Marvel Properties EA Should Make Into Video Games

Marvel has signed a 3-game deal with EA and the Podcast Beyond crew are all over it. What does a relationship with EA have in store for Marvel games? Max Scoville, Akeem Lawanson, Jada Griffin, and Josh Du share thoughts on the good, the bad, and the ugly based on what we know today. Also, we discuss how much we want to see Daredevil make a return to video games and how much of a perfect fit he would be! Does Daredevil deserve a new video game? What other superhero games should make a return? What happened to X-Men Legends??? Let’s get into it in this episode of Beyond!

Foreign Speaking of Marvel and Spider-Man and All that we got news this week that I Have mixed feelings about Marvel and Electronic Arts have signed a three-game Deal that's going to be starting with The Iron Man game that's in the works From EA motive uh this is a deer that Deal that's going to go on for uh for 10 Years And I I just feel like the last time we Heard about EA getting a 10-year deal For a beloved intellectual property was With Star Wars and I I guess I don't I Don't have a good feeling about this Perhaps I even have a bad feeling about Max not a friend so good Yeah yeah I don't you know I it's it's Just they could have they could have Just like I I would have preferred we Got ambitious shovelware than just like These sort of over you know over nitpick Things that wound up being like for Everybody and nobody at once let's but Let's be real like so EA does have some Very talented Studios under their belt Like they're not all great like a lot of Studios have these underperformers and They have their over performers respawn Is one of those over performers I would Say at EA yes Apex Legends Jedi Fallen Order respawn knows what they're doing When it comes to making these very Engaging story driven games respawn like

Pulls up in a backwards chair with like A backwards head like hey I'm not like Those other Electronic Arts exactly Um and so I'm really excited for this EA Marvel deal As long as respawn gets to make a game There's also you know we had Anthem Which bombed because of just you know The tail end problems and not supporting The game I mean they already made half An Iron Man game exactly so yeah so like There is this I am cautiously optimistic about this Deal it's the best way I can play it the Good news is there's not there's nothing To be worried about because it's not an Exclusive deal like Insomniac is still Obviously making Wolverine and Spider-Man 2 uh and there are probably Other Studios out there doing stuff that I forgot got announced but got the Amy Hennig black panther writer accepted in America game yeah um so I mean it's you Know if anything this is cool because This means we're gonna get you know more Marvel stuff across the board and it's Also uh it's You know it's going to be big AAA Marvel Stuff which I I we've seen this thing Kind of Brewing slowly where like there Was a cool minute there where like Marvel games sucked you know for a long Time like there's a lot of really bad Marvel games out there and it's taking

Taking you know some time to sort of Rain all that stuff in and we just you Know we've Spider-Man is like a very Good kind of beginning to that but like I feel like you know DC kind of had uh a Little bit of a head start on them with The Arc of games which you know we're Doing their own thing but Um outside of the Marvel Ultimate Alliance games what was your favorite Like Marvel game if you like look back At the lens like PS3 PS4 I loved the High Moon Studios Deadpool game okay it Also was one of those games that was Like a it was a very Charming seven like It totally it had the feeling of like This should have been in the oven for Like another six months Um but it was that had that did some Just wonderfully like very deadpooly Stuff there was a part where like you Started a mission And like you know it's a third person Shooter Um and like Deadpool starts walking and It's like it's one of those things where It comes out of a cutscene and he starts Walking and like the camera stays put And he turns around he's like are you Coming and so you like follow him and It's just it's like it was you know just Like a little cute fourth wall Breaky Thing like that but um yeah I know that Was a good one how about you Akeem

Uh I'd have to say well I guess it was The games that kind of um that that Spawned the Ultimate Alliance series and The the the X-Men the early X-Men games Oh the X-Men Legends yeah the X-Men Legends games Um I would have to say that uh I mean I Love I mentioned this actually last last Time I was on the on the show uh Spider-Man uh Shattered Dimensions I was A huge fan of that of that game uh but I Mean I don't know I'm really excited to See uh what they do what they're doing With this Iron Man game because uh I Mean I played that uh that VR game the Iron Man VR game I wasn't I I wasn't a Big fan of it I'm a and I'm a big Proponent for VR I have two meta quests Uh just lying about here and you know I'm I'm definitely looking forward to Like jumping into some some Marvel games Uh not in VR just getting back into the Saddle as Iron Man I would love to see What they're working on uh regarding That that was such a cool idea I I think There's an odd disconnect of character Based games in first person where like Obviously if it's cool to be in Iron Man's armor and there's very much like Sort of a simulation angle especially With doing the you know the hand stuff With the controllers but I think it's Also something there's some something Very like toyotic about being able to

See the character you're playing as Which you know yeah I don't know Spider-Man was in first person that Would be vomit City but also like you Know you're kind of like I want to see Spider-Man there was a there was a Wasn't there like a a mod or like didn't We see a VR version of Spider-Man Josh I Don't know if it was VR they did a they Did it first person first person that's Spider-Man mod yeah it is yeah it's Exactly what you think it is uh vomit Inducing yeah did you have a favorite Marvel game looking back yeah I was I Mean I had trouble remembering like any I was like more of a DC guy growing up Than Marvel but I have vivid memories of Renting the Spider-Man 2 like Movie game From Blockbuster uh I don't even think I Had him I I like I don't think I knew That I needed a memory card so I'd Always rent it and just start over every Time and I was just like this is so much Fun like I was like it was great like I That that's my that's like the last like Marvel game I can think of that I was Like yeah I love video games you know One that really I wouldn't call it my Favorite but one that really kind of uh Was a was it was a solid showing was the Captain America game Um for the PS3 and 360. yeah that was Like a kind of that was the tie-in for The movie it was a yeah it was a tie-in

For the movie it had the combat very Similar to Arkham Um and I think that's why it worked so Well is because the the gameplay was Great the story was fine whatever it Wasn't like a blockbuster like oh my God You need to go play this Captain America Game but it just it was probably the Best showing for Captain America that I've ever had in a game Um and I I think that's even with the New Marvel Avengers Um like I really enjoyed playing his cap And cap has never been one of my Favorite characters and so for me to Pick up this game and play it I was like This is actually kind of decent Um so you know don't rush out and play It but you know if you get a chance you Know put a couple hours in Captain America and see if you like it the weird Issue with with superhero games in General is that every Power has to be a Mechanic basically yep and if you're Doing a team you pretty much are Spreading yourself thin which I think is Why like Spider-Man and Batman works so Well because they can just refine one Character that's part of the problem That you know Avengers had with that um And I think it's some of the best ones That do that to take that approach have Like a much different scale like Ultimate Alliance and uh Lego Marvel

Superheroes is one of the most like That's one of the best Marvel games Period like it's just it the amount of Characters in there and the amount of Stuff they do with them is really Impressive and it also uh managed to uh Squeak by and do a bunch of like Um like they had X-Men and Spider-Man And Avengers all in the same game and it Felt like uh breaking some kind of rule To have them all playing together in the Same Sam and then the second game uh Took out basically all the fox Properties which was kind of kind of Dumb Um yeah I don't know like I What what do you want to see out of the Ca thing aside from Iron Man I don't know That's a good question I you know I I Kind of said I want respawn to tackle Something I want to see respawn tackle Daredevil I would like to see respawn And do that I think their third person He does wall run he does wall run I was I was like kind of racking my brain like Which which third person like character I would like to see them I would like You know they've got that experience When it comes to the TitanFall series Um I think they're they've got a really Good knack for uh melee combat when it Comes to Jedi Fallen order and I think That would be a a premium um expertise

When it comes to making a daredevil game Where your character is blind so like You have the combat has to be done and Done like Has to be an 11 out of 10 on the combat Like because that's all that's what That's what Daredevil is about and the Old Daredevil games just really didn't Do that so Um I completely forgot about this whole Daredevil game yeah but he's pulling That up I remember like reading previews For this a million years ago and it was One of the I think it was one of the First games that did that like basically Arkham detective Vision which makes way More sense in the case of you know Daredevil because he's like I get this In uh Predator Concrete Jungle mixed up Because they're both involved like a Dude who can go into heat vision more or Less or has like you know jumping around We're gonna have a lot of uh This week we have some Predator stuff in Store Um no Daredevil is great a great example Because that's a character who is again With one one character yeah fairly like I mean I think doing like a any game Where you're like oh you're like Telekinetic psychic who can who can also Fly like doing like a phoenix game would Be like a mess oh that would be too much Yeah but like Daredevil like he throws

But if anybody was gonna try it it would Be EA they would drink it uh Punisher is A shooter I think our producer dropped That in here that is I think a really so Yeah just Max Payne pretty much yeah I Mean yeah with his skull on the shirt I Don't know that's one of those you know IPS that obviously Disney's not really Quite sure what to do with the Punisher Which made sense in Netflix but I think You know uh making an M rated video game Pretty much fair game over there you Know makes sense yeah I could see that There's we've we're looking at some Images of the Punisher here doing Punishing stuff I was going to say you know the reason Why I loved uh Ultimate Alliance is Because it brought together so many Different uh so many different Characters into one game uh I would love To see them I don't this is probably I'm Just shooting for for the Stars here or For the moon whichever one uh like I Would love to see them kind of like Tackle like some of the big Marvel Events like you know Civil War The Secret Wars or something like that I Don't know if it'll ever happen that's Just fortnite dude The original secret or was totally just Like the first battle royale where just A bunch of characters were arbitrarily Dropped into this area and forced to

Fight each other for reasons that didn't Really make sense yeah and Spider-Man Got a new costume Um again my producer's just like Dropping Super Smash Brothers version of Secret Wars Yeah I mean we have like Marvel versus Capcom which is pretty much that like That's a very very good there was a There was that one Marvel game that that Marvel fighting game I forget what it Was oh uh it was in it was it had all These extra characters in it yeah yeah Like was it in humans was it like the Inhumans masters of the Terrace Casey Um I know which one you're talking about Yeah like use like that green font and Stuff like that yes uh we're experts I Swear Nemesis rise of the Imperfects Imperfects as well yeah they had all These they added like half the rosters These like original characters the only One I remember was Johnny ohm because uh He had electric powers and ohm is a Measure of electricity so that's really Cool right there's a science tip for the Day everybody there was that one of the Last I guess it was probably the last X-Men game that came out Um for consoles was the was it silicon Knights the X-Men Destiny or whatever Yep where it was like you got to play as One of three original characters they Created just for the video game you get

To hang out with all your favorite Characters instead of playing as them It's always the it's always such a a an Interesting idea when these Studios try To take and put you in this world and Let you create your own thing it's kind Of like It's cool but you're so limited by the Developers imaginations it's like trying To make a Green Lantern game you know What I mean like right which I think They did Um yeah but like you know it's like oh I Would do this and this and this with the Ring but like oh the developers didn't Think of this so I mean the best Green Lantern game is Scribblenauts yeah yes 100 exactly You can't do anything else with that Yeah anyway Um I don't know more Marvel games is fun I like them I like them superheroes and What's also I don't know it's a nice Change of pace from the MCU like it's Something it's a sort of different Different timeline there yeah

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