Marvel Snap: The Power Cosmic – Official Season Overview

Take a peek at Marvel Snap’s next season, The Power Cosmic, and our newest feature, the Token Shop. We may be bringing this Dev Update video earlier than usual, but we have so much to share—Series 4, and Series 5 cards are incoming! The Power Cosmic season will also feature the Silver Surfer, new featured locations, and tons more seasonal rewards.

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And so we looked up and saw the Stars Wondering what Secrets their beauty was Hiding We dared to touch the heavens We desire to walk on their worlds Dreamed what else was out there Looking up at us The power Cosmic brand new season coming Soon to Marvel snap thank you so much For playing Marvel snap we've had such An incredible launch it's only been a Little over a month but it's been so Much fun this video has got a ton of new Stuff it's got the token shop it's got a Ton of new cards and we've got a special Surprise from our community manager Richie let's get into it The power Cosmic is Marvel snaps best Season yet we've got some new variants The infinite and The Collector both have Incredible variance but there's a brand New card and I think you're gonna love It and here's our art manager Johnny to Tell you all about this new character I'm so excited to finally get a chance To show off my favorite Marvel character The character that I'm most excited to See in Marvel snap this Silver Surfer The Sentinel of the spaceways is finally Here he's gonna be playable in Marvel Snap and uh what does Silver Surfer do So he's a 3-0 he has an on reveal Ability create your other three cost Cards plus three power and uh what cards

Do you like to play with Silver Surfer So he's obviously really great with Brood so he's gonna give those other Broodlings plus three power he's great With Wong for that double on reveal and Phenomenal again with Odin so you get That really massive turn six power Spike You know I like to play Silver Surfer With bishop and iron heart because they Both they both cost three he's great With you've got to go through collection Look at all your three costs cards and Figure out which ones you're gonna play With the Silver Surfer you love Silver Surfer love them do you have do you have Like do you like a tattoo I I have a Tattoo can we see I would love to show It A tribute To the best Herald of Galactic wow You're just gonna make Silver Surfer Decks and that's it right that's Non-stop Silver Surfer decks we need to Up the deck limit because it's going to Be non-stop Silver Surfer there's no Other variants playing they're all Canceled it's just gonna be non-stop Silver Surfer from now on Thanks for telling us about Silver Surfer Johnny it's been awesome to have You it's been my pleasure I love being Here and I cannot wait to finally play As the Silver Surfer and to see how our Fans play with him

Just before launch we shared our Development roadmap which talked about What we were planning on doing in the Short medium and long term and we've Done a ton of things on that list Already and we have a lot more to do There and we're sharing an updated Version of that roadmap in December but Now I want to talk about what's coming Next patch Since the beginning players have been Asking us for ways to Target specific Cards they really want for their deck And we are adding the token shot which Will be a great way to Target exactly What you want right now in Marvel snap There's three card series a lot of Players called the pools but we call Them series they're a bunch of cards That are organized you have to get all The cards in series one before you get Any of the cards in series two you have To get all the cards of series two Before you get any of the cards in Series three and series three is Humongous this and a lot of players get Frustrated when they get there because They really want one card from series Three for that one deck and it's so big It's very hard to tell when you're gonna Get that card Our solution to this is the token shop Starting at collection level 500 you'll Start to earn collectors tokens and you

Can take those tokens over to the Token Shop which rotates every eight hours With a card that you don't have from Series three and when you see that card You can spend collectors tokens to buy It directly if you don't have the tokens Yet it's okay you can pin the card and It'll wait there for you until you do Have enough tokens to buy it we think Players are gonna love how this speeds Up the process of collecting and gives Them a little bit more agency to get the Cards they want as players start to earn All the cards in series three we want to Make sure that we're giving players more Goals and more awesome stuff to collect And so with the release of tokenshop We're also introducing a slew of new Cards series 4 and series five now Series four is super rare but you don't Have to have all of the series three Cars in order to start earning series Four cards you can earn them at any time And if there's one that you really want You can buy it in the token shop Series 5 is 10 times more rare than series 4. These are some of the rarest cards in The game like Thanos and Galactus series 4 has 10 new cards and series five has Six new cards and the cards are Luke Cage absorbing man She-Hulk Titanium Maria Hill Agent Coulson Helicarrier mbaku atuma Orca basturi Thanos Galactus Valkyrie and super

Scroll A lot of new cards should be a lot of Fun The token shop is a great way to get the Cards you want we're super excited that We want to celebrate it with a super Special surprise everyone who's got at Least 500 collection level will get 3 000 tokens and if you're higher level on The collection track you'll get even More because you missed some as you're On your way up to that higher collection Level It's good enough tokens to buy several Series three cards that you don't have Already I hope you find your new Favorite card Hey everyone I'm here with Community Manager Richard we just asked a ton of New cards Richie what do you think of The new stuff man I'm so excited I Cannot wait to see all the reactions From players in Discord coming up with Wacky crazy decks and combos it's gonna Be nuts I just cannot wait for December I was really interested in hearing from The number one Marvel snap player cam Best who's actually here to chat with us A little bit so hey man how's it going How are you feeling It's going great I'm feeling great I Have been streaming Marvel snap every Day since the release and I have enjoyed Every minute of it we've walked through

A whole bunch of new cards for series 4 And series 5. which card are you looking Forward to the most a lot of my content Tends to be focused around You know trying really hard to win games Playing the best and most optimal things That you can I will tell you I will break with that For this because the card I am most Excited for is Thanos I want to make him Work I don't know if he actually will it Seems like putting in extra six cards in Your deck makes your whole deck a lot Less consistent Even if some of those cards draw other Cards I worry that he'll clog up the board All of these things are reasonable Things to worry about that said he's too Cool for me to not immediately Target I Want to play with Thanos that's what I Want to do thank you so much for your Time km best your insight's so Interesting to me everybody needs to Follow you on Twitter and twitch instill Your ducks like I do also be sure to Join us in Discord and let's keep the Conversation going about Marvel snap We just talk about a ton of new stuff The power Cosmic season with the Silver Surfer we've got the token shop series Four and five the most new cards we've Ever released thank you so much to our Guests Johnny Richie Kan best thank you

For watching everyone we'll see you Online Foreign

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