Little Dixie: Exclusive Official Trailer (2023) Frank Grillo, Eric Dane

Frank Grillo (The Purge: Election Year) and Eric Dane (Euphoria) star in this action-packed revenge thriller. When a deal goes wrong between a corrupt governor and a ruthless drug lord, ex-special forces operative Doc (Grillo) is caught in the crosshairs. Now, with his family in danger, Doc must take down the Mexican drug cartel and do whatever it takes to protect the one good thing in his life – his young daughter, “Little Dixie.” Writer-director John Swab’s Little Dixie opens in select theaters, on digital, and On Demand on February 3, 2023.

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When was the first time I killed someone Thought we had an understanding I thought the same United States as known as people See We are going to take on the cartel and Win I can't protect you can't protect Your family I'm going that means Boogeyman You lay your finger on my kid I swear to God I'll kill you [Music] I came here to send a message I'm good at it What do you want You don't want to know don't look so Shocked naive doesn't look good on you Do you know the doc Alexander I know him To be a troubled man What are you gonna do anything I have to [Music]

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