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Winnie-the Pooh: Blood and Honey became a viral sensation due to it turning Pooh and Piglet into sadistic killing machines. Now IGN can reveal four exclusive new images from the upcoming horror film that can provide some more insight into how the two childhood icons got to this point.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever has debuted to a vibranium-strong $330 million global weekend box office victory, as it earned $180 million domestically and $150 million overseas.

Stranger Things creators Matt and Ross Duffer say they’re aiming for the fifth and final season to have “a little bit of everything” as a thematic “culmination” of what’s come before it.

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Happy Monday everybody I'm Nars filling In for Akeem and in today's Entertainment news we got exclusive Images of the upcoming Winnie the Pooh Horror movie wakanda forever had a Strong opening weekend and The Duffer Brothers shared some info on the Upcoming final season of stranger things Let's drop it Winnie the Pooh Blood and Honey became a Viral sensation earlier this year due to Its turning poo and piglet into sadistic Killing machines now IGN can reveal four Exclusive new images from the upcoming Film that can provide some insight into How the two childhood icons got to this Point The Stills reveal a young Christopher Robin as well as several shots of poo Including one of him against a fiery Backdrop clutching a knife they come From blood and Honey's latest shoots Which director Rhys frake Waterfield Thinks included some of the movie's best Footage to date The story is a sort of Twisted version Of Toy Story 3 with pill and piglet Going feral in the Hundred Acre Wood After Christopher Robin goes to college Winnie the Pooh Blood and Honey is Currently slated to open in theaters in The U.S UK Canada and Mexico courtesy of Fathom events on February 15th Moving on black panther wakanda forever

Open to a vibranium strong 330 million Dollar global week in box office Victory 180 million was earned domestically and 150 million from overseas As reported by variety the sequel had a 250 million dollar production budget and Broke the record for the highest November opening weekend in North American box office history The previous record was held by The Hunger Games Catching Fire in 2013 with 158 million dollars While wakanda forever be outdoor love And Thunders 143 million dollar domestic Opening it couldn't match the 187 Million dollar opening weekend for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness All three of these movies however pale In comparison to the 260 million dollar Opening of last year's Spider-Man no way Home and finally stranger things Creators Matt and Ross duffers say They're aiming for the fifth and final Season to have a little bit of Everything as a thematic culmination of What's come before it Again reported by variety the duffers Participated in a panel discussion on Sunday night where the creative team Behind Netflix's hit offered the first Hint about what fans can expect from the Show's highly anticipated Fifth Season Ross said that the tone of season 5

Would likely end up being closer to that Of the first season but skill wise last Group of episodes will be more aligned With the fourth season season 4 Allegedly had a per episode cost of 30 Million dollars making it one of the Most expensive seasons in history Matt and Ross previously hinted that the Fifth season won't be as long as season 4's 13 hour run time thank goodness as There will be less to set up before the Kids get drawn into the supernatural Mystery however the panel revealed that Some Netflix Executives were in tears During the two-hour pitch for the final Season I mean what does that mean Something bad happens something good Something overwhelming I need answers Now right Right now Ross said it's important to Wrap up those arcs because a lot of These characters have been growing since Season one so it's a balancing act Between giving them time to complete Their character arcs and also tying up These loose ends and doing our final Reveals And that's your entertainment fix for November 14th I'm Nars and speaking of Horror movies check out this exclusive Clip of the short film that inspired This year's smile for all your Entertainment news stay tuned to IGN

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