Nightingale – Gameplay Trailer | The Game Awards 2022

In 1889, struggle to survive in a land teeming with monstrous beasts and magic. Crafting, adventuring, and building are your keys to survival as a Realmwalker as you rebuild what has been lost.

[Applause] For you the year is 1889. The world as you know it Is on the brink The magical network of portals has Collapsed Your people are casting asunder beyond The frontiers of your reality Realms alive with monstrous beasts Eldritch creatures and dangers of which You cannot conceive You must gather your wits craft Whatsoever you require And build a life in the Realms Uncover the secrets of ram cards And Venture deeper into the unknown [Applause] [Music] Brown Walker Your path forward is winding and full of Terrors Save yourself Survive the Realms And rebelled all that has been lost [Music] [Applause]

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