Marvel’s Midnight Suns – Official Launch Trailer

In Firaxis’s Launch Day stream, they debuted a new trailer in which the Marvel heroes take on Lilith, a new world-ending threat that only true heroes can stop. Midnight Suns releases December 2nd.

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The little sorcerer returns home already The power of the sanctum returns to me Or days of plundering its secrets and Today But that was never the plan Now yes Mother No we're losing her Come on we have to go believe if you Must I can hold it like hell you can [Music] The sanctum is gone we did everything we Could and it still wasn't enough we need To plan for what comes next what's next Armageddon has already happened Caretaker what's next is Hell Lilith Darkness has been released fully into The world expected to fall City by city Nation by Nation Surrender Or be destroyed I am just Get started The prophecy of the Midnight Sun Approaches

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