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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet’s first post launch patch has arrived alongside a promise from Nintendo to take the games’ tech problems seriously. December is another busy month for Xbox Game Pass with a ton of new titles arriving on console and PC. Former The Legend of Zelda director Kentaro Tominaga is working an open world dress up RPG called Infinity Nikki.

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What's a fabulous Nars here and on Today's daily fix Nintendo has Apologized for Pokemon scarlet and Violet's technical problems and says They'll soon be fixed Xbox game pass has Some big new games on the way and a Former Zelda director is working on an Open world dress up RPG let's get into It [Music] Following widespread outrage from Players Nintendo has issued an apology For the rough state of Pokemon scarlet And violet at launch and Promises the Next patch will fix the game's awful Technical problems Nintendo issued the apology on its Support website alongside the Announcement of software update version 1.1.0 which aims to address player Feedback and Implement changes that will Improve the game it's extremely Uncharacteristic of Nintendo to admit Problems regarding their games so it Says a lot about how rough this year's Pokemon game launch has been the Statement reads quote we are aware that Players May encounter issues that affect The game's performance our goal is Always to give players a positive Experience with our games and we Apologize for the inconvenience we take The feedback from players seriously and On working on improvements to the games

According to the patch notes the update Will fix bugs involved with music play During the Elite 4 and top Champion Battles as well as other select bug Fixes will be made in addition to Addressing known issues the patch will Also kick off season 1 of ranked Battles Through the battle Stadium okay in all Seriousness this is kinda an Embarrassing display of patch notes we Don't have to wait long to see how much This update actually fixes since it's Meant to drop today but I doubt it'll be The fine-tuning this game desperately Needs Addie ranked battle is great and all and Fixing a late game music glitch is a Start but this doesn't seem to touch on Any of what's really frustrating players In any case today's patch is a start but Let's hope it's the first of many to get This game in fighting shape because Technical issues aside it sounds like Everyone's having a pretty good time With it on brighter news some new Additions to Xbox game pass have been Announced for the month of December and There are some solid games to keep you Busy over the holidays On December 6th Lego Star Wars the Skywalker Saga will be free to all Game Pass subscribers and if you slept on This one earlier this year you're in for A treat it gives all three Star Wars

Trilogies the Lego treatment and its Playable in couch Co-op so it's a solid Game to play with family members of all Ages if you want something a little more M rated there's metal hellsinger the Rhythm-based shooter which as the title Suggests is very metal and if you want a Shooter where the guns talk to you Instead of playing guitar solos high on Life is still on track for its December 13th release some other new titles Hitting Game Pass is the Indie action RPG East world this stealthy puzzle Adventure hello neighbor 2 the adorable Alchemy simulator potion craft and The Walking Dead the Final Season the video Game not the show To catch the full list of games and Release dates you can check out our Article on or just poke around On the game pass and finally kentaro Tommy nagai a former designer for the Legend of Zelda breath of the wild is Now working on an open world dress up RPG titled Infinity Nikki This is the latest addition to the love Nikki Dress Up series and the colorful Vibrant aesthetic of infinity Nikki Shows a reimagined Maryland in 3D where The adorable Nikki changes outfits to Gain different abilities and perform Different tasks floating fighting Catching bugs and the game will have you Collect various pieces of clothing solve

Puzzles and discover secrets in the World you know video game stuff but with More dress up this game is giving me Final Fantasy 10-2 dress fear Vibes Though Infinity Nikki seems more a tame Version akin to Dreamlight Valley there Is no release date yet for Infinity Nikki but it is confirmed to release for PlayStation 4 PlayStation 5 PC Android And iOS devices And that's your daily fix for today December 1st I can't believe it's Already almost the end of the year can You guys believe it download the IGN app On all your devices subscribe to the Daily fix on Snapchat and for everything Else just keep watching IGN I'm Nars and Remember to always stay fabulous

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