Marvel’s Avengers – Official The Winter Soldier Combat Trailer

Check out the combat trailer for Marvel’s Avengers’ upcoming character, The Winter Soldier. See Bucky Barnes’ skills and abilities in action in this detailed breakdown, showing off his ‘Steel-Forged Tenacity’ intrinsic ability, ‘Red Star Rising’ intrinsic overcharge move, ‘Buck Shot’ heavy power attack, and more. The Winter Soldier arrives in Marvel’s Avengers’ 2.7 patch and will be free for all players on November 29, 2022.

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Marvel's Ultimate anti-hero the Winter Soldier is coming to Marvel's Avengers And we're here to give you the lowdown On how to make the most of his abilities The Winter Soldier was once Bucky Barnes Captain America's faithful sidekick After he was seemingly killed in the Explosion that left cap frozen in ice Bucky was resurrected by the shadowy Soviet covert agency Department X the Soviets gave Bucky a powerful bionic arm And trained him to be an expert in Hand-to-hand combat and Marksmanship Unleashing his deadly combination of Power and precision on the world as the Winter Soldier freed from the sway of His captors the Winter Soldier now Relies on his former training to fight For justice a Powerhouse damage dealer He excels in both close-up and personal Brawling and medium-ranged Marksmanship And his customizable combat kit sets him Apart from other Heroes making him a Versatile and fresh addition to the Marvel's Avengers roster let's break Down what makes Bucky distinct from the Rest of the Avengers by diving into his Unique Suite of combat abilities [Applause] Bucky can modify his base abilities by Turning on his intrinsic ability steel Forged tenacity This is charged by parrying damage Leading to a customizable defensive

Boost red star Rising Bucky's intrinsic Overcharge triggers an area of effective Damage explosion good for clearing small Mobs with a time-based bonus that gives Increased moderate armor and increased Melee damage Winter Soldier has a series Of awesome intrinsic attacks including a Light Sprint called glinting blade which Deals damage with his knife and his Heavy Sprint explosive entrance a Powerful slam that sends enemies flying Bucky natural fighter light combo is a Flurry of punches along with a kick and Knife combo finisher with the So Below Signature Air Attack slam into the Ground creating a shock wave that Staggers nearby enemies send enemies Flying with a heavy combo finisher a Metal arm bionic ground pound Bucky's heavy power attack Buckshot can Be upgraded to a combination ranged Attack that gives you access to various Modes of his rifle including fully Automatic fire high-powered piercing Rounds and his grenade launcher Winter Soldiers ranged attack Suppressive fire blasts three high Damage rounds when charged up he fires a Single high-powered round that can Pierce armor or even multiple enemies at Once the Winter Soldier can cover ground Quickly with his grappling hook and wall Run abilities Bucky calls his support Heroic Soldier Tech nonsense a remnant

Of the tech department escaped him he Doesn't know or care what its real name Is or how it works just set the personal Stealth field it generates gives him an Advantage in a fight Airstrike is Bucky's assault heroic Which allows him to call in an airstrike To set a Target that drops multiple Bombs in succession on the battlefield And when the battle isn't going your way It's time to hit the berserk button and Unleash the winter soldier's room Clearing ultimate heroic protocol Override perform a bionic slam that Stops enemies in their tracks and marks Enemies for assassination within a 40 Meter range around Bucky this allows Bucky and his allies to instantly take Down enemies without having to stun them In addition his melee damage increases And he is granted a new knife-like combo Attack The Winter Soldier has arrived and he Brings his powerful and devastating Skill set to Marvel's Avengers whether You want to pick apart enemies from a Distance or jump into The Fray and Engage in close quarters combat the Winter Soldier is a master assassin with A customizable combat kit that makes him A versatile and nearly Unstoppable Addition to the Avengers roster your Orders are to join us and experience his Exciting story of Vengeance and

Redemption when Winter Soldier makes his Marvel's Avengers debut in patch 2.7 Available on November 29th Foreign

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