New to Netflix, HBO Max, Disney+, and More – December 2022

Hold on to your beanies folks! Winter is here and there’s a bunch of new shows and movies blowing in this month. Glass Onion and Top Gun Maverick both hit streaming this month so if you didn’t catch either in theaters, fear not! Stay tuned to see what else is coming to your favorite streaming platforms.

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Coming to Netflix in December we have Dragon Age: Absolution, Sonic Prime, White Noise, The Witcher: Blood Origin, and Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio. Prime Video subscribers can check out Three Pines, Nanny, or season 3 of Jack Ryan, starring John Krasinski. More episodes of The Santa Clauses and Willow drop every Wednesday on Disney+, and you can also check out National Treasure: Edge of History this month. New seasons of His Dark Materials and Doom Patrol are coming to HBO Max, as well as The Banshees of Inisherin starring Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleason.


Ho ho ho and happy holidays and a Shocking turn of events all of your Favorite streaming services are dumping A bunch of new shows and movies this Holiday season for you to throw on Instead of arguing with your family There's also some Oscar fodder sprinkled In there ahead of award season here are Some of what's new to streaming for December 2022. check out my train [Music] On the ninth Dragon Age fans who are Checking their watches waiting for that Dang dread wolf to rise can kill some Time with Dragon Age Absolution a new Original animated series set in the Universe of bioware's beloved fantasy RPG if those characters are too Authentic and believable and you'd like To watch someone much more wooden well Wouldn't you know it Guillermo del Toro's Pinocchio movie drops that very Same day and will likely be a lot darker Than the Disney plus remake from earlier This year though probably not as Accidentally weird maybe just weird on Purpose if you're in the market for a Hedgehog with free two-day shipping Sonic Prime premieres on the 15th and It'll see sega's spiky spokesman Tackling the Multiverse at high speed Deliver all qualifying orders over 25 For free on the 23rd you can stream Glass Onion the follow-up to Ryan

Johnson's delightful who done it knives Out this has Daniel Craig returning his Detective Benoit to solve yet another Mystery for rich people and this time The star-studded list of suspects Includes Dave Batista Kate Hudson Ed Norton Catherine Hahn and a bunch more Which should make for a lot of fun if One series based in the world of a Popular fantasy video game wasn't enough Net Netflix's Witcher Universe grows a Little bit larger with blood origin on The 25th and yes I know the Netflix Witcher is technically different from The video games but give me a break Anyway this one Stars Michelle yeoh and Takes place a thousand years before the Events of the regular Series so between This the rings of power and House of the Dragon it sure has been a big year for Epic Fantasy streaming shows that are Prequels so far removed from the other Entries they might as well be new Properties entirely but hey who wants New stuff on the 29th the apocalyptic Black comedy White Noise reunites Adam Driver with marriage story director Noah Baumbach whose real world wife Greta Gerwig also stars and this will actually Be the director's first feature film Based on existing Source material as It's adapting a 1985 novel of the same Name foreign [Music]

Left you hankering for more Mysteries And detectives with French sounding Names Prime video original series three Pines adapts the Chief Inspector gamash Novels with Alfred Molina as the main Sleuth you probably know Molina as Dr Octopus and Spider-Man 2. but did you Realize he's also the guy who gets Covered in tarantulas and then tries to Rip off India at the beginning of Raiders of the Lost Ark I have seen both Of those movies dozens of times and I Didn't learn that or figure it out until Like last year anyway he's a detective Now will he fight spiders in some Capacity you'll have to tune in to find Out on the 16th the folk horror Nanny Premieres and this is one of those Movies I'm trying to go into as cold as Possible but it's getting great reviews And it took home the grand prize at Cannes Film Festival this year so could Be one of those elevated horror movies That gets a lot of buzz if that sounds Too foofoo and pretentious and you need Something with helicopters and Special Ops dudes repelling out of said Helicopters while Jack Ryan returns for Season three on the 30th sending Jim From the office on all sorts of new Tactical Adventures inspired by the hit Tom Clancy airport dad novels On the 14th the Disney plus original Series National Treasure edge of History

Kicks off continuing where the two Nicholas Cage movies left off but Nicholas Cage has been left behind and Really can you even call it National Treasure if it doesn't star Nicholas Cage who is in fact a National Treasure Himself well Tanya anyway also on Disney Plus are more new episodes of those Original series based on other beloved Movies like the Santa Claus and Willow That you own on VHS at some point what Totally improbable movie from over 15 Years ago needs its own show next sound Off in the comments below I want to see A man of the house show get Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Chevy Chase to fight Each other as adult men what could go Wrong Foreign Remember that movie The binge which is Like The Purge but instead of a horror Movie about everybody doing crimes it Was a comedy about everybody getting up well it's getting a sequel With the binge too it's a wonderful Binge and this time around Christmas Eve Is the one day a year when all Substances are now legal sure why not On the fifth His Dark Materials will Return for season three which will be Its last and really good on them three Books three seasons call it a day not I Don't know a five book series with no Conclusion getting turned into eight

Seasons that go completely off the rails Because the sixth book never came out Not gonna name any names but you know What I'm talking about the Brendan Fraser science is in full swings thanks To his upcoming film The Whale but Doom Patrol fans were heralding the Encino Man's return long before that and he's Back for season four of the offbeat DC Series which kicks off on the 8th Another Brendan news on the 13th the Banshees of insuring unites Brendan Knuckles McGinty Gleason with his In Bruges cohorts Colin Farrell and Director Martin McDonough and this is Sitting at 97 on Rotten Tomatoes right Now making it the second best received Brendan Gleason movie since Paddington 2 Which is a very good movie and I will Talk about it at any excuse that I can And I was doing that before they talked About it in that Nicholas Cage movie Heading into is incredible I told you Strongly enough to get enough to get off To a movie theater in the last seven Months we'll strap in because top gun Maverick finally hits Paramount plus After squeezing every possible dime out Of moviegoers during its absurdly Lucrative theatrical run and as somebody Who finds both fighter jets and Jennifer Connelly extremely attractive I'm Ashamed to say that I still haven't even

Seen this one so I guess I don't have The Need for Speed in fact I barely even Have a taste for haste Foreign [Music] Peacock the best man the final chapters Expands the two movie Cinematic Universe That got its start in 1999 and has only Had one sequel since so it's basically Like the Avatar of Ensemble romance Films and the 10 episode series we'll See all of the principal cast members Reprising their original roles so that Should be a big warm and fuzzy reunion Imagine that a streaming series based on A pair of beloved films that actually Bothers to keep the original Stars Involved sounds like a real treasure if You ask me and there you have it a bunch Of stuff that's coming out this month For you to watch while you're eating an Entire gingerbread house by yourself Riding out an eggnog hangover maybe Working on a new one or just lapsing in And out of Consciousness because you're On vacation or because you're at your Parents house and they have the heat Turned on weirdly High whatever you're Doing from everybody here at IGN we hope You are having a safe and happy holiday Season and can get some time to relax a Big huge sappy warm and fuzzy thank you For watching our videos over the course Of the last year let us know in the

Comments what you're watching this month We will be back in January probably a Couple days late and almost definitely a Few pounds heavier we love you very much Happy holidays and cheers and look at my Train [Music]

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