Mister Creep – Official Trailer (2022) Thomas Burke, Ali Alkhafaji

Three college students stumble upon a lost television broadcast of a deceased serial killer and search for its location. They discover a nightmarish cover-up of a clown-faced man who killed hundreds and may still be around long after his death.

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I was to kill 200 people I was to kill my family and then kill Myself And I would become God According to police Beth Stewart Val Peterson John Riddell and Dave Burke Students at South Vista Community College were filming a school project And have been missing for almost a week Police say they believe this was their Vehicle and have found a backpack inside The trunk with their film equipment Flashlights and oddly adults Friends of the student say the group was Filming a documentary of the rumored Murderer Joe Yates an internet-fueled Story of a psychotic serial killer who People claim killed hundreds in this Area over 20 years ago police say there Is no connection and that Joe Yates Never existed [Music] [Applause] Foreign

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