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It’s November. You know what that means. Completely ignore Thanksgiving and bust out those Christmas decorations and cover your home in holiday cheer before you cozy up next to a fire to relive your childhood while Tim Allen reprises his iconic role in The Santa Clauses on Disney Plus. And if that’s not enough nostalgia for you, why not check out the brand new comedy series Blockbuster, where comedian Randall Park works at the last remaining store of the once bustling video rental chain.

Here we are in Turkey town oh hello There which one of you lucky fellas Wants to get eaten by me this Thursday Me no me okay settle down everyone well The days are getting shorter and the Weather is getting worse and the Holidays are rapidly approaching so if You feel compelled to lie half comatose On your softest piece of furniture while Staring at your favorite device that Shows you streaming movies and shows I Have some great news for you there are New streaming movies and shows for you To stare at here are some Choice Recommendations coming to your various Subscription services [Music] Foreign You can watch Netflix dance on the grave Of a beloved institution that did help Murder in season one of Blockbuster a Comedy series that takes place in the Last surviving store of the video rental Chain that so many of us have become Nostalgic for even though reading Physical videos was kind of a pain in The ass On the fourth the game is a foot as 11 Teams up with Superman and Bellatrix Lestrange in Enola homes 2 the second Movie installment based on the young Adult book series about Sherlock Holmes's teenage sister whose surprise Surprise also solved some Mysteries

Also on the fourth part one of season 4 Of manifest comes in for a landing Continuing the story of passengers Dealing with the repercussions of a Supernaturally delayed flight and Probably some misplaced luggage The crown returns for season five on November 9th continuing the story of The Life and Times of Queen Elizabeth II Which will likely strike kind of a weird Chord since this season was filmed prior To her recent passing The original Adams Family movies are two Of the best Tim Burton movies that Tim Burton actually had nothing to do with But if you'd like to see his spin on a Goth icon and her whole weird family you Can check out Wednesday when it Premieres on November 23rd seems like That could have made for a really solid Halloween release but yeah sure Thanksgiving why not and yes Wednesday Premieres on a Wednesday [Music] Foreign Over on Prime video you can check out The coming of age drama Autumn beat on The 10th which follows two brothers as They chase their dreams of breaking into The rap scene which might seem kind of Played out but here's the twist it's in Italy so it's sort of like eight mile But with the metric system so 12.8 Kilometers and something tells me that

Their mom cooks better spaghetti than Eminem's mom so hopefully it doesn't Wind up on anyone's sweater On the 11th there's the English a Western BBC miniseries that sees an Aristocratic English woman and an Ex-calary Pawnee Scout journey through America in 1890. this is written and Directed by Hugo Blick who's received a Ton of critical Acclaim for his work Behind the camera but some fun trivia is That he also played young Jack Napier The guy who had become the Joker in Tim Burton's original Batman that Information has little to no bearing on This new show he made On the 23rd there's good night Opie Which is a documentary slash biopic About the opportunity Mars Rover whose 90-day Mission wound up lasting 15 years So if you haven't cried over a Space Robot movie since Wally give this a shot And just let it all out November 3rd the latest Avengers Assembled tackles She-Hulk attorney at Law giving a behind the scenes look at The making of the show hopefully Revealing some of the movie Magic Required to mocap somebody twerking and To create porcupine and frogman's Incredibly complex costumes I kid but I'm also extremely happy that we got Some weird d-list Silver age animal men In the MCU more of them please

Tim Allen might not have played Buzz Lightyear this summer but he's reprising The role of Scott Calvin in the Santa Clauses and all-new original series set In the universe of the classic holiday Body horror film it come on it's a body Horror film it's basically Stephen King's Thinner but in reverse and with Christmas anyway the first two episodes Drop on the 16th ho ho ho Not content with simply resurrecting Stuff from the 80s and 90s Disney plus Is also giving us disenchanted a sequel To 2007's hit fantasy musical Enchanted 15 years have passed in universe and Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey have relocated To the suburbs where more musical Misadventures are going to take place On the 23rd you can catch the season Finale of Star Wars Andor it's Remarkable how much tension this show Has managed to have despite the fact That we all know that Cassian is going To live to die in another Star Wars Story but that said this series is only Doing two seasons so I'm really curious To see where the first one leaves off On the 30th prepare to return to Lucasfilm's third most popular Cinematic Universe with Willow actually I guess It's the fourth since American Graffiti Actually got a sequel in any case Warwick Davis returns as the eponymous Nelwin hero from the now beloved 1988

Fantasy film with director Ron Howard Returning to Executive produce Foreign If you like salacious true crime Documentaries or we're a fan of the HBO Series The Righteous gemstones you might Be in for a treat with God forbid the Sex scandal that brought down a dynasty It's a feature-length examination of Jerry Falwell Jr's sex scandal and I Checked his Wikipedia and it looks like He actually had multiple scandals so I Guess tune in to find out which one If you've been dying to know the history Of Chippendales the all-male sexy dance Troupe well they made a show about it And before you scoff at it it stars Kumail nanjiani and Murray Bartlett of Silicon Valley and White Lotus Fame Respectively and it's from Robert Siegel Creator of Pam and Tommy who also wrote The Wrestler and the founder so this has Some potential though he also wrote the CGI snail film turbo so Um On the third season four of Titans kicks Off this time around Nightwing and Raven And Company find themselves in Metropolis dealing with a supernatural Cult but the biggest threat our heroes Are facing if they want to live to see Season 5 is the Wrath of the merciless Zaslav you know uh David zasloff the Newly appointed head of Warner Brothers

Discovery who's been axing HBO Max shows Left and right so good luck out there Titans On the 24th love lizzo premieres an Original documentary that tells the Inspirational story of how lizzo Rose to Stardom as a singer and also became Arguably the most popular floutest of The 21st century seriously can you name A more famous flute player Ron Burgundy Doesn't count he's not real Oh Yeah On November 4th the mosquito Coast Returns for season two and if you Haven't been keeping track this is a Drama series starring Justin Thoreau Based on the 1981 novel by his Uncle Paul Thoreau which would be awfully Suspect if you know Justin Thoreau Hadn't already been thoroughly famous The show was co-developed by Tom Bissell Who IGN's audience might know best for His work on games he was lead writer on Multiple Gears of War games and Contributed to a couple Uncharted so Maybe give that one a whirl If you'd like a show about people who Make video games well great news because Mythic Quest returns for season 3 on the 11th and it looks to skewer plenty of Timely topics including but not limited To the metaverse and making Hollywood Celebrities Don mocap suits so they can

Be famous in video games too If you like movies like Zero Dark 30 and The Hurt Locker you might want to set Your sights on Echo 3 which is from the Same writer and don't worry it's not the Third movie in a series that's just Tactical sounding military talk I have No idea what it means but it certainly Sounds Tactical Thank you Transformers Earth spark premieres on November 11th and it introduces an All-new race of Transformers called Terens but don't worry because it's also Got Optimus Prime and Bumblebee who are Voiced by Alan Tudyk and Danny pooty and Get this negatron is played by Rory McCann who you might know was the Hound From Game of Thrones and also apparently His first role was in the original Willow movie but he got fired for Getting the giggles too much and ruining All his takes and if it wasn't rarely Apparent writing the show typically Involves me falling down a different Wikipedia Rabbit Hole every other Sentence takes a while to write these Things On the 13th some of the folks who gave Us the Sopranos have teamed up with the Folks who gave us Yellowstone and Created a show that sounds like a Combination of those two things it's Called Tulsa King and it has Sylvester

Stallone as a New York mobster who gets Relocated to Oklahoma where as you might Expect the mob isn't exactly running Things [Music] And finally Jordan Peel's nope hits Peacock on the 18th and if you go into This one expecting something on the same Level as get out you might be let down But if you think of it as an homage to Early Spielberg it might click more plus It's got an Akira slide you know from Akira And on that note it's time for me to Nope out of any more streaming Recommendations I wish we could cover Everything coming to streaming but that Would take us all month to produce and Then we'd be a month late and then we Would have no point in making these Videos anyway what was missing from this List what are you watching in November Let me know in the comments and if you Like this video but wish it was about Video games instead of shows and movies You're in luck head over to the IGN Games channel for a Roundup of all the Big November game releases there are a Whole bunch of them we tried to get them All I'll be back in a month with a big Jolly pile of December stuff will I wear A bad sweater and a stupid little Santa Claus hat you will have to tune in to Find out yes yes it's you really really

Hey thank you so much I don't know what To say it's okay don't say anything Dad are you crying let them have their Moment yes come on let's go get stuffing Come on Come on That turkey is our mom now

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