M’Baku Remains A Scene-Stealer in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever | IGN Live Spoilercast

SPOILER WARNING! Though he doesn’t get a ton of screen time, the Jabari leader makes a big impact in Wakanda Forever. We go into full spoilers on M’Baku’s role in the Black Panther sequel.

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[Music] These characters that we know Specifically Nakia koye and Baku really Into these kind of older sibling roles And I think it's best I think that's Sort of uh tendency of the movie is best Shown through mbaku a character that is Just so ferocious in the first movie and Yet so measured and has clearly learned So much from t'challa coming into this One which is setting up some crazy stuff Going forward for the MCU which is that Not only is Baku a much more sensitive Leader and friend he is now going to be The king of wakanda it looks like it Certainly seems to be implied in the end That he's going to take the throne sure He is not interested in you know he says She sends her regards he shows up I Don't think anyone on that waterfall was Gonna challenge him or certainly not win If they did Um and yeah so it is interesting perhaps That's what I was alluding to before That the MCU going forward uh doesn't Want to make uh surety that black Panther and the leader of wakanda let's Have umbaku be the leader so I think That's that's it feels like they Definitely put him on that track and That's where we're gonna go in the Future that's kind of what I was Thinking Joshua like it seems like They're trying to they saw how much the

Audience reacted to him in Black Panther And so they kind of like teased a larger Role in wakanda forever I he didn't get As much screen time as I would have Liked him to because the movie just had So much to tackle but like you going Into you know the next phase of the MCU Yes he looks like a valid leader for Wakanda he's you know level-headed and Uh yeah no I I just can't wait to see More of this character I mean it could Even be the hint could be in the title Of the movie right there wakanda forever Maybe it is maybe Marvel's thinking About like maybe it doesn't have to be As much about the Black Panther Maybe we Want to focus more on wakanda as a whole This movie really does do that it does Give us a much bigger sense of wakanda's Place in the world and place in relation To telecon and that rivalry that gets Established there but yeah I think that Um the future is going to be very Interesting with mbaku at the the Helm Of the country I I think he's going to Be a good King I really like what this Movie did with him so I'm curious are we All in agreement that embaka would be a Good ruler of wakanda because like I Mean like for for me he's a great comic Relief he's also a great warrior he's a Great ruler of his tribe I don't know I Have mixed feelings on on how he would Would handle things at at the on the

Throne so I'm kind of curious like well Alex you've already spoken you think Mbaka would be a great leader what about You Joshua Um I I'd like to see what he does with The place yeah for sure okay he's Definitely an interesting character Because he has a as we saw in the first Movie A Very extreme point of view and You know has a really strong attitude But in this one we really saw that he um He matured a lot I think his experience In the first movie really you know Humbled him a little bit and this one he Felt a responsibility yeah the snap and This one felt like a responsibility to You know be a good advisor to shuri I Think he even said that it was to child Who asked him to take that role and he Took that very like earnestly and and he Uh he really put his heart into it and I Think Um he's lost a lot and there's a line in The movie Where they say the uh broken people make The best leaders and so I feel like he He yeah he suffered so much you know From the snap and losing uh t'challa and Everything that he I think he has a lot Of wisdom to share going forward and It's well and and this kind of character Development is actually well seated even In the first Black Panther movie we see Him uh save t'challa after killmonger

Tosses him into the River it's it's the Jabari and mbaku who preserve him and Keep him alive even them Baku totally Could have taken the throne they Literally asked him to take the Heart-shaped herb and defend wakanda From killmonger he says no the real Black Panther is right down there which Got them out a little bit But no but to your point again it is one Thing to lead a tribe a complete other Thing to lead wakanda and I think it Would be you know really interesting if You picture that un scene with raimonda In the beginning of what kind of forever Like try to picture umbaku in that thing Yeah Or Karen whatever it is uh now embaku Was great ironheart was pretty great as Well uh so I wanna

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