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What's up fabulous Nars here and on Today's daily fix Nintendo has issued a Statement regarding its decision to Decline smash World Tour a license to Operate its future tournament the Callisto protocol is having a terrible Launch day and a newly announced open World game from game box is sending Players back to the Stone Age let's get Into it The organizers of the smash World Tour Announced this week their 2022 finals And its 2023 series of events were Canceled following a notice from Nintendo that the tournament could no Longer operate without a Nintendo License today Nintendo has issued a Lengthy statement explaining the Decision to not offer swt a license to Host its future Smash Brothers events in A statement to IGN Nintendo articulated Its decision to deny swt a license was Quoted as solely based on our assessment Of The Proposal submitted by the swt and Our evaluation of their unlicensed Activities Nintendo further clarified That quote any partner that we Grant a License to has to meet the high Standards we require when it comes to The health and safety of our fans it's Also important that a partner adheres to Brand and IP guidelines and conducts Itself according to professional and Organizational best practices we use

This same approach to independently Assess all Partners if we discover that A partner is doing something Inappropriate we will work to correct it Nintendo's response comes days after Smash world tours organizer claim the Organization was told quote without Warning they could no longer operate The organizers revealed negotiations With Nintendo to receive a license to Operate Smash Brothers tournaments have Been declined even after Nintendo noted Swt did not infringe on the company's IP Swt organizers revealed in the blog post Quote our Nintendo rep opened by letting Us know that they are being asked to Deliver the news that going forward Nintendo expects us to only operate with A commercial license and that we would Not be granted one for the upcoming Championships or any activity in 2023 Nintendo would verbally inform swt Organizers that it was not asking it to Cancel its 2022 finals further Clarifying in its statement that quote The decision to cancel the swt 2022 was And still is their swt's own choice However making the decision to decline Swt and Nintendo license and informing The organizer they could no longer Operate their tournament and yet Expecting its organizers to not cancel Its finals and 2023 events seemed Hypocritical what's more last year

Nintendo made strides to enter the Competitive scene announcing its Officially licensed tournament with Panda Global titled panda cup in a Statement by smashable tour it alleged Panda CEO Allen bunny made efforts to Sabotage ongoing discussions between Smash World Tour and Nintendo impacting The tournament's closure saying quote They told us that they had been told by Alan the CEO and co-founder of panda That we were going to get shut down and Were not coming back in 2022 Panda globa Has since issued a statement in response Confirming its CEO did in fact act in Bad faith and said quote the panda Cup Team does acknowledge and regret an Interaction between Dr Allen and Beyond The summon in which he spoke in a manner Which did not reflect either guidance From Nintendo or our own standard words Panda took effort to rectify the Situation immediately and in the second Half of the year a dedicated team made Up of multiple staff members were Assembled to manage panda cup activities And served as the primary point of Contact for event Runners removing the Possibility of future miscommunications From occurring Panda took effort to rectify the Situation immediately and in the second Half of the year a dedicated team made Up of multiple staff members was

Assembled to manage panda cup activities And serve as the primary point of Contact for event Runners removing the Possibility of future miscommunications From occurring although Nintendo did not Request any changes to or cancellation Of swt's remaining events for 2022 it Remains to be seen what the company had Expected when it denied the organization A Nintendo license to conduct a Tournament according to the best Practices the company demanded its Partners adhere to moving on it looks Like the spiritual successor to the Dead Space series The Callisto protocol is Having a rough launch day as users are Reporting poor performance on its steam Page As supported by PC Gamer a majority of Their reviews on the game Steam page are Mostly negative with feedback reporting Frame rate drops stuttering issues game Crashing kernel errors and a janky Combat system server users claiming to Be running the game on high-end graphics Cards including the RTX 3080 still Report the game's significant frame rate Drops the official Callisto protocol Twitter account has issued a statement With a patch to be released to improve Performance and a number of other fixes Imminently In the meantime some positive reviews Have suggested disabling vsync Ray

Tracing motion blur and film grain Rumors a lot in better performance and Finally developer games box announced Its upcoming and brutal open world Survival game primitive set in the Stone Age Build your shelter and survive the Dynamic changing weather as you fight For dominance in a world far forgotten Games box revealed footage of the first Person's Survival game running on Unreal Engine 5 with players facing off against Not just the elements but Neanderthal Tribes vicious sabertooth tigers and Giant woolly mammoths There is no release date yet for a Primitive but of course you'll see the Release date announcement on IGN as soon As it happens unless you're living under A rock And that's the daily fix for today December 2nd if you were into last Week's Witcher 1 remake coverage be sure To check out IGN's PlayStation show Beyond where they're discussing what Other games need the open World remake Treatment and if you dig that episode New episodes drop every Tuesday on IGN games on YouTube and Anywhere you get your podcast I'm Nars And remember to always stay fabulous

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