Mark Medina’s Top 5 RPGs on PlayStation Plus

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PlayStation Plus comes in 3 memberships, giving you tons of options to play your way. Dive into games like Skyrim, Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts 1.5+2.5, Kingdom Hearts 2.8, Kingdom Hearts 3, Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory, Spider-Man Miles Morales, Assassin’s Creed Origins, Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut, and Watch Dogs 2. Check out all the membership options – Essential, Extra, and Premium to see which one is right for you.

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PlayStation Plus gives you access to Hundreds of titles in their Library Whether you're looking to channel the Power of friendship in Kingdom Hearts 3 Or become an ace pilot and chorus you Can rest easy knowing you'll get a brand New game to check out each and every Month there are three memberships to Choose from each one giving you access To extra content depending on your style If you're looking to play multiplayer Games with extra benefits check out the Essential membership which gives you Access to monthly games exclusive Discounts cloud storage game help and The PlayStation Plus collection if You're looking to expand your gaming Horizons the extra membership gives you Everything in the essential membership Plus a huge game catalog with hundreds Of games and the Ubisoft plus Classics Library and finally the premium Membership is the Ultimate Experience Giving you everything in the essential And extra memberships plus access to Game Trials the classics catalog of Great games from previous PlayStation Generations and tons more if you're Signing up for PlayStation Plus for the First time or if you want to renew or Upgrade your existing membership you can Take advantage of the Black Friday deals That are running from November 18th to 28th newcomers get at 25 off on 12

Months of essential extra or premium Subscriptions and returning members can Take advantage of the same deal or Upgrade their existing memberships to Extra premium for 25 off one month three Months or 12 months there's a lot to Pick for almond with so many options in The palm of your hand it can be hard to Know where to get started thankfully IGN Playlist is a handy tool at that You can use to keep track of the games You've completed games you're playing Now or games you want to play in the Future it's a great way to keep your Library organized access guides for Games you're currently playing and find New games you might not have ever heard Of let's dive into Mark Medina's Playlist of open world RPGs available on PlayStation Plus that you should try Presented by PlayStation Plus Foreign Likes to joke about how many times Bethesda has released the Elder Scrolls V Skyrim but there's good reason for it It's just that good released all the way Back in 2011 Skyrim has stood the test Of time and has remained a benchmark for Open world RPGs to be compared against With its deep lore branching storylines And interesting choices its characters Enemies and memes have become icons of The gaming industry I used to be an Adventurer like you and I took an arrow

In the knee and with the game now Running at a crisp 4K 60fps thanks to The special edition PlayStation 5 update It's never been a better time to return To Tamriel or start your very first Adventure right up until Syndicate the Assassin's Creed games had a fairly Regular formula that each one slightly Tweaked but mostly still followed it Wasn't until Assassin's Creed Origins That the series drastically changed to Become what it is today what was once a Fairly straightforward Mission structure With somewhat linear upgrade paths Origins evolved in into what I like to Call a witcher-like featuring one of the Best AC protagonists ever bayek Origins Thrust the stealth-driven world of Assassin's Creed into a full-blown open World RPG complete with gear upgrades an Enormous world to explore expansive Skill trees and a large array of things To do both Odyssey and Valhalla have Built upon what made Origins great Almost to dizzying amounts but origin Still stands as one of the best in class Of the new Direction Assassin's Creed Has taken Watchdogs 2 took the Admittedly few things that made the Original good and made them great by Introducing more interesting ways to Hack a likable main character and a Vibrant world to uncover San Francisco Always made sense as a place to the

Technology driven world of Watchdogs Should explore and ubisoft's Recreation Of the iconic city is one of the most Faithful ever made pair that with an Eclectic cast of characters an insane Amount of open world activities to take Part in and numerous ways to approach Its main story and Watchdogs 2 is Definitely one to hack into if you Haven't yet Ghost of tsushima is one of PlayStation 4's best looking games so it's no Surprise that the PlayStation 5 upgrade In the form of ghost of tsushima Director's cut instantly became one of Ps5's best looking games but visuals Aside it offers some of the best Samurai Gameplay to ever exist in a video game From multiple combat stances Incredible Use of stealth and gripping standoffs The gameplay alone is enough to keep you Intrigued to this day goes to sushima Director's cut offers one of the most Varied and gorgeous open worlds to ever Exist filled to the brim with side Missions and activities to take on but What's even better is that the Director's cut comes with an entire Expansion iki Island so whether you're Jumping in for the very first time or Have been itching for an authentic Kurosawa mode playthrough goes to Tsushima director's cut is an Epic Journey you won't forget

The original Spider-Man from 2018 was an Absolute master class in open world Traversal I don't think you'll find a Single person who doesn't enjoy swinging From skyscraper to skyscraper in Spider-Man's Manhattan Island so how do You follow up such a masterpiece well by Telling a somewhat shorter Story Featuring the other Spider-Man Miles Morales sure Spider-Man Miles Morales Features mostly the same world and Gameplay as the original but miles Venom Powers make the already excellent combat Feel brand new combine that with a Christmas drenched version of Manhattan A more concise but still incredibly Moving story The insanely smooth updated PlayStation 5 performance options and Unique use of the Dual sense controller And you'll find that Spider-Man Miles Morales is not only as good as the Original Spider-Man but some would say Even better it's it's me I would say That Which game stood out to you and which Ones would you add to a playlist of your Own let us know in the comments and Don't forget to click the links in the Description to see Mark's full IGN Playlist and the full list of games that Are available on PlayStation Plus so you Can easily add them to your very own IGN Playlist IGN playlist is the best way to Keep track of the games you're focusing

On it's a great way to keep your backlog Organized and find tons of new games you Might not have even heard of PlayStation Plus is available now and gives you Access to all of these games and lots More find out more about all the Benefits like Cloud streaming and games In the classics catalog by visiting PS plus don't forget to Take advantage of the Black Friday deals Giving new and returning members 25 off 12 month subscriptions for November 18th Through 28th and for all things gaming Year round you are already in the right Place IGN

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