Mickey: The Story of a Mouse – Official Trailer (2022) Jeff Malmberg, Morgan Neville

Thank you Three simple circles a quarter and two Dimes probably the most universal symbol Ever created by man or Mouse What is it about Mickey Mouse Mickey Mouse to me is light there's like A lot of dark in the world and he's hope It's magical to be able to Channel all Of our hopes and dreams the Innocence That we eventually lose and would like Back Never lose sight of one thing that was All started by a mouse the story of Walt And Mickey wasn't just one continual Success after success it was stumble After stumbled Mickey Mouse starred in The Roaring Twenties but almost immediately the Depression fell you have groups saying We want Mickey to help get us through World War II the American dream has Suffered that Miki is able to bring that Back Just like America splits in the 60s Mickey Mouse splits as well and those Coexist in the swan character if you Have an issue with authority Mickey Mouse is your guy Mickey has taken the World by storm this is something Otherworldly He gets so big that he becomes this Reflection of who we are how is that Even possible with this little mouse What would a culture from another planet

Think of seeing Mickey on everything They might say take me to your leader And it would be Mickey he had become This Divine figure that you didn't mess With we began a process to bring Mickey Forward he's everywhere everywhere Everywhere it's overwhelming like leave Me alone oh no okay let's do that again Vicky is a thing we all share there Aren't many of those all right Foreign Years later after all the things that Mickey has been through It's still here We love a mouse how crazy is that that's A little absurd you've always been my Best friend Streaming only on Disney Plus

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