Need for Speed Unbound: The First 14 Minutes of Gameplay (4K)

The stylish, latest entry into the long-running Need for Speed franchise is here! So check out the white-knuckle opening minutes of this colorful new campaign.

The world is your canvas in Need for Speed Unbound. Across four intense weeks of racing, earn enough cash to enter weekly qualifiers, beat the competition, and make your mark on the street racing scene while outdriving and outsmarting the cops.

Yes we spent all summer working on this Car let me drive it already yeah okay Okay go easy though I don't want any Surprises All right Let's see what this thing got flooring Oh she's fast yes Corner coming up I see It Corner corner corner Foreign Foreign That's some grade a confidence you blame Me the car is straight fire yes those Months of hard work paid off we've been Watching the scene for so long I can't Believe we're finally getting a chance To race Pam would you look at that Lakeshore Street racing community on display it's Time to play Finally we're off the bench and in the Game Our baby is holding her own did you Think we'd ever do this on the sidelines At the meetups watching all these races I always dreamed but we are now weaving Through the streets Us in the car it's Freedom whoa pretty deep usually you're All just pass me the torque wrench bro Foreign I can't believe Rydell gave us a junker And we turned her into this What was the boss thinking letting her Rust in the garage and he was gonna work

On it Time well he's gonna lose his [ __ ] when He sees her now we're gonna do Rydell's Rides proud hit the garage on the map Sorry about that Foreign It's all in the reflexes who knew you Had them Nice driving series nice mechanic game Seriously Lake ain't ready for this They're worried who's worried street Racing communities we're making a splash What already didn't take long for the Lake to notice Thank you All right we're coming up to the bridge Here's the gas [ __ ] yes I don't know About this how else the cops How real is this Still don't give a [ __ ] my ignorance is Still a blood pressure Thank you Anything Yes now my DMs are blown up about this Meetup in the Heights tonight like I Said people are putting serious money on The line it's our time yo Oh well what you think boss She sounds pretty Smells nice too I love me to smell the gasoline That explains a lot I'm gonna say I can't believe you two Turn my old junker all back into this

Believe the lake better watch out What She's street legal you're right and I'm LeBron Look I'm not going to tell you not to Race I know what it's like to feel that need For that You know the need for uh for what that's The gasoline talking just do me a favor Don't be racing with those [ __ ] from Zero Heights wait aren't you from Several heights yeah and that's how I Know what those [ __ ] be up to Nothing good right now Please said I excellent judge a Character I never said that well what You don't trust me Just win I I'm serious Don't just say [ __ ] win [ __ ] Let's get ready Telling you bro Tonight's the night All she needs is a name Foreign Let's talk about my race And do that to a customer's car maybe What customers hey we're finally hitting Our stride here got a few new clients Dropping off their car soon as a matter Of fact Hey Rydell hey kid what's happening out There well we just headed out so not

Much hey everybody know any good spots To eat in the Heights I said no Heights no eats no [ __ ] I Hear you we'll just find something when We get there maybe roast a steak over a Dumpster fire hey she's joking you're Joking right guys okay tumbly Yo first meet up as Racers you ready Just be cool all right We gotta look like we know what we're Doing there'll be some big players there Today and they ain't gonna hang with us If we just face it all right I mean We're good enough right Our ride has to match our ambition he Needs to look the Park racing ain't just About winning just they don't disappoint Just hang with your girl I know what's Up Whoa I've never seen him meet up this pack [ __ ] [ __ ] Okay yeah What are you looking at Me oh [ __ ] what I'm feeling the pressure Let's drop in Welcome to Lakeshore you have to be this Tall the ride I got this I'm doing this I'm literally Doing this right now that's it keep up With them If we get pulled over I'm gonna tell him you jacked me wait What Jesus is playing

I'm glad it's you in the car with me It's been a long time coming just don't Tell Rydell tell them what that's what I'm talking about Foreign Don't get used to it though That Meetup felt weird we did a bit more Style you know you wouldn't know style If it fell out of the sky please I'm Only letting you drive this thing cause You needed something to do What are you talking about I have lots To do posing on the hood looking cool The usual heat I'm telling you when I'm Running those meetups they'll be epic When you're running those meetups I'm Not gonna be in that garage forever This girl's got ambition you feel me Ambition to finally get some style I Always have a plan I don't doubt that I Do doubt that you have style though Maynard Morgan Stevenson is Right Now

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